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What opportunities does Munich offer?

Munich, the capital of Bavaria, has a lot to offer as it combines tradition with modernity. This mix also gives the city a unique charm. The diversity of nature is also particularly welcome. Because around Munich you can enjoy impressive mountain and lake views. In addition, Munich is located in the center of Europe and is easily accessible thanks to its award-winning airport and Europe's proven rail transport system. However, Munich itself is also easily accessible thanks to the well-developed local transport network.

In addition, many visitors to the Isar metropolis appreciate the relaxed, cosmopolitan lifestyle of the people of Munich, which almost automatically creates a feeling of welcome.

The state capital of Munich also offers a wide range of cultural events. Culture has always been an important feature of the city. This cultural metropolis is characterized by well-known museums, concert orchestras, the largest opera house in Germany and various theaters. In addition, the city shines every year with an event of particular fascination: the Munich Film Festival, Germany's most important film festival.

In addition, other places in the city are also very worth seeing. Here we find the famous English Garden, Theresienwiese from Oktoberfest, the fifth season of Munich, the Nymphenburg Palace Park with its wonderful architecture and attached museum, the Olympic Park or the Eisbach wave, many river surfers dare to hitchhike in it from time to time.

In addition, the Frauenkirche (Frauenkirche) with its famous two onion domes is a popular attraction in central Munich. In addition, here and in the old town you will also see great old buildings from the past.

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But in one of the many traditional Hofbräuhäusers, everything is truly Bavarian. Here you can taste the delicious "Schmankerl" from Bavarian cuisine, of course "a Maß". Of course, there are countless other restaurants, cafes and bars in Munich, so there is something for everyone. So you too can go on a culinary journey around the world in Munich, because the variety of cuisine here is huge.

What should you consider when looking for an event venue in Munich?

You don't know Munich very well and you don't know which part of the city is best for your party? Probably the most popular districts in Munich are Passing, Altstadt, Schwabing, Ludwigow, Maxworth, Isav, Heidehausen, Bogenhausen, Nymphenburg, Lehel, Sending and Neuhausen. Each of Munich's districts has its own strengths and weaknesses, but either way it always has a very special character.

To go

In Munich, Pasing is probably the busiest district. There is also a train station and Marienplatz here, which means there is always something going on here. This part of the area is located in the center of Munich, i.e. in the city center. In addition, the Pasing district is characterized by residential areas and urban parks with extensive green areas.

city ​​center

Munich city center is the heart of the city. It is close to Marienplatz and the famous grain market. The streets here are always bustling with life and there is always something to see. There are many restaurants, cafes and bars nearby. If you like walking around the city, this is the place where you can explore the entire city center on foot. There is also easy access to buses and trains if you want a little more comfort.

But you can also rent a room here for a conference, seminar or seminar. The central location is especially important if many participants are coming. With us you can also filter places by equipment: Do you need a projector? Flip chart or easel?

Old Town

Munich's magnificent Old Town can also be called the center of Munich's cultural life. Here you will find the historic city center with many interesting places. Therefore, it is the main attraction that attracts tourists from all over the world. In the Old Town you will find many suitable places for weddings or other private celebrations (such as festival halls, party venues and restaurants).

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For many Munich residents, Schwabing is not just a simple neighborhood, but a whole way of life. Here you will find the lively Leopoldstraße, miles of shops, many pretty cafes and an English garden. Here you can spend warm summer evenings, lazy afternoon picnics or long autumn walks. In Schwabing you will also find many great places to organize Christmas parties, presentations or other winter corporate events.


Maxvorstadt is characterized by its architectural and cultural character. Here you will find some of the city's architectural highlights, such as the Königsplatz, several Pinakoteken (art museum/painting and picture collections) and the Siegestor. In addition to numerous museums, you'll find the city's two main universities here: the Ludwig Maximilian University and the Polytechnic.


The lively Isarvorstadt district around Gärtnerplatz is known not only as a residential area, but also as a popular center for bars and local attractions in Munich. This area reflects a special attitude towards life, namely: colourful, multicultural, tolerant and lively.


Heidhausen on the east bank of the Isar is not as busy as Gärtnerplatzviertel or Schwabing. Therefore, it is a quiet residential area on the one hand, and a small popular attraction and entertainment district on the other. Because it still provides everything your heart desires.


When you think of the famous Bogenhausen district, what comes to mind? That's right, magnificent Regent's Street and countless noble villas. But this north-eastern district also has a very different picture, namely modern residential and office buildings, large apartment complexes and high-rise buildings as well as extensive meadows and green areas.


