Faith [End Racism in OTW] - Texeoghea - Pokémon Pokémon (2023)

Chapter 1: Prologue - Behind the rainbow

The body of the chapter

Emmett has always been the type to act first and think later. It was never a problem for him, he always let his brother think for him, grabbed him by the neck and told him to "remember the security check." His brother inspires him to be careful just as he inspires Ingo to be more adventurous.
With his brother now on the loose, Emmett begins to think he may be more impulsive than he realizes.

Emmett stood at the top of Crown Hill with the stolen artifact in his hand, feeling a little tired for the first time since waking up yesterday morning. The plan got him. Yes, he was here, and he would never leave until he got some answer, but there was a pothole in the road he couldn't pass; could not play the blue flute.
Is it even a flute? She looked at him again. It looked more like the skeletal remains of a very sick Shaker. How do I get the sound out of it? Are those... sticky finger holes? It seems intentionally difficult. Did the Sinnohs have long fingers 200 years ago?

center. He is Emmett. He's the subway boss! He is a detached semi-trainer and needs to find his brother. He's here because all other leads have failed. He's here because Ingo has been missing for three years, and if anyone in the world wants to know what happened to his brother, it's Arceus.
Emmett has always been the more musical twin of the twins. His older brother sang better than he did, but Emmett understood the instrument better. Ingo is terrible at playing anything, especially woodwinds. when they were young-
No, focus.

Emmett played some test notes on the flute, selecting a scale. Artifacts that invoke the gods but have no songs. What note can be blown to summon the gods? What beautiful melody could he have composed for this place and its inhabitants instead of a sacred song?
Emmett is not a religious man. He knew the creation myth, but only the details. I never went to church. He just accidentally discovered the flute. There he was, inches from his target, completely blocked by a gap in the track he didn't notice until it was too late.
OK So I just need to find... new leads, or... um.
Well, he told himself.

Divinity is relative, right? Everyone feels differently. It is the act of worship itself that has meaning and power, not how one does it. Faith is what gives power to things.
What is sacred to Emmett? Well, Pokemon, of course. This seems like an obvious answer. But it didn't help him. I'll have to dig deeper.
Holy. Divinity is... teamwork. Two gears working synchronously, in perfect line, a great work of art and wrought iron relying on this movement, never wavering, never slowing down or lagging behind. Divinity is the force of synchronization, the roar of engines, the grinding of metal against metal, the sound of trains passing through tunnels, an unstoppable force.
God is in love and strength, and what could be stronger than Emmet and Ingo's love for trains other than their own bond?
Emmet put the flute to his lips and took a slow breath.

Two sharp tones cut through the thin and dense air of the mountain peak, cut through the sand, and echoed off the pillar and itself. Clear and high, simple and loud. Like a train whistle.
(As a warning.Danger! Get out of my way.)
The Poké Ball on his belt shook with its strength.

Emmett waited. The wind howled over the cracked stones, blowing loose snowflakes off the ground onto her legs. For a moment, nothing seemed to happen.
Emmett came up with the idea of ​​giving up. Just thinking about it made him crush him.NOHe won't leave without his brother. He won't leave until he talks to that person - or becomes the person in charge.

A high note rang clearly in the air, speaking. It sounded not only in his mouth, but also in Emmett's head. He blew twice, imitating him, and a short melody developed, twisting and rippling through the air. First five quick notes, then... seven longer, almost drawn out notes. After a few seconds, it happened again. Turn on the headlights and show him the way.
Emmett blinked. Is fine.
It took several tries to pick up the note. Ninth, he tried to imitate the melody. He's far from perfect, but he hopes to hear his voice.
The moment the last note disappeared, a blinding light caught his eyes, causing him to scream and run away. As the pinpricks of light disappeared from his sight, the blue ladder hung in the air, humming softly with power. There was no railing, which made him itch, but he had a feeling he wouldn't fall.
He would never refuse such an obvious invitation. Emmett silently lamented how many steps he had climbed, looking up at the sacred staircase that seemed to lead forever to heaven. When Ingo's okay, she'll never hear the end of it all. fact, Emmet doesn't really remember going up the stairs. One moment it's approaching them resolutely, the next it's just passing the last flight. He blinked and looked around. A soft, seething rainbow surrounds the platform it stands on, which looks a bit like a gearbox. Without walls, at the end of the platform, the world disappears, slowly swirling color envelops it, as if it were inside a toy ball.
get lost. He tried to look straight ahead. Considering the man in front of him, it wasn't difficult.

Arceus seemed to glow as if the only light in the world came from him. Bright white mixed with black and gold, her eyes were like encrusted jewels and stars in the night sky, staring at him. Rubies and emeralds.
Emmet stood up, ready to fight. He won the entry, but did he win the audience?
Arceus's voice is non-verbal. It rang in Emmet's head, so loud he couldn't really hear it; he just knew those thoughts and knew they weren't his.

Regards Emmett,Arceus said.You've come a long way.
"I'm Emmet," Emmet replied, holding one hand firmly on the Eelektross Pokéball. "I need your help."
Arceus nodded.I know your mission. But you still say it.
is correct "I'm looking for my brother. Tell me where it is, please."
Emmett wasn't surprised that Arceus was so close to him. It was strange that he was on the stairs and Arceus usually stood in the center of the station, but now he could see them standing together from a distance. Arceus was taller than him, but not as tall as he thought.
Arceus was expressionless, but his colorful words conveyed emotion. Emmet tried lukewarm honey and bitter ice.You won't find your brother here.
- Where? Emmett begged. - Can you tell me? Or show?
A honeysuckle bee is buzzing among the honeysuckle bushes. Arceus repliedYou are looking for someone who is beyond your reach. I didn't take it. I didn't return the goods.
Emmet half understood, as if he knew what Arceus meant, even if he couldn't explain it. "Then take me. Can you take me with him?
A moment of silence. The wind rustled the leaves and the sun warmed them.Do you want to leave your position? What about those who stayed?

station. gear station. Emmett wants to leave? Was he willing to drop everything to make sure his brother was okay?
Emmett almost laughed. What is that question? Apparently he did. Why was he here in the first place? Others may support the Gear Station. Hell, he could shut up about something he cared about if it meant Ingo would be safe and he would be with Emmett.
"There's nothing bigger than him," Emmett said, his voice as steely as his machine. “Wherever we meet, it will be our resident. He's my resident." There are even more understatements, but it's clear: Emmet won't say no. I will not be asked to leave this vehicle.
Arceus stared at him for a long all costs?
"Whatever," Emmett said. "I'll do anything."
The fight he was waiting for did not come. Arceus's complexion is filled with a rich, sunny warmth that can only be described as pride.Your beliefs have been proven to be valuable. Make a wish and it will come true.
Emmett smiled. "I want to be with my brother again."
The platform crackled like lightning, as if the fabric was torn in half, and the colors swirled, the rainbow twisting around itself, red and blue, yellow and black, as Emmett began to fall. Green turns to grey, to black and black. white. In his head, he heard Arceus speaking through a hiss in the air, and it wasn't…

Emmet wakes up on top of Mount Coronet 200 years ago with a stolen artifact in her hand and a beaming smile he hasn't seen in four years.

Episode 2: Kansas reminds me now


The twins meet again. Emmett wasn't sure he liked where his brother ended up.


This is way longer than the last one and I don't know what got me hooked. I realize I have more thoughts on this au.
There's a lot more to the draft, but if you don't like the way I'm following here, I think the first chapter could be kept as a standalone chapter. Thank you so much for all the positive support you have received.

Every time you see the slanted "very" marks in Emit's monologue, imagine him doing "Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"""" It's not grammatically correct, so it hurts me to write it that way in prose, but it's also important to remember

The body of the chapter

Emmet wakes up on top of Mount Coronet 200 years ago with a stolen artifact in her hand and a beaming smile he hasn't seen in four years.

He looked around the temple in amazement. This is certainly a convincing sign that something has changed. When he leaves, all that remains are the crumbling stones of the past. Here, Pokémon statues that Emmet has never seen look at him through non-relics.
Stuffing the blue flute into his empty pocket, he glanced at Sinnoh as he made his way to the end of the temple. The snow-covered crown was thicker than when he left. He wondered if it was any other day of the year. It sure is confusing. Does the calendar here match what you're used to? Emmett can't remember if different parts of the world have had different calendars in the past, or if it has gone further than that. He's not really sure when it started, so even if he has a historical background, he might have to ask.
He will do it after finding Ingo.

Ingo!where is he? Emmett had expected a dramatic fall in front of his brother, or perhaps something better, like a door he could walk through. He asked to be taken to his brother, didn't he? Have you missed any error?
Oh very good. Full ahead, he told himself, pointing up the hill, because Ingo wasn't there to talk. All he has to do is find Ingo. He's still in Sinnoh, which means Ingo is probably in Sinnoh too, so Emmet just has to get down the mountain and find the city, and if Ingo isn't there, he'll go to the next one. .
With the empty runway in sight, he set off.

