Cost of endoscopic spine surgery in India (2023)


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The cost of endoscopic spine surgery in India starts from$4,200 to $9,000.Prices will vary from patient to patient depending on several factors.

Endoscopic spine surgery is one of the least invasive procedures. The surgeon inserts the endoscope into the spine through a small incision in the back. The endoscope allows the surgeon to look inside the spine to make necessary repairs.

You might think that the cost of endoscopic spine surgery in India may be high, but it is negligible compared to other countries. Read on to find out more!

Cost of endoscopic spine surgeries by country

The table below compares the cost of endoscopic spine surgery in India with other countries:

Indie4200 $ - 9000 $
nas30000 $ - 48000 $
Great Britain14000 $ - 22000 $
For that5500 $ - 13500 $
Germany16000 $ - 28000 $

Remember:The above fees are estimates. Actual prices may vary due to various factors. Read on to find out more!

main cities

City at the lowest limit Average maximum
Delhi 4578 $ 7194 $ 9810 $
Ahmedabad 3822 $ 6006 $ 8190 $
Bangalore 4494 $ 7062 $ 9630 $
Bombay 4746 $ 7458 $ 10170 $
many 4326 $ 6798 $ 9270 $
Chennai 4116 $ 6468 $ 8820 $
Hyderabad 3990 $ 6270 $ 8550 $
Calcutta 3654 $ 5742 $ 7830 $

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Types of endoscopic surgery and their costs in India

Here are some of the main endoscopic procedures:

1. Discectomy:It is used to cut the damaged part of the intervertebral disc. The average cost of endoscopic discectomy in India is approx3500 $.

2. Laminectomy:It removes the lamina (bones that surround the spinal cord) to make room for the spinal canal. The cost of a laminectomy in India is approx2500 USD do 3750 USD.

3. Board replacement:The procedure involves replacing damaged discs with artificial discs in the spinal cord. The average cost of disk replacement in India is6800 $.

4. Spinal Fusion:This procedure is used to fuse two different vertebrae into one bone. The average cost of spinal fusion in India is estimated to be approx4800 USD do 7800 USD.

The type of operation may in particular determine the cost of the operation. However, several other factors also affect the cost of endoscopic spine surgery in India and around the world.

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Global Hospital Mumbai Parel, BombajGlobal Hospital Mumbai Parel, BombajDr Vrushali Ranekhan Clinic of Aesthetic Dermatology Santacruz West, Mumbai See more
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Factors affecting the cost of endoscopic spine surgery in India:

Here are some factorsToFactors affecting the cost of endoscopic spine surgery:

  • Surgeons' qualifications
  • kind of operation
  • Hospital costs
  • health insurance

Why choose endoscopic spine surgery in India?

1. For rent:

India has significantly reduced prices compared to other countries. In India, the cost of endoscopic spine surgery is 70% lower than the best hospitals in the US and UK.

2. Specialist surgeon:

Indian surgeons are experts in this type of surgery and perform it regularly. This also makes the operation have a high success rate in India.

3. Excellent infrastructure:

World-class hospitals in India offer endoscopic spine surgeries. These hospitals provide patients with world-class healthcare and first-class services.

4. Excellent aftercare

The best hospitals in India provide their patients with the best post-operative services. Full recovery may take less time than expected.

Reservation: The rates above are for reference only and may vary based on different requirements. Please contact us for current rates.

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