The Nymphenburg district is largely determined by the Nymphenburg Palace, from which this part of the city takes its name. This area is located in the western part of the city center and is a relatively quiet district of Munich. In addition, there are many parks and green spaces in the Nymphenburg district.


on page

Probably one of the most worth seeing districts in Munich is Lehel. That's because the English Garden, one of the most famous city parks in the world, is located here. Here you can also admire the city waves for surfing on Eisbach. Also the wonderful streets of Lehel have a lot to offer in terms of architecture. In addition, the Kunsthaus and the Bavarian National Museum are also located here.


Sendling is a very characteristic district of Munich. Here you will find the famous and popular "Flaucher", where young and old swim, sunbathe and barbeque in the summer. In addition, the area is characterized by dense housing, historic churches and a wholesale market, the third largest fruit and vegetable transshipment point in Europe.


The adjectives "exclusive" and "green" are more appropriate for Neuhausen. However, this area has many faces, as the bourgeois and proletarian history of the Bavarian capital is closely intertwined here.


The Ludwigsvorstadt district has many contrasting features. Here you will find Wiesn Bazaar, "Little Istanbul", on the edge of the district, central station and hospital district. This diverse region is visited by millions of people every year when it comes to the Theresienwiese.

What type of venue is suitable for my event in Munich?

If you are planning an event in Munich and are looking for a venue, the dates, venue, number of attendees and budget may already be decided. Depending on the type of event you are planning, other factors come into play. These include: How is the location connected to transport? Do you want the venue to be directly in the center of Munich or would you prefer it to be in the neighborhood? What technical and general equipment is already in place? Does the property provide catering? With us you will surely find the right place or the right hall for your event.

From 20 people
From 50 people
From 70 people
From 100 people
From 150 people
From 200 people

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Convention, conference meeting

if you planCongress, meeting or congressYou've come to the right place in Munich. Munich is renowned for successful conferences, economic successes, and scientific and technological leadership. In Munich, you can choose from several meeting rooms or conference centers. If you expect a large number of participants from outside Munich, conferences or conference hotels can also host your event. In addition, you should always pay attention to the technical equipment of the premises, as this is especially important for meetings.

summer party

Munich is even more beautiful when the weather is nice. what do you dosummer partyIn Munich, for example, let the previous day end on a warm summer evening on the trendy Munich rooftop. Another option is to rent a beach club or other open space. In addition, some indoor venues have an additional garden or park that can be rented for summer events in Munich.


you are looking for the right placeBirthdayparty? Then it's worth considering in advance how many guests you want to invite to reduce the number of suitable seats. There are many types of venues to host a birthday party in Munich. These include: a bar or lounge, a party room or party cellar (if you want to party and dance with your guests), a restaurant, a coffee shop or bistro and much more. Alternatively, you can rent a kitchen studio if you want to liven up your birthday by, for example, cooking with guests. You can also rent an entire club in Munich's popular party district (between Maximiliansplatz and Sendlinger Tor).


so oneBodaBe it a castle, a barn, a beautifully decorated café, a rooftop terrace overlooking the Bavarian capital or a classic ballroom - here you will find a 100% perfect wedding venue that will make all your dreams come true. true. In addition, there are plenty of accommodation options for an overnight stay in Munich, so your guests can easily go to sleep after a night of partying.

PR and Marketing activities

Since many successful companies are based in Munich, PR and marketing events are regularly held in Munich. For such intimate events, the best choice is a modern and elegant place, such as a loft or studio. When choosing a venue for a PR or marketing event, be sure to make sure your guests can take impressive photos of the venue for further coverage of the event.

videos and photos

Munich has plenty of places for professionalsPhoto sessionOn the one hand, you can choose a large photo studio with plenty of natural light, a professional photo zone and a modeling wardrobe. On the other hand, you can also choose a villa, an apartment in an old building or a projected location for your film or photo project. Most of Munich's film and photography studios are located in the city center, making them easily accessible.

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OnpromThis is a unique event for all graduates and their friends, family and guests. There are many different places to rent in Munich for school dances. A stately ballroom with a huge dance floor, a trendy club with many rooms and dance floors, a lobby that can shine with a completely new splendor and more. It's also important that your facility has the technology you need - does your facility need a stage? Need a microphone and DJ system?

Why book with Eventlocations.com?

Eventlocations.com offers a wide range of different event venues for every occasion in Munich: Whether it's a conference hotel in Maxvorstadt, a ballroom in the Old Town, a photo studio in Schwabing, 10 or 1,000 guests - at Eventlocations.com you'll find the Precision Filters that perfectly will meet your needs.


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