His confidence is quickly shaken as he walks out of the stone door (how strange the name of the tunnel is, at least to him). A person is standing in front of it.
The man looked as confused as Emmett, only he wasn't smiling. They stared at each other for a long time.
The man stared at the road for a moment, then turned away as if Emmett was about to disappear. Seeing that he wasn't there, the man asked hesitantly, "Hmm... Chief Inge? I don't..."
Emmett brightened, interrupting the man. "I'm Emmett! Where is my brother?"
The man blinks. "Oh, I don't know."
Emmett looked at him expectantly. The man starts sweating. “But, um, maybe the professor knows? If you follow the path, the professor is probably in the camp and you will see him. White apron, strange hat…” His voice trailed off. Emmett left.
"Thank you!" Emmett said, turning to say hello. He doesn't want to be rude, but he can't stray from the path.
"Attention!" cried the terrified man, though he had not left his post.
Emmett wondered why he looked worried. Isn't the professor particularly scary? He knew that Professor Rowan had always been considered quite an intimidating man at first glance, perhaps because of heredity. A guy named Ingo "The Guardian"? That's weird. Maybe the director had a different last name before and is fine now.

Emmett turned to see where he was going and tripped over something soft yellow.
He took a step back. "Oh," he said, and blinked.
took another step backmore than"Hi," he said to the very, very large Electivire, which growled at him. - I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you.
Someone in the tunnel shouted something, but Emmett couldn't hear it because of the snap of Zapak's fur. Really, it's ridiculously big. Total ban on boarding the train. His trainer has to impose an obsessive diet on him.
Emmet barely jumped back as the Electivire hit him. He smiled in surprise as he pulled an Excadrill Pokéball from his belt. Is it a wild pokemon? How did it get so big? Why did he attack him?
A chain of lightning flashed across the ground, and Emmett screamed as he tried to dodge it. Excadrill jumped out of the dropped Pokéball, fueled by Emmet's pain. As Exadrill dug its claws into the icy ground, a micro-earthquake knocked the Electivire over, giving Emmet a chance to escape out of range.
Electivire growled and delivered another blow to Excadrill, who screamed in surprise as his blow was absorbed. Excadrill responded with a violent blow, the metal of its claws stained purple with a strange glow as it drove the Electivire into its belly.
"Beware, Excadrill," Emmett shouted, "another earthquake could topple the mountain. come back.”
Excadrill glared at him, then growled viciously as he returned to his Pokéball. Emmet ran through the Electivire, holding his breath as more Pokémon in the evolution line looked his way.
His daring escape is thwarted when he stumbles upon a sleeping Pokémon. Luxley awoke from his nap, snarling furiously and lunged at him, fangs crackling. Emmett screamed, tearing the hem of his tattered coat. Why has this road suddenly become so dangerous? The complete lack of proper security measures will give him nightmares!
Emmett ran all the way through the snow, but luckily Luxley didn't seem to be catching up to him and he really ran into a person who fit the professor's description. Emmett smiled at the fluffy white snap on the man's hat.
"Calm down, kid," the professor(?) said, putting his hand on Emmet's shoulder. Emmett took it off immediately, though he was sure it would be fragile.
"I'm Emmet," he said before the professor (???) could continue, smiling at the man. "I'm looking for my brother. Her name is Ingo.
"Oh, great," said the man. "I'm Professor Lavington. I have to say you look like him, I thought maybe...
Where is Inga? Emmett asked.
"Well, I'm not sure, but I think he's back in Jubilife," says the professor (!).
- How do I get to Jubilee? Emmett asked. He wasn't sure where it was, and he didn't have a map with him.

The professor was interrupted again when Emmet's coat pocket beeped. Is that his Xtransciever? I forgot I had it. He was sure he had silenced him two days ago.
He took it out of his pocket and nearly dropped it in shock. it absolutelyNOYour Xtrans. just like last time-
In fact, looking at the device in his hand, Emmet could have guessed a bit about how the Arceus-shaped phone ended up in his pocket.
"Well, look at this," said the professor. "Akari has something like that. Did you accidentally fall through the crack that opened at the top?
- Hi? Emmett smiled curiously. It is no different from his usual smile, but he is very good at making faces. "Who is Chilli?"
"She's... well, she's here now." The professor smiled and looked back. Emmett forgot the man's name. Ingo is better at naming things. Later he had to ask Ingo if he knew this guy too.

Emmett turned and looked up. A very strange-looking Pokémon bird galloped towards them, carrying itVeryA dangerous device on which a person appears to be leaning. No handrails, no nets, nothing. As they approached, the man slid off the…well, that thing and landed gracefully on her feet, loosening from his fall. Emmett was too experienced to back out, but he wanted to do it anyway. He doesn't like this place. He wanted Ingo to be busy erecting a fence where he was. It won't hurt your knees, ankles, back or…
"Akari, my boy," said the professor. "Looks like we've got another visitor from heaven!"
When Akari stopped to look at Emmet, her pleasant smile disappeared. He appears to be the same age as many of the space station contenders. Thirteen, maybe a little more. He was wearing a suit very similar to the one worn by the man next to the tunnel. (Seriously, how did a fall from that height not hurt her? It was a huge distraction. The whole place was... focused!)
"I'm Emmett!" He held out his hand. "I'm looking for Ingo. Where?"
Chiri blinked, then quickly took his hand. "Oh my God," he said. "I'm Akali. You… I mean, do you know who Ingo is?
This is of course a strange question. "Yes," replied Emmett. This may seem a bit obvious, but I don't mean to be rude. Where is Inga?
Akari brushed her bangs away from her eyes. "Ugh, I think he's back in Jubilife," he said, echoing the professor's words. "But, well, I'm done here, do you want to come with us?" He looked at the professor as he spoke.
"Oh yes, I'm sure the commander wants to meet Emmet here." The man nodded. "Have you discovered anything new in the meantime, Akari?"
Akari took a thick, handmade book from the bag fastened to his belt. "Oh yeah, so that's what I was thinking," he replied, and the professor leaned over his shoulder and watched him as he opened the book.

Emmett felt very uncomfortable. He looked at his strange new Xtrans and remembered that it was making a bit of noise.
The screen is black. I touch it.
The beep sounded again, this time in surround sound. Emmett looked at Akari, who seemed equally surprised. She reached into her bag again and pulled out a device identical to Emmet's. As he held it up in front of him, both devices beeped again and lit up brightly.
Akari looked at Emmet with understanding. "We should go back to Jubilife," he said, handing the book to the professor. "Well, Emmett, would you like to go for a ride with me?"
- You are driving? Emmett asked a little excitedly. He knows that there may not be a train here, but he likes to travel by any means of transport. The cars aren't as flashy as the trains, but they're still fun.
"Yes, or okay." Akari looked at her device again. "Well, I actually have to ask Wyddeer if I can carry you, so hold on."

Wilder? Is it pokemon? She wished it was the bird that hugged her now. I don't want to be rude, but I also don't want to get carried away by some horrible, dangerous bucket. Not even a decent dice. It's not completely off.
Akari puts her device back in her bag and takes it out... Ha. If Emmet didn't know (and he probably didn't), he'd say that Akari was holding a flute she had in her pocket. The one he stole from the museum. Hi.
Actually, for that matter, how did it all fit in her bag? It seems too small to fit in a book, let alone something completely different in size. I have to ask. I want to fit more stuff in my pocket.
"Excuse me," Akari said, pulling back a bit and turning to face the mountainside.
He probably shouldn't have been surprised when Emmet played the first piece Arceus taught him. Regardless, he was a little surprised when the crystal notes echoed off the mountains.

For a long time, nothing seemed to happen. Then, in the distance, a voice began to reach them.
A silver stag galloped down the path ahead of them, stopping gracefully before Akari like a fast train bound for a station. It looks a bit like a Pokemon Emmet saw, but I can't remember the name. He guessed that the creature was the white whale Akari was talking about.
"Hello," she said, reaching out to stroke the giant beast's mane. "If you don't mind, Master Vidir, may I ask you to bring one more passenger this time?"
Bailu looked fondly at the girl, then looked directly at Emmett. Emmett twitched again. It was taller than him. Were all previous Pokemon this big?
Emmett wasn't quite sure why he was staring at him silently, but Emmett looked at him too, in case it was evidence. He also had a wider smile. She always wants to make a good first impression.

After a moment Chili nodded. "He said you could come over," he told Emmett.
Emmett wasn't sure he wanted to know how he knew. “Great!” he said instead. "Everyone aboard!"
Akari lifted Emmet onto the Pokémon's back and was soon waving goodbye to the professor as the Wyrdeer began to move. Emmet's earlier analogy with the bullet train holds true as the Wyrdeer rolls down the mountainside like a silvery wind. Even with two passengers, it effortlessly jumps over obstacles, rivers and crevices.
"I usually walk back with Professor Laventon and the security team," Akari called through the wind, "but we have to get you to your brother as soon as possible, don't we?"
"Yes, please," replied Emmett. "Full steam ahead!"
Acal smiled. Emmett smiled back. It's good to have someone who seems to know what they're going through. Did she let Arceus bring her here too? Maybe when he finds Ingo, he'll ask. It doesn't matter at this point.

Even riding a fast Pokémon, the journey to a happy life is quite long. Emmet and Akari finished talking about the wind as best they could. Emmet had the impression that Akari… wasn't actually hiding anything, but he kept his cards face down on his chest. She seemed tense but determined, her uncertain words matched the conviction in her eyes.
Emmett hopes that whatever he has to do, he will do it successfully. She jumped in to help him, a complete stranger, without asking a single question. Emmett believes that good people deserve happiness. Maybe he and Ingo can help her. He has a way with Pokemon. Maybe they can even fight! It would be very exciting. I have Ingo gear and everything. But does Ingo have a new Pokémon? He must have caught at least one after being away for so long. The place looks dangerous, at least for now, so Ingo probably has a new partner.
This is not bad. Whatever his new Pokémon is, he's sure to be a match for Chandelure. They can add Ingo's new team to the rotation list when creating a new site. Maybe Emmet could hang out with them. Maybe he'll be able to catch some new Pokemon too!
Her excitement helped speed up the ride, and soon the Wyrdeer slowed in front of a large wooden door. He was panting, but there were no other signs of fatigue. Emmet secretly admired her strength. He's thin, but never¡luz!

Akari slid off the Pokémon's back and stroked its mane again. "Thank you, sir," he said respectfully. Wydder nodded.
"Thank you," Emmett also said as they disembarked, making sure his greeting was quick. Wyddeer nodded to him, then nodded again, turned and trotted off. Emmett watched her walk away. He had been barebacked for almost an hour and was a bit sore. He missed the train.
"Hello, Reis," Mingri said to the guard at the gate. “I know it's a bit weird, but this is Ingo's brother. Can I go in?
Reis looked at Emmett carefully. Emmett smiled as genuinely as she could. The guard most others he'd seen before. Are there three teams in this city? or more? All right. Emmett never met the other twin in person.
"If he's causing any trouble, he's out," Reiss said. – Be sure to take it to the commander for permission. I trust you if you say you're fine, but you can't be too careful.
Emmett couldn't agree more. It's such a relief to finally see someone so committed to the safety of others. He made sure he remembered the guard's name by chanting it in his head as Akari took his hand and led him through the gate to Jubilife. He doesn't need to be held hands, but he knows people like that sometimes and wears thick gloves so he won't be disturbed for a few more minutes.

"Ingo could be there," he said, pointing to a gated building far off the main road. "But first you need to talk to...Emmett, no, wait!" He grabbed his heels hard and pulled Emmett back. She continued down the path, dragging the girl behind her.
"MilitaryVeryI'm sorry, Miss Akari." Emmet smiled apologetically. "But I need to talk to my brother now." The goal is in sight! I can't make another detour. "
"Emmet, wait," Akari repeated, taking his hand. People are looking at him now. He doesn't care. Half. His heartbeat doubled as he spotted a dark-clad figure through the building's front door.
Emmett needs to talk to his brother. He needs to see Ingo again. You can review it later.
She removed her hand from Akari as gently as she could, turned to smile again, and ran down the path as fast as she could.
Ingo, Ingo, Ingo.
Four years have passed. Whoever the commander is can wait, because...
Standing at the edge of the arena and watching another guard fight the young man, he is Emmett's best friend in the entire world.

He didn't even hear the screams of the others as blood flooded their ears. She ran around the arena, safety first, without moving, then jumped on her brother and took him in her arms.
IngoShe said and then stated that she was unable to say anything more. He has a sore throat. I cried? maybe. Her face was a little wet and…
And wouldn't Ingo return the hug?
His heart was trembling.

Emmett staggered back, grabbing Ingo's arm. Looking back, there was a blurred mirror of himself in his eyes. Storm clouds hanging in the form of gray discs, framed in black and silver, looked at him in awe.
Emmett swallowed the lump in his throat. "Ingo," he repeated hoarsely. - Inga? I knew other words. Why did only the name Ingo come out of his mouth? I should have said something else.
Nothing came. Ingo slowly raised his hand. One sat on Emmet's elbow and the other hung just below his cheek.

“I know you,” Ingo said. Emmett's soul seemed to split in two.
(Say something, she thought. Anything. Except her name.)
"I'm Emmet," Emmet moaned.
A flash of recognition flashed in Ingo's eyes, as if he had been electrocuted. He was panting as if he was suffocating as he held Emmett tight.
anthe shouted, the dark clouds in his eyes seeming to float a bit. "You are me - my brother! I know you!"
Yes, Emmett was definitely crying. "Of course," he said, excited, confused, and very, very worried. "Did you hit your head?"
As Ingo hugged Emmet again, he mustered up the courage to laugh. "I knew all along that I was missing someone," she said. “I knew someone should be with me and here you are. Look, you look like me!

Emmett almost frowned. What is he saying? Of course they look the same. "We're twins," he said, hugging Ingo, afraid he'd want to let go. "Ingo, did you hit something? You should go to the doctor".
Ingo gave Emmet's shoulder a light push.
"I won't let go," Emmett said. He didn't move.
"Emmett," Ingo said. "You can't torment me all day, even if you're happy to see me. We should go elsewhere. We have a lot to discuss,” he added, calming down a bit. “People are watching us.”
This made Emmet feel a little ill. Ingo doesn't like being stared at unless they're working. If it's an ad, fine. It is not good. People shouldn't look at them.
Emmett let him go. He beamed at Ingo, trying to convince them that he didn't mind what was going on. "Then go to your next destination!"
Inge straightened up and nodded vigorously. "Yes!" scream.
Emmett jumped to her side and they adopted their trademark pose, shouting together."Everyone aboard!"
Oh man, Emmett missed doing this. It feels weird doing it alone.
Ingo took Emmet's hand and pulled. Emmett smiled as they walked off down the path. I don't know where they're going. I'm quite comfortable with it. They're together, so it'll be fine.

Their brothers stopped in perfect synchronization as a short, blue-haired woman stood in front of them, her frown deeper than Ingo's.
"Commander Celine!" Ingo waved his hand.
Emmett gave a quick wave as well, only a second late. "commander!"
"What do you two think you're doing?" commanded Commander Cyllene, exuding authority from her. She was a head shorter than Emmett, and when she met his gaze he was completely intimidated. "Actually, who are you supposed to be?"
He looks at Ingo, trying to make contact with his twin telepathic gaze.Do we have questions?
Ingo looked back, raising an absolutely are.
The o.
“Ingo,” Cyllene continued, “I want everyone to be aware of the current Jubilife safety rules. Regardless of their relationship with the newcomers, they still need to be assessed before being allowed to roam."
Ingo tensed up. It's terrible. Emmett feels bad! Don't blame his brother for his lack of confidence!

"I'm sorry, ma'am," Emmet said, wanting to keep his poor brother from lying. Cyllene did not give her a place.
"And you," he said, looking at Emmett again. “The resemblance is obvious, and the lack of feeling must also be genetic. Who do you think you are, running and screaming like a crazy Pokémon? Everyone will follow me. That's an order.
"Yes, ma'am," Ingo and Emmet yelled.
Shirin turned and headed towards a huge building with complicated signs. Akari is standing by the stairs with another guard (?!) and a curious Cascoon. Akari crossed his arms as Emmet and Ingo walked by. Emmett smiled shyly.
"Good luck," Akari said clearly.
Emmett suddenly looked away. He isadult man.He can be intimidated by a tall woman, but he can't be intimidated by a child!
"I'm sorry," Emmett whispered to Ingo as quietly as possible. He didn't have time to elaborate, but Ingo nodded. The corners of his mouth twitched.

Cyllene delivers a blow like Emmet hasn't had since elementary school, breaking his arm in three different places and scaring Ingo and his parents to death. Then she almost drowned him in paperwork just to get the message across. He had the impression that the commander was working like a well-oiled machine with jammed gears. His surprise and respect for such a clear leader is tempered by the embarrassment of causing such an event. He tried to be as sweet as possible, smiling all the time.
Three hours later, he and his brother were kicked out of the office, and Emmett was starting to feel very, very tired. He hadn't slept in over forty-eight hours. It's been on an emotional roller coaster for the past decade, considering technically it's still the same day he walks into a museum and steals a sacred artifact in a foreign land. He's still aware that Ingo is back, even though he's so comfortable around Emmet that it's hard to believe he's gone (although he looks...VeryWeird). She's really starting to realize that she doesn't really have a home.
"I'm deeply honored," Emmett said as they left the Galaxy building. The sun began to sink below the horizon.
Ingo laughed. "Captain Hillian seems very gifted in this respect."

Emmett is seized by Anvil's burning desire. Ignore it because it won't do anything. He will find a new home with Ingo!
"Where is our next stop, Ingo?" Emmett asked.
Ingo straightened up. (It was weird. He was still hunched over and Emmet had to bow his head. It's weird that Emmet felt taller than his brother.) "My old house was in Crown Heights," he said.
Emmett wished they'd had to walk back.
Ingo continued: "However, due to recent events, I got a new residency," he noted. Imitating him curiously was second nature to Emmett, ready to give his signature.
"Here!" After Ingo finished speaking, he walked down the street followed by Emmett.
"You didn't say that then," Emmett commented.
“Since I've been here, I've been complaining about the noise,” admits Ingo. "I told the commander I would do everything in my power to keep the volume level normal after sunset."
Emmett blew on Raspberry, disgusted at the thought of someone telling his brother to shut up. Ingo's eyes narrowed into a smile. "Please try not to inconvenience us a second time," he joked.
"Okay," Emmett said lightly. It seemed natural for him to fall into his normal mode, but there was still something wrong with his brother. It disorients him. He was really worried that Ingo might get hurt in some way. His mirror is broken. He doesn't like anything.

Ingo took him to the house opposite the training ground. A door opened instead of his old apartment door, and Ingo motioned for Emmet to come in.

When Chandelure finally decided to become famous, Ingo barely closed the door. He danced from the ball with great pomp, singing to his long-lost friend and twirling happily.
Ingo froze as Chandelure wrapped her arms around him. He looked the same as when he first met Emmett.
Honestly, it's pretty scary.
"Ingo," Emmett pleaded, "what's wrong with you?" Why was he looking at them like that? Why was he acting so weird when he saw Emmett? Why is he acting weird? Is Emmet Weird?
Ingo reached out and ran his fingers over the cool purple flames of Chandelure. He frowned.
"Emmet," he said in a tone that made Emmet's veins freeze, "I'm afraid my arrival has erased most of my memory. Before you came, I don't remember my past. …I've seen more and more glimpses of the life I should be living, but I still have a long way to go.” He holds the base of Chandelure lightly in both hands, narrowing his eyes. "You... I know you too," he said quietly. "Typhlosion Akari reminds me of you. My little Litvik…”
Chandelure burst into tears over the nickname again, stroking Ingo as best she could.

Ingo holds Chandelure in her arms. "Emmet, how long have I been gone?"
Emmett's smile faded. "Four years," he said. "Less for you? Or more?"
Ingo looked at the ground. "The same," he replied. "I hope time will be kinder to you in some way." Sorry for my absence.
"No," said Emmett. Ingo needs no apology. There is nothing to regret. "Do you know why you left?"
Inga shook her head. “I don't remember how or why I ended up in Emerald. My first memory of this place is Mrs. Sneasler rescuing me.
Well, that's a lot of information. All this information is a lot. And somehow not enough. Emmett's head started to hurt, but it was probably due to lack of sleep. or hunger. Still dehydrated? Oh-no, no, focus, Emmet.
- This? said Emmett. It's not clear yet. He explained: “What is Emerald? Who is Mrs. Snesler? I don't know the ransom part. He's too tired to think that his brother is in danger right now.
Ingo blinked. "Emerald is a land," he said. "We stand on it."
“…we're in Sinnoh,” Emmett said. Then he said, "Ohrecalling that they were supposed to be sent at some other time in the past. He doesn't actually know exactly when it is. I really need to ask someone else.
Ingo wants to say something, but Emmet won't listen. Everything starts to spin in your head… or no, it's not right. Emmett began to feel dizzy. The room seems to spin.
When did you last eat? Was it before or after waking up two days ago? Was he having an adrenaline rush? maybe. Thinking about it now, he was thirsty too.

"Emmet," Ingo said worriedly. -Emmet, what happened?
Emmett winked at him from the floor. "Oh," he said. He didn't realize he had made an emergency stop. "I'm very tired."
"I'll bring you a futon," Ingo said. "Please wait."
Emmett decides it's time to get all the Pokémon off the belt.
"You can't leave yet." He said to the pokeballs that were now lying on the ground. “You can say hello to Ingo tomorrow.
- Who are you talking to, Emmett? Ingo asked curiously. He put another crib and blanket beside him and came over to help Emmett up.
"Your Pokémon," Emmett said. "And mine. We all miss you so much." Everyone misses Ingo. Emmett is sad that he won't be able to say goodbye. He knew they'd be more worried, but he wished that somehow they didn't know he and his brother were safe. He always knew Ingo was somewhere safe.

"Our Pokémon," Ingo said. “Yes, I have to see them all again tomorrow.
Emmett carefully folded his coat and placed it beside the bed, followed by his belt, hat, and tie. His shoes are already at the door. He had no pajamas to change into, but he saw a curtain on the main road. She'll have to... find out what currency they use at the time, but then she'll be able to buy new clothes.
"You'll have to tell me everything tomorrow too," Emmett demanded sternly, sitting down on the bed. "All."
Ingo nodded. "I promise. So maybe you can help me fill in the gaps in my memory..."
Emmett was asleep, stretched out on futon and quilt, snoring like a train in a distant tunnel.

Chapter 3: hello my old heart


Emmett goes on his first adventure in Emerald.


I've been fighting this for ages... I don't like it very much, but I'm sick of seeing it too, so I'll stop there. Sorry if some parts are formatted a bit weird.

(see end of chaptermore notes.)

The body of the chapter

Emmett woke up late the next day with a familiar heaviness in his stomach. Eelektross's face met him and pulled him off the mattress. Archeops squealed as it landed on its tail. Excadrill looked up from his seat next to Ingo in the other room. Apparently, his reunion with Ingo happened while he was sleeping.

He feels much better rested, but his stomach wakes him up reminding him how empty he is. The roar of its unpleasant engine made Ingo laugh at him from his seat by the fireplace, which was glowing with a soft blue flame. Chandelure had to help open it because it was spinning funny above her head.

"Good morning, Emmett," he said. Or rather, good morning. You've slept eleven hours. Would you like to eat something? "

"Yes," said Emmett. Yes, she will love it.

(It turns out that at some point Ingo's life in this world actually learned how to cook. This is by far the most shocking thing because Ingo's cooking has always been terrible. Emmet loves his brother, but in Truly he has always been a nuisance when it comes to doing homework. When they were little, Ingo wasn't even allowed to touch the stove unless someone was there because he accidentally set fire to the pan and burned it halfway.From the kitchen, Ducklett came over to help, but...well, it doesn't matter now.)

Emmet watches Ingo pour a sort of spicy stew from a pot hanging above the fireplace in the center of the room. He couldn't help but stare suspiciously at the bowl she handed him, probably a joke. - Can I cook now? - He asked.

Ingo shrugged. “This is something they taught me very quickly. In this world you have to be self-sufficient. The desert is hard and weakness is punished."

It was... Emmet looked blankly at his brother before exchanging glances with Chandroul. It was the scariest thing I've ever heard from Ingo. His brother didn't seem to notice as he continued as if they were discussing the weather.

“We need to buy you new clothes,” Ingo said. He blew gently into his bowl. "Miss Ming will take care of it, I'm sure. Fashion is not my area of ​​expertise, I'm afraid." (No, Elesy.) "I think you'll keep your coat and hat like me. That shouldn't be a problem.

"Akari for you?" Emmett points to Ingo's cozy pink hoodie. It looks good in pink. Honestly, despite his battered appearance, his grizzled nature suits him very well. His shiny, clean dress shoes were nowhere to be found, and his worn but sturdy leather shoes were right by the door, next to the tips of Emmett's snow-white wings. The logical conclusion is that Emmett would probably look good in something like this too, but he's skeptical. likes to watchcharminglyelegant. Alessa once joked that her all-white outfit was angelic, which brought her some comfort.

Emmett is not good at showing kindness or kindness to strangers. Not only does she find it difficult to speak clearly without a script, but she really only has a tone, so she vows to express her emotions through her looks and gestures. If it's angelic, that must mean he's good at it. After all, angels are good things. Ingo's stoic demeanor is always paired with his charming and sincere voice, which is not the case with Emmet. Will changing his appearance change him? Or is Ingo's new presence just representative of... what happened to him? Both thoughts are equally disturbing. Emmett doesn't want to change.

(But didn't he promise Arceus that he'd give it all back? Did he owe him a deal? He... didn't he? He didn't regret it. Looking back and forethought are important for improvement, but Emmett Don't regret it. Be true to yourself. she'll do anything and it's still true. Full speed ahead.)

Which Ingo explains. Emmett didn't listen to the first half, but tried to pay attention to the second half. "The pearls are deep in Iceland, but as a guardian I can go anywhere, my lord Snaissler. I was welcomed to Jubilife as I work with Mrs. Akari. Lady Irida approves, I'll stay here. But I'm not sure the Pearls would welcome you, Emmett... Even though you're my brother, I had trouble myself being a stranger in a strange land, and you wouldn't let me into your ranks. they will most likely have to stay here with Team Galactic. Perhaps Overwatch or the Security Team could use other members.

Emmett gets more and more lost when people talk here. "I want to be with you," he said, because the thought of doing something where Ingo wasn't there terrified him. What if Ingo disappears again when he's not looking? (Unlikely. Unlikely. Statistics don't matter.) "I'll help in any way I can. As long as I stay with you."

"We'll see what we can do," Ingo said quietly. "Do you want more stew?"

oh. Emmett once emptied his bowl thinking about it. That would explain why his tongue hurts a bit. Ingo gives it to him.

“You always eat too fast,” Ingo scolded him. "You never let it get cold."

The inconsistency between what his brother remembered and what he didn't do left Emmet feeling a pain in his chest from the loss. His brothers had forgotten Emmett's name, their home, and the life that meant so much to them. But he remembered that Emmett ate too fast.

"MilitaryMixEmmett said helplessly.

Ingo sighed as he handed Emmet the bowl, which was full and steaming again. “I'm afraid I've gotten too used to the feeling over the years. Your presence reminds me now more than ever.

He looks conflicted. Emmett hoped he wouldn't cause trouble for his brother's funny, isn't it? He shouldn't think that. If Ingo knew that Emmet doubted him so much, he'd be sad.

Emmett doesn't regret coming here. He does not regret leaving his hometown. But he's allowed to miss Nimbasa, isn't he? He may hope to bring Ingo back to his apartment, where everything will make sense again. But he can't do that. He wanted to go where his brother was, and he promised. So he has to adapt to where he is now. She got everything she wanted, so why complain?

"Whether you remember it or not, you're still my brother," Emmet said, looking at the fire. He has a big smile. “We got back together. The details don't matter."

"Emmet, don't run around the tracks unprotected," Ingo said enthusiastically. “Details matter. But when. With you around, I feel… stable now. Before, I was teetering on the edge of something. Every time I look at you, it feels like the world has finally stopped. I know how you got here, but I'm glad you did.

Emmet gave up the spoon entirely and started drinking the stew straight from the bowl so his brother wouldn't see him cry.

Ant! "Ingo scolded him. "You'll burn your throat! Behind!"

Emmett began to swallow even faster. I feel like at home.

When his brother scolded him, he tried desperately not to choke, laugh or cough, his Xtrans squealing from his coat pocket.

Well, I'm no longer an Xtransciever. Telephone? The Arceus-shaped case makes the whole thing look ridiculous on a basic level. What should he call it? Link from God? arcophone?

Oh, actually, that sounds really good.

Emmet approached Archeops to spread out his cloak long enough to take the gear out of his pocket. It hummed softly again as I held it and watched it emit a subtle, otherworldly glow.

The screen lit up, white text on a black background.

You have to prove that you're worth itTo read

Arceus? God Link's name is a joke. Does Emmett now have a real physical connection to the God of Creation in his pocket? doneAkari?Can Emmett text you? I have a few questions now because I know this might be an option.

The text continues to scroll.You are in the distant past, far from home. You can no longer disrupt the thread of time. I will give you your task.

You must embrace the wild heart of this land. Forget about your past and focus on your future. The house you are looking for will never be found. Here you need to make a new one.

Help the elect and I will do what I can to help you.

Emmett didn't know what to do. He decides to throw the Arcphone on a pile of clothes and looks into the flames again.

OnKnowI can't go home. Arceus didn't have to force him. But what does it mean to "help voters"? This is... Akari? Arceus said to give him a task. Does that mean a new job? Well, running a Gear Station is more of a lifestyle than a job. He and his brother plan to spend their lives underground in Nimbasa. He asks her to find a new home, but starting a brand new life isn't that easy.

It seems his brother intends to spend the rest of his life in ancient Sinnoh. So where did all this stuff (his family, friends, the station, no, none of that stuff) go to Emmet?

He really had no choice, he had to find out. Now he still has a lot of work to do to catch up with his brother, so he completely ignores the phone and his messages. I'll find out later.

- Don't you remember much? Emmett asked. Ingo nodded vigorously in confirmation.

"Now it's coming back," said Ingo, "but slowly. Piece by piece.

Emmett applauds. "Maybe I'll tell you something you missed?" He couldn't tell his brother.All,Because contrary to popular belief, the two weren't together 24/7 before Ingo disappeared. But Emmet knows a lot about his brother, including things he probably doesn't want others to know. Things Emmett could tease him about, things Emmett knew he shouldn't say at all, and so on.

Ingo thought about it for a long time. Anyone would think Ingo was ignoring him, but Emmet knew he was trying to look at the proposal from every angle. Of course, the matter is very serious.

Finally, Inga made a rumbling sound in his chest that had several different meanings. He said: "I agree, but on one condition. Every time you tell me something about me, I ask you to tell me something about yourself too.

normal. Ingo doesn't rememberAll.

It was weird to think that Ingo knew nothing about Emmett. Emmet is not very good at sharing things, especially secrets, but still believes that Ingo can do a lot. He guessed that these secrets had been taken to the spiritual grave.

God. Terrible thought. Horrible mental picture. Try again, Emmett. Or better yet, keep going. Yes, sounds good.

"Well, okay," Emmett said. “Well, your favorite food is bad luck berries cut into quarters, sprinkled with sugar and mixed together. You eat them with chopsticks." Ingo continued with a wink. “My favorite food is… um! This isVeryproblem. Now I think it's pizza. I really want to eat pizza.

Ingo smiled. Emmett didn't know why, but I guess it was a good sign.

"Your favorite movie is Words of the Heart," Emmett said. "Mine is your least favorite, Princess Mononoke. You don't like him because he's disgusting." The rough part explains why Emmett likes him. And that's not the only reason! But only part.

"You run a one-man train at Gear Station because you like to focus on one thing at a time," Emmet continued. “I took the doubles training because I like the combination of two Pokémon. If the trainer isVeryStrong, you and I will fight side by side on the Multi Train. game! "

"I remembered what you said some time ago when I was traveling with Miss Ming. You like winning the most,” Ingo said fondly.

"Do you rememberTobut not mineName?Emmett said in surprise.

Ingo snorted. "I, I already told you that the situation in my memory is very complicated," he said a little embarrassed. - If I could have thought of you sooner, I would have.

"I know," said Emmett. He didn't want to be sad, he was in shock. "Sorry."

Ingo gasped and was about to answer, but was interrupted by a knock on the door.

Excadrill snorted grimly but didn't protest when Ingo got up to open it.

"Ah, Miss Mingli," he greeted, "come in."

Akari ran past him towards the hut. "I need your help," she said nervously. "They're like this ok so Mai calls them 'mass fires' and there are a lot of them and in a storm I can't check them all so I asked the commander and she said ok so-"

Ingo put his hand gently on Akari's shoulder. "Take a moment to collect your thoughts," he said helpfully, "and try again."

Akari placed his hand on his forehead and took several deep breaths. After a moment she nodded. "Okay," he said with a smile. "I think I have it now."

Ingo nodded. "Great. And now start again. What you need?"

Emmet was already dressed, with Archeops and Elektross hanging from his belt, and he jumped excitedly. Whatever it is, it seems to involve a big fight.

"There seems to be a strange storm moving through the Emerald," Akari explained. He speaks slowly, more for his own benefit than for his brothers. "Every area it has settled so far has been plagued by many large epidemics. They appear when a storm starts and disappear as it progresses. Rei and I are working hard to investigate it, but we need more people. "Ingo, you are the strongest trainer in Jubilife and can help us now. I think your brother does too. So can you come with me to Alabaster Island?

"Yes!" shouted Emmett, talking about Ingo. "Sounds like fun! Come on! All..."

Ingo hit him on the head. “Safety first,” he scolded. “Miss Ming, I am about to leave for Iceland. I need to confirm the safety of my people. But my brother is not fit for this kind of place, he will freeze to death in a few minutes. If he's okay, please help him find the right clothes, and then you changed the subject and came to me and Li.

Akai nodded with a determined expression on his face. "Hmm. This storm is weird. It lasted only a moment, and then moved to another place. We are waiting for you in Iceland. Even if there is a storm, stay there."

"As you wish," Ingo agrees. He made his signature gesture and pointed to the door. "Next stop: Alabaster Islands! All aboard!"

Excadrill and Chandelure chase him as he runs out the door. Ingo didn't even have his pokeball.

Emmett crossed his arms. Aside from the uneasiness welling up in her chest at her brother's absence, Emmett was depressed. They're from Unova. Unova! Emmett can stand the cold! Their coats are insulated for this very reason! Emmett and Ingo had previously gone to work in suits during a snowstorm. It's not like he has a problem. And indeed, his brother was too impulsive. Emmett used to be a fanatic, but Ingo ran to control those who didn't care for him.

Well, Emmett is mostly worried and anxious, but he isreturnOffended by the suggestion that he is sensitive to the cold.

'Let's go quickly to the tailor,' Akari repeated quickly. "We can find you a nice outfit later, now we need to get out of here ASAP."

In fact, Emmet loves it. He's got a good head on his shoulders.

"I don't think I have any money," Emmett lamented as they walked to the tailor. "At least there's no one here worth their salt."

"Oh yeah," Akari snorted. "Yes, here…" She swung her purse over her hips and took out a handful of gold coins of various shapes and sizes. "Does yours look like this?"

Emmett winced. "I don't have change with me, no." He had some bills in his wallet. And his letters that are useless. In each region, Poké is the common currency, but it will look different depending on where you are. He doubted the role of Unofan had any value in old Sinnoh.

This means that functionally it is completely ruined. This isNOA great place to stay in a foreign country on a nice day, let alone an emergency.

"Okay," Akali chuckled. "I will pay for everything. In fact, survey rewards are pretty good. Maybe you'll even get paid to help with this, I don't know.

Emmett didn't like being in debt to a fifteen-year-old by any means, but he knew it was best not to protest when he had no choice.

He quickly found new clothes for Emmet as he had been to this place many times. A simple light gray sweater, thick black pants (weird, he's used to white) and a pair of silver boots. In the coat, he was almost warm in Jubilee.

After confirming the match and paying, they rushed to Jubilee's door just in time for the large Pokémon bird Emmett had first seen with Akari on its back swoop down to meet them.

"Mr. Brave!" Chili said in surprise. "Hi."

Braviary grunted softly and looked down. He has a piece of paper in his mouth.

"Oh," Akali said. "Is it for me?"

Bravia nodded. Akari gently took it out of her beak and unfolded it.

He frowned thoughtfully as he read. Emmet found time in her busy schedule to study large Pokémon. Is it really Braviary? It is absolutely huge, which seems to be the norm in this place. Most Braviary are big enough for a young coach, but this one looks like it could easily fit two adults. Not to mention the creepy psychic flyer on his face. Emmett obviously knows what regional variants are, but this one is new. He was in the past, wasn't he? Could it be a Sinnoh variant that died out before modern times?

It's a sad thought. I hope not.

"The plans have changed," Akari announces, which is never a good thing. He folded the paper and put it in his bag. "It seems that in addition to the snowstorm in Alabaster Iceland, a second storm has started over the Obsidian Fields. We will be able to see it when we move a little further. Rei said that he and Ingo were dealing with an outbreak in Iceland and asked. We are investigating outbreaks nearby." She paused and turned to Emmett, "How are you?"

Emmet didn't like the way it sounded. He didn't like being so far away from him so soon after getting his brother back. The thought of Ingo miles away made her heart tingle. But Akari was looking at him with wide eyes, the expression on his face was so... intense. This is a girl with such a burden on her shoulders, she does everything in her power to bear it, and yet she is so young. He's a passenger who needs help. How could Emmett refuse?

He smiled and took a pose. "Show me the way, driver Akari!"

Akari giggled and she imitated him, involuntarily assuming Ingo's pose, releasing the tension in her shoulders. "All right! We're going to the Obsidian Field!"

Emma nodded. "Everyone aboard!"

Reese cleared his throat. "If you're done," he said, "I'll bookmark your trip. Be safe there."

Emmett pomachał.

The Obsidian Field was near Jubilee, but after Akari saw raging storm clouds floating in the sky, he summoned the White Stag Lord to shorten their journey. As they entered the storm, huge, annoying patches of rain fell.

- Always? Emmett asked, already soaked. At least he wasn't hot anymore, although the heavy suit weighed heavily on him. He felt a little sorry for Wyddeer.

Chiri sighed. “Yes, the storm is terrible. Wait for it to flash…

As if on cue, thunder shook the earth like an earthquake, and lightning pierced the clouds. Emmet jumped so hard he nearly fell off Lord Verdill's back.

"'s bad," Emmett said. Akali just smiled.

Lord Vidill glided gracefully to the camp at the Field Base and stopped. Professor Lavington was already there, standing at the table under a large, sturdy umbrella. This did little to save the poll as strong winds actually pushed the rain aside. Lavington seemed distraught about this, which is understandable.

As soon as Emmet and Akari slid off his back, Lord Wyrdeer shook his large fur like a soaked Mightyena and sprayed them with more water. He blushed politely at their hissing and galloped towards the hill.

"Uh," Akari said, waving her arms as if she was about to do something. “He thought it would be fun to throw me in the river. The clan respected the nobles, but if you ask me, they are just as mischievous as any other Pokémon.

Emmett thought it was funny too, but he knew he'd change his mind once the soaked cotton started to annoy him. "Let's hurry," he said.

"Yes," Acari agreed. "We just have to... hmm..." He looked around the camp, frowning.

Emer blinked. "This?"

"Um," Akali said. "I guess Mai is in Iceland? Normally, she and Munchlax help out in turbulent areas, but I don't think they can be in two places at once... Looks like it's just us.

- Who is Mike? Emmett asked. "You mean her?"

He pointed to a young woman who was running up the hillside towards them. Akali squealed in delight.

"Maybe! You are here!" He said, looking like he was about to hug the girl.

"Hey, hey," said a young woman, stopping in front of them and running to say hello. "Akari! I'm glad you're here. I have a request for you.

Emmett's smile widened.

"What happened? Can you wait?" Said Akari, "I don't want the storm to pass before we see everything. Where is Munchlax?

The young woman waved her hand. "Well, here he is, all I need is a fern," he said. "You have something, don't you?"

Chili tilted her head. "Huh? Well, yes," he said, opening the bag.

Emmett smiled. "What does a Zoruan need it for?"

Mingli and the girl were stunned.

The girl stared at Emmet with icy eyes. "what did you say?"

Emmett smiled brightly. "Your costume is great! You almost caught me!"

Akali's jaw dropped. "What are you talking about..." His voice got quieter and quieter, frowning. "Mei, where are you going?So¿Munchlax?

The young woman winced. "Please use castor fern," he said tersely.

Chiri took a step back. "What happened here?"

Emmet and Akari flinched as the fake Mai was so disoriented that it was hard to see for a moment, forcing them to look away. Looking back, a small white fox was staring at them. His pale jacket seemed impervious to rain.

"He's a strange Zorua," Emmet said. "He is sick?"

Zorua growled and threw herself at her ankles. He screamed and jumped at him, but he turned and chased after him on one leg.

"Uh-oh," Emmett said. Mud splattered his new boots as he jumped around the camp, trying to avoid Zoruah's bite. He barks angrily at her between jumps.

Professor Lavington climbed onto his desk. "What the hell is Zorua doing in the south?" he shouted. "Akari! Do something!"

Yes please! It seems that Zoruya is determined to teach him a lesson. He switched Emmett's knuckle prints and started jumping up and down and ripping off Emmett's sleeves. Emmet heard Akari laughing at him, then turned to see her sitting next to the professor at the table.

"Why isn't he attacking?" Chili asked. "Most Zoruah don't attack humans?"

The professor snorted. Emmett stumbles, torn between trying to get on the table and throwing a Poke Ball at an enraged fox to distract him.

"ToSoInteresting, said the professor. - I think you're right. He should be hallucinating us by now, no... whatever it is. "

"Akari, help!" Emmett said somewhere between a laugh and a groan. Zorua clamped her mouth on the top of his cloak, trying to tear it apart. "It's cute but mean!"

Zorua's fur swirls, growling even louder.

"Uh oh," Emmett repeated.

"Now you've done it," Akari gasped. "Run! Will…”

Zoruah releases a blast of red energy, knocking everyone to the ground. Akari and Professor Laventon fell off the table and Emmet fell face forward into a patch of muddy grass.

Zorua shook the fur from his body and moved closer to Emmet. - You ruined everything, you horrible idiot!

Emmett sat down, looking at her coat. It is more brown than white.

Zorua is still talking but I can't hear him. His ears buzzed. His coat is all dirty. His trousers, shirt, shoes and gloves were dirty. His flawless and perfect coat was covered in dirt. His hat might be too. His gloves are dirty and uncomfortable.

He felt his face harden. He stared at Zorua, his thoughts racing, unable to choose what to say.

Wet, dirty and uncomfortable, this little fox is no longer cute and is starting to lose his temper.

Emmett doesn't get angry easily. I used to let go because it was easier than being angry all day. But he doesn't like rain and he doesn't like mud, and so does heHateGet dirty and wet. I work in a well-kept basement where everything is dry and mostly clean. It's dirty now.

"We'll fight," Emmett said. She got up, took off the ugly gloves, and stuffed them into her coat pocket. Then she took off her coat and tied it around her waist so she couldn't see the mud.

The Zoruan stopped talking. She looked at him almost in surprise. "Hi?"

Emmett laughed, feeling wicked. "If you're angry, let's fight. Because now I'm angry too."

The reason he hallucinates Pokémon is because he has spent his entire life in Hezhong Star. Zoruans are rare, but not unknown, and they all have stories. It's hard for all Zorua to fully control their hallucinations, and as you grow up in Lostlorn Forest, you'll learn to tell Zorua apart from your neighbors.

This Zoruah's eyes gleam with glittering gold. His teeth are too sharp. It smells like wet skin.

Emmett wouldn't hit a punk kid. But he can get his partner to play little punk Zorua, and it's almost as satisfying.

Emmett took a step back, reaching for the Poké Ball on his belt. What is this? He's definitely not a dark guy yet. maybe normal? Or a ghost? Who better to oppose?

Alone, Haxorus released his ball, feeling Emmet's pain. The blade-dragon circled its master, glaring at the little fox. He wagged his tail and let out a long growl.

The Zoruan pricked up his ears. "I'll get you back," he vowed, then turned and ran down the hill.

Emmett took a deep breath. Well enough. I can live in mud and damp for a while. He can take... Well, Jubilife may not have a shower, but he can still shower, wash his worn coat, and take a nap. Well enough. Soruyan was just playing a prank and enraged by it attacked himself. It was his fault. Well enough.

Haxorus patted his head lightly in Emmet's hands, and Emmet patted him gratefully.

"I wonder where he's going," Akari says next to Emmett, surprising him a little. "They don't usually show up in the south, the professor said. Now I want to follow them. A massive Zorua outbreak here could be bad news." She turned to look at him. - Everything's all right? Want to chase him?

Emmett smiled at him. "um!"

He got a little carried away. If found, maybe give him an apology gift.

Akari hit her hard with his fist on the hand. "All right! Let's follow him!" He ran down the muddy hill, chasing the shrinking white figure.

"Be careful! Don't slip!" Emmett said as he chased after her. Haxorus screamed and stamped the path happily, splashing mud everywhere as he followed.

They quickly lost Zorua in the storm, and the heavy rain greatly reduced visibility. Emmet and Akari then agree to split up and explore a larger area after confirming that their Arcphones display a map and an outbreak. Since Munchlax is not there to help, they will have to write about every sprout they find.

Arceus offers help by demonstrating the new Arcphone feature. This means that the messaging app is immediately convenient for both parties.

As he ventured into the heights, Emmet's Arcphone rang.

>Blackbird tribe from the flooro garden.

Emmett put it down again, receiving no response. They use it to record, and now I can come back to the conversation later. Maybe Arceus could add an app to notes. Or maybe ask the professor for another picture book later.

have a pokemoneverywhereWhen Akari says "mass epidemic", she means it. Emmet has met more Buizels than he ever wanted in his life, scares a group of Stantlers into attacking him, gets too close to Alpha Lopunny for comfort and other issues. His only consolation is a legally numbered Pokémon hanging from his belt. Thanks to his and Ingo's Pokémon's abilities and strength, he is completely safe and neither of them seem tired yet. Haxorus is still with him, mainly because Archeops hates rain and Eelektross is delighted when it's wet.

Emmett wonders what happened to Ingo. Her smile widened as she remembered she could ask when they were done. The separation again made her almost forget about her brother's return. He can annoy Ingo at almost any time!

Not that Ingo thought he was drafted, probably. But Emmet can be annoying when he wants to. What worries IngoVeryinteresting.

Emmet checked his map. Looks like he only has Ramanas Island to check out. to get to Ramanas Island? Emmett doesn't actually have any aquatic Pokémon, not even a Pokémon with a super swimming ability. There's no way Archeops would agree to fly over him in such pouring rain, and he couldn't wait for it to clear up, because it would defeat the reason he needed to get there.

