All Senses Pokémon BDSP Legendary Notes: Arceus (2023)

they were released on November 19th, just two months before Pokémon Legends: Arceus launches in January 2022, and contain several clues about what players can experience on their next journey. These games are more connected than any other Pokémon game because they are set in the same region; the main difference is that they are set in different time periods and are therefore named after different regions. set in the pastThe Legends Hisui region will feature new regional variantsand trailers not found in today's Sinnoh, as well as a host of new characters.

In fact, the characters from each time period are some of the first clues connecting Legends to Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Player characters in Legends are incredibly similar to Dawn and Lucas in BDSP, suggesting that the latter may be a descendant of Akari and Rei, respectively. At the same time, many other apparent ancestors appear in pre-Legends footage. Commander Kamado, leader of Team Galaxy, is confirmed to be Professor Rowan's ancestor, but connections to other characters are unconfirmed. These includeLenda: Arceus'Arezulooks like Mars from BDSP, Cyllene looks like Cyrus from BDSP, and Lian even looks like Clay from Unova. Interestingly, these characters' BDSP personalities can also hint at their ancestral traits.

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In addition to character side features, Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl hint at Legends: Arceus through various Easter Eggs. The core story of the Sinnoh region, centered around Team Galactic and Dialga or Palkia depending on the version, remains unchanged from the original Diamond and Pearl, so the story of the remakes doesn't hint at Legends. Still, several Easter eggs in the region serve as possible precursors to what fans will experience in Hisui. These clues include a new book in the Canalave Library, a Dark Giratina, and detailed Spear Pillar graphics.Pet Pokémon in BDSPIt might even indicate some cute interactivity between trainers and Pokémon in Legends: Arceus.

Hisuian Qwuilfish May Appear in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

An already known Easter Egg can be found in a new book in the Canalave Library. This book, which was not included in the original Diamond and Pearl, tells the story of a prince who lives on the Baltic Sea. While the East Sea is not a specific location in Sinnoh, it is nothing new. Mount Coronet divides the region in two, and the gastrodons on either side are known as Baltic Sea Gastrodon or Western Sea Gastrodon. Gastrodon's Pokédex entry might even hint at a new evolution of the two-stage evolution line. However, a prince who lives in the sea apparently can only refer to the mythicalPokemon Manaphy in BDSP.

Manaphy is known as the Prince of the Sea in Pokémon history, including the movie Pokémon Ranger and the Sea Temple in which they appear. Because of this book, which appears to describe Manaphy, Legends could see players embark on a research quest covering this mythical species. There are already precedents for mythical searches as well. It has already been announced on the official Pokémon website that the Legends: Arceus post-game will include a research quest to find and learn more about Shaymin, the Mythical Pokémon of Gratitude. Players can obtain a Manaphy Egg in BDSP simply by connecting to the internet, so it would be nice to incorporate Manaphy into a story. It also generates fictions, which seems important for the investigation.

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At the same time, this Canalave Library book mentioning the Prince of Baltic lists a number of Pokémon that live in the area and where they might appear.Legends: Arceus. Among them is a Qwilfishwhich is described as having large spikes, which appears to be a regional variant of the Pokémon that is tougher and more pointed than the Qwilfish that players are more familiar with. No other Pokémon listed are described in the book with different traits, so it would be strange to single out Qwilfish without alluding to a new form, possibly similar to Steel.

Giratina could play a central role in the story of Legends: Arceus

All Senses Pokémon BDSP Legendary Notes: Arceus (2)

In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Luminous Pearl, Giratina is found in the Turnback Cave, as in Diamond and Pearl, and not in the Warp Worlds as in Pokémon Platinum. However, as a tribute to Platinum, players can enter the Distortion Room in Ramanas Park afterwards.Capturing Giratina in BDSP. Here you can get the Gray Orb by defeating a Dark Shadow Giratina. This mon cannot be captured and exists only as a boss protecting the Gray Orb.

This dark Giratina has never appeared in the Pokémon series before, but it could indicate that Giratina has a key role in Legends: Arceus. This is in part because not much is known about the game's history, other than players traveling to research the Hisui region's Pokémon. Giratina is a dark Pokémon, and its dark counterpart in BDSP apparently indicates that it has a "darkness" in Legends, whether it's a metaphor for Giratina's inherent darkness or simply that this dark Giratina plays an evil role in the game itself.

Interestingly, Giratina is the central Legendary Pokémon in Platinum, and Team Galactic's lead scientist, who is developing a way to enter the distortion world to capture it, Charon, is missing.BDSP despite an apparent relative appearing in Arceus'Photos before launch. This could just be because Charon wasn't in the original Diamond and Pearl, but it seems suspicious that a man who looks like Charon is working at Jubilife Village in the Legends: Arceus trailers, as he wasn't in the DiamondandPearl remakes. This could indicate that something happened to his legend ancestor, which could lead to a break in his family line.

Arceus can be captured by Legends in BDSP: Arceus

All Senses Pokémon BDSP Legendary Notes: Arceus (3)

When players reach the top of the Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl, they must hike to the top of Mount Coronet to reach a sacred place called the Spear Pillar. Here is a mural on the floor that represents aFlauta, como no original Diamond and Pearl, although it is much more defined in these remakes. This flute is the blue flute that Arceus can summon if used while the player is on this wall. However, Azure Flute is an event item that was never released outside of Japan during the lifetime of the original games.

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At BDSP, the mural is clearer than ever and may be repurposed at some point in the future. Interestingly, the trailers for Legends: Arceus show player characters using a flute the same shape and size as Hisui's. This leads to the possibility for players to obtain the flute and accessArceus no BDSPif you have Legends: Arceus save data on your Switch, just as you might get Jirachi if you have Sword and Shield save data, or Mew if you already had Let's Go, Pikachu! or Go Eevee!

Ultimately, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl don't suggest Legends: Arceus as much as they could, being so faithful to the original games. However, the small changes made have provided some telling Easter eggs, and Legends: Arceus also looks to be reinventing Pokemon lore in interesting ways. Lian's inclusion as Clay's ancestor is smart given his status as an immigrant in Unova, and suggests that Unova is the next generation to be remade after Sinnoh received its current genetic treatment. The incredible number of Pokemon Unovan receiving regional variants also makes it interesting, so Legends: Arceus may have more Easter Eggs than it does.shiny diamond pokemonand shiny pearlThis way.


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