"Well," he said, standing at the edge of the Hardwood. He could see the island in the distance, but he could not cross the water. He didn't understand how he and Akari could share the map so carelessly.

Emmett looked at the clouds. The storm may weaken soon. He has to hurry.

"Do you think I can summon Pokémon with a flute like Akari?" he asked Haxorus. The dragon tilted its head and growled suspiciously.

He may be right. I don't know any Pokemon that can be summoned. If only I had a Gyrados. Or an aviator who hates rain more than losing.

um. to do? Emmett looked thoughtfully at his flute. It certainly won't hurt to try.

A distant blast stopped him.

Haxorus turned toward the source of the noise, standing between Emmet and the forest. Everything that was happening was too far away to be seen through the trees, but close enough to be heard. A faint howl, followed by another explosion, rolled through the branches.

"Sounds exciting," Emmett said. "We'll see."

Haxor growled. Emmett let him drive.

They come across a Luxray pack that seems out of place in Heartwood. They were led by a giant woman who growled angrily at something Emmet couldn't see. A blast of red energy tore through the pack, pushing the slightly smaller Luxray away. Alpha lurches forward, consumed by electricity as a familiar voice screams in pain.

Emmet barely glanced across the billowing sea of ​​dark fur. It's that weird little Zoruya!

"Haxorus," Emmet said. “An earthquake begins on my marker. Give them something to do. Ready?”

Haxorus snorted affirmatively, preparing himself.

Emmett ripped his cloak from his belt and tossed it aside before charging into the fight. His sudden arrival spooked most of the Luxray, but the Alpha's approaching claws barely hit him. Emmet sneaks up on Zorua and winds him up.

"Mark!" he shouted.

Haxorus roared and the ground shook. Emmett stood up and hugged Zoruah tightly to his chest as he ran out of reach. Luxray's pride screamed in surprise, then turned and attacked Haxorus.

A quick glance at Zorua reveals nasty wounds, but no obvious bleeding. Emmett twisted it and switched it to his arm, pulling another Pokéball from his belt.

"Full speed ahead," he said, throwing Crustle into battle. As soon as the crab appeared, it opened its claws and beat the ground rhythmically. The surrounding rock began to crack, split, and a small crack appeared in the ground.

Trapped by both sides, Laxley, having lost his way, turned and jumped into the water, rowing in embarrassment to avoid unknown attacks. Alpha Luxray is the last to escape, deals the finishing blow to Haxorus and jumps into the river.

Crustle and Haxorus cheered for a while before Crustle realized it was raining and ran to Emmet. He picks up a hat that falls off during his stunt. Emmett took it and placed it on his head.

"Alright," he smiled as he put Crustle back on his belt.

Zorua bit her wrist to remind her of his presence.

Emmet let out an impressive cry and instinctively threw Zoruah away. "This-"

"Please leave me alone!" shouted the Zoruan. "I don't need your help! You are very naughty!”

Emmet clenched his teeth, remembering that kicking a Pokémon was animal cruelty. "You will lose," he said. He covered his bleeding wrist with one hand. "We saved you. You're welcome".

Haxorus brought Emmet's cloak and draped it around his shoulders. It was even muddy now, which didn't make him feel any better.

"Why can't you just suggest?" Zoruah said impatiently. "I want you..." He shook his paw. "I... I said... uh..."

His hairy ghost hissed and splashed mud as he passed out.

"I thought you were going to crush him," Emmett was babbling. Haxorus rumbled, glancing at the unconscious fox.

“It bit me. It hurts." Emmett waved his hand back and forth. No vital veins were punctured, mostly just a little torn skin. The rain will wash it away, and by the time he gets back to camp, he'll probably be fine.

"Approx. Check security,” Emmet said. Haxorus spun around, revealing deep claw marks that sliced ​​through his scales. Stray disturbances pierced his body, but as stoic as ever, he didn't seem worried.

"Time to rest," Emmett said. You're doing well too. YesVeryproudly. "

Haxorus staggered back into the spherical seat he had slung over Emmet's belt. Galvantula volunteered to take her place, squealing as she brushed against Emmet's leg.

Emmett tied his cloak around his waist again and placed his fists on his hips as he stared at Zoruah. She hadn't taken him anywhere else, which meant he was probably alone here. Both the professor and Akari strongly imply that it is not in its natural habitat. Maybe he got lost? This would explain its aggressive stance: many Pokémon thrown in the wrong place become confused and attack.

Emmett held him carefully in his arms, careful not to push him. Whether he likes it or not, he takes it home with him. He shouldn't get lost, and he can only get lost that way, even after he gave Emmet an embarrassing three-course meal. It occurred to him that this must be what the Ranger team was fighting against when dealing with the grumpy wild Pokémon.

Although he has a team of pals at Poke Ball. Rangers is the real deal. Their teams consist of wild Pokémon chosen to fight alongside the Rangers. It is against the law to capture Ranger partners, etc.

Both he and Ingo were fascinated by the Rangers when they were young, but it never became a career that interested them much. After all, real Rangers don't fight. Emmett and his brother love to fight.

Maybe he could try as a Guardian here, Emmett mused. But a man who fights. They're too fun to miss.

As I walked back to camp, the rain began to subside. Typing awkwardly with one hand on the oddly shaped Arcphone, he sent Akari a quick message.

I found Zoruan. He was injured and looked lonely. I will bring it back. <

Akali reacted quickly.

> Be careful. Dangerous fox. Normal/ghost type. If you need to back up lmk.

normal/ghost? Emmett has never heard of this type of Pokémon! He got a little excited. That means he'll be immune to Normal, Combat, and Specter, he's pretty sure of that. How charming! A combination of types that eliminates some of the main weaknesses of each type. Almost perfect synergy.

Emmett's opinion of the little foxes has been in the air all day, but he hopes they will become friends. He had never met Zorua before, let alone worked with Zorua. And while it was already a scary little thorn, it was sweet as hell. Maybe when he fixed everything, the Zoruans would understand that Emmet didn't mean to do anything wrong.

Then he will join his team. They can come up with interesting new battle tactics! Maybe he'll find a warrior to go with him... Well, he'll have to see Zoruya fight before he plans to go that far. It looks like a special striker, it should be Lucario… No, Emmett, be careful! Safety first. fun in the future

Zorua was comatose all the way back to camp and did not move until Emmet meticulously repaired him. His injury was more serious than he thought. Ghosts have strange blood pressure, and bruises and cuts don't show for a long time. Emmett didn't carry a first aid kit with him, there was always one in every car on the train, but he was hardly in Nimbas anymore because he was constantly reminded of it. Fortunately, Akari willingly shares his supplies and helps repair Haxorus while Emmet looks after Zorua.

"What a beautiful specimen," said the professor. "I've never seen this Pokémon! what do you call him?

"Haxorus," Emmet said. "It's from Unova. My whole team does." He smiled as Zoruah opened his eyes, blinking slowly. "Hi, please don't bite me.

Zorua immediately tried to grab his hand, but pulled it back before the connection.

"Stop following me," he muttered, his telepathic voice still weak from his fainting spell. "I told you to leave me alone." He tried to get up but fell down next to him.

"You're hurt," Emmett said. "I can't leave you."

Zoruya snorted but said nothing. He looked in a vague direction, and it wasn't Emmett.

"I didn't know Zorua could talk," Akari said. “I thought Mai was making fun of me. Was it you all along?

Zoro smiled. "I'm good to you too," he wiggled his ears. "If it wasn't for that guy, I would have caught you long ago."

Emmet handed him an orange berry. “You should eat. It will help.

"I'll bite you again," growled Zoruah. "To go."

"No," Emmett laughed. He put the orange next to the little fox. "I want you to feel better."

Acal smiled. "Me too!" He knelt nearby. "Zoruya, how did you get here? You are far from home.

Zoruah winced. He rolls the berries back and forth with his paws. "It's none of your business," he growled. I don't want to talk to you either.

"The earlier you eat, the faster you run," says Emmett. He really didn't know if Zoruya wanted to stay.

Zuzu clenched her teeth. "Why can't you shut up?"

Haxorus jumped up from his seat next to the professor, reaching out and pushing Emmet away from Zorua.

- Hi? said Emmett. Is he jealous? This may seem a bit strange. Haxorus pressed his head into his hand. "Is it time for a pet yet?"

When he utters spells, three separate Pokéballs open in his belt. Archeops, Eelektross and Garbodor swarmed around him. pet? They want pets! Emmet The poor and unkempt Pokémon of all pets!

Emmett smiled as they surrounded him. "Be patient! One after the other." The archeops began to climb up her back, reminding her how wet and gritty her clothes were. I have to take a shower. There is also a washing machine. Are the Rotoms here? They have new shapes, is there a washing machine thanks to Rotom? He seems to have plenty of problems.

Emmet and the rest of Ingo's Pokémon exploded with attention. Emmet spends a lot of time pampering them. They've been under a lot of stress lately and Emmet suspects they haven't had a chance to relax other than seeing Ingo. She sat down and let them gather around her.

Speaking of. "Will we meet Ingo again in this place?" Emmett asked as Durant put his arm around his knee. Or shall we go back to the city?

Akali snorted. “We told Ingo and Rei to wait for us there, so we'd better meet them. I'll call Lord Braviary, I think he can take us both."

Emmett looked at little Zoruah. I still have to run. He wondered why. The orange berries were gone, probably in her stomach, but she was still curled up a few feet away from him, looking helpless.

Emmett was sad to see such a ragged little one who looked so... sad. Maybe really lost.

"Zoruah," Emmett said. He tried to keep his voice low, as did Ingo. "I want to help you. If you get lost, I can drive you home, okay?"

"You don't know what you're talking about," he said. He squinted to see the Klinklang twirling happily around Emmet while Durant writhed in his lap.

Is he... jealous of his Pokémon?

- Do you want to go with me? Emmett asked. "You seemVerystrong. I want to be your friend. “He also hoped she wouldn't try to bite him, which seemed like a good start.

"You won't let me on one of those stupid balls," growled Zorua. "Never."

"You don't have to be in the Pokéball," Emmet said. - You can come alone.

Zorua snorted again, hugging even tighter. Emmett went with the flow. After all, she deserves a chance to say no.

Akari went to the hill next to the camp, playing soft tunes on her flute, waiting for the great Braviary. As he plays, memorable notes freeze in the air, creating a thoughtful atmosphere in the camp.

Galvantula approached Zorua, curiously stroking his fur with her appendages. Zorua pricked up his ears and growled at the strange Pokémon. Haxorus grabbed Galvantula and dragged him away. It seems that his desire to protect has extended to the little fox. Emmett hoped Zoruah would choose to stay.

A few minutes later, a scream echoed in the distance. Zorua jumped up screaming and threw herself on Emmet's cloak.

Lord Braviary flew through the scattered clouds, circled down and flew towards the camp, landing easily in front of Akari, who was sitting on the contraption she used to transport people.

"Hi," Akali said. "If it's no trouble, Lord Breviary, can you take me and Emmet to Snowflake Island? We have to meet Ingo and Li there."

Lord Braviary muttered something to her, then looked suspiciously at Emmet's Pokémon. Emmet got up and put them back in the Pokéballs. Zoruah shuddered behind his legs.

- Shall I take you? Emmett asked. The Zoruan didn't speak, but he didn't protest when he was picked up either. He seemed very scared of the giant bird.

"Thank you, Lord Braviary," Akari said. He turned to Emmett. “You step into the basket and I can ride on its back. I'm flying over smaller Pokemon."

"It's not safe," Emmett protested, but he had no choice. It lay unwillingly in that ugly, rickety bucket. Zorua hugged him to his chest, wrapping him around him to make sure he didn't fall.

"All on," Emmett said quietly to himself as they took off. He pictured Ingo next to him, yelling at him, and began to complain about all the ways he could make the Lord's vehicle safer. It made him feel better.

Soon he will be able to actually complain.


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Chapter 4: ominous thing


Emmett arrives in Iceland. Discussion and revelation ensue.


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The body of the chapter

Thanks to the speed and power of the Braviary, the trip to Alabaster Iceland takes about half an hour. The air at this altitude was too cold for Emmett to sleep, especially while his clothes were still wet, but he found himself resting his head against the cozy Zoruah fur.

The little fox seemed to be afraid of heights, so he grabbed his chest and stayed still until he landed. The hoop sways rhythmically, though menacingly, but after a while Emmett is paradoxically a little calmer. Although he rested, maybe today's events have left him exhausted again?

But when they landed, Emmett was just as happy as Zoruah. He came out of his death trap, shivering slightly. His new sweater had hardened at high altitude. He wants Chandelure to dry and warm Ingo when he finds him again.

Lord Braviary left them at the camp by the waterfall. When they landed safely, it howled and flew towards a distant cliff.

"This is the closest camp to Pearl Clan." Mingli explained. "Maybe Ingo is there, maybe Rei is there too."

"Pearl Clan," Emmett said. “They found Ingo. When he came here.

Chiri nodded. "Well! Their leader is Irida. He is very kind and caring. I think you will like it." As she trotted uphill through the snow, she motioned for Emmett to follow her.

Emmett picked up Zoruah again. "When all the cars are reconnected, we will send it back to the station," he said. It was actually a line he had been preparing for a long time, although he hadn't used it in many years.

Zoruah narrowed his eyes at him. "This?"

Emmett hurried after Akari. "I need to find Ingo. Then we'll take you home.

Zoruah winced. "Put me down!"

Emmett shook her head. "You have short legs." He placed one hand over Zorua's mouth to prevent him from biting him again. he growled.

"I mean, it's faster that way," Emmett said, trying to be deceived. "Be patient."

Plus it's a little hot and of course a little cold.

She saw a tent in the distance, and Akari was crossing a small bridge. He couldn't see Ingo's signature black coat, but it's possible he was somewhere inside.

Emmett's heart began to beat wildly. Ingo enters, that's all. I am there. I don't see it in the next second, I don't see it in an instant...

Then it happened. Emmett almost breathed a sigh of relief as the flaps of the larger tent fell down and Ingo stepped out, nodding vigorously to Akari. Emmett hurried up the hill, ignoring the strangers around him, and stopped beside his best friend. Ingo immediately placed a hand on Emmet's shoulder to support him.

"Look," Emmet greeted. He pulled out Zorua, who growled at Ingo.

Emmett turned around so I could look at him. "Be good," he said.

Ingo's grip on her shoulders tightened, allowing her to look up. Emmett jumped at the pure panic in Ingo's eyes. It sent a similar feeling that ran down her spine, cold and sharp. Ingo had never looked at him like that unless something had happenedVerymistake.

"Come with me, Emmett," he said, pushing Emmett down the hill and out of town.

Emmett almost tripped. This? Where are they going? Akari is still close to this store. Will they come back without her?

Emmett wanted to ask, but Ingo's fear made his heart beat faster and his throat tighten. He does not understand. What is his brother afraid of?

"But," Emmett tried. "Ingo..."

Ingo stopped them on the bridge. "Emmet," she said nervously, still looking at Zoruah in Emmet's hand, "I don't know where Zoruah is different from where we come from, but they are here.mortaland there will never be just one. Spare Zoroark before it decides to come for its kits!

The Zoruans decided to use this moment to speak. "YES!" read: “I bet my backpack is looking for me right now! You'll be sorry when they find me!

Ingo recoiled sharply as her voice reached his head.

Emmet didn't know what to do, so he decided to leave little Zoruah on the ground. She opened her mouth to explain, but didn't know what to say, so she closed it again. Is it really that bad? It is true that he is very brave, but he only shot him once, and the biggest wound was on his coat...

Let's hope Irida isn't mad at him for bringing a dangerous-looking Pokémon to the village. I don't know, but that doesn't excuse the uncertainty. I should have been more careful.

"Finally," growled Zoruah, hitting the ground. "And this time you better stay away from me, freak!" he growled again before running into the snow.

Emmett couldn't help feeling strangely sad as he watched him pass. It got her into trouble, but she still wished she'd stayed a little longer.

Ingo took a breath behind him and was about to say something, but a louder voice interrupted him. "What happened here?"

Emmett turned and looked down. The petite woman stared at him, frowning. Glaceon is at his side. He looked... very young. It's definitely not—

"My Lady Irida," Ingo said with a bow. "Sorry. My brother is unfamiliar with the dangers of this land and...

- Brother? Elida raised her eyebrows. He looked back at Emmett, putting his hand over his mouth. “I didn't know you had family here, Warden Ingo. Do you remember anything at the end?

"Oh yeah, I'm afraid that's… the whole story," Ingo said hesitantly. Still not qualified to count.

Emmet decided to spare his brother the trouble. "Hi," he said, because that was the easiest part of any conversation. "I'm Emmett. I'm... Ingo's twin brother. He bowed as it seemed more appropriate than a greeting. "Thank you for saving him. "

Irida looked confused. She blinked simultaneously, then cleared her throat. He frowned again. - Did you bring Zoruya?

"Yes," Emmet said, patting Ingo before his brother started another tirade. It's not malicious, but his brother has a habit of talking too much. "I didn't know it was dangerous. Zorua, uh, where I'm from, they're not. I think that's okay. Sorry." He bowed again, but not so deeply this time.

Irida stared at him for a long moment. Emmet felt Ingo wrap around him like a taut spring.

"I have no reason not to believe you," Irida finally sighed. "However, think twice before bringing an unknown Pokémon here in the future."

"Yes," Emmett agreed. He wonders where Chandelure and Excadrill are because he's pretty sure they're important. Maybe they were at Akari's shop.

"Anyway, I'm glad you found your brother Ingo the Guardian," laughed Irida. "Given our nobles are committed to helping our new neighbors, we're a little concerned that you're on your own."

Ingo bowed slightly. It's a bit weird, but on the other hand, Emmet is upright, almost completely taller than Irida. Inge has always been too considerate, can his intimidating persona be avoided?

"I'm sorry for any concerns I caused you," Ingo said. “Actually, I've been spending most of my time at Happy Village lately. That's where Emmett found me.

"I understand," said the eredar. “Yesterday, another fissure opened above the hill and closed after a few minutes. Emmett, did you fall?

Oh, and Emmett is part of the conversation again. He only listened to half. "I don't remember falling," he said, raising an eyebrow. "Sounds painful."

Ingo blinked. "...HowThoseDid you make it to that station, Emmet? ask. "I'm afraid we missed that."

Irida and Ingo looked at Emmet expectantly. Emmet's smile faded slightly. He thought he was done explaining things to people.

Emmet fumbled in his coat pocket, then carefully pulled out a blue flute. He handed it to both of them. "With this," he said. "I want to be with Ingo. Then I wake up here."

"Can you make a wish with a flute?" Erida asked curiously.

Ingo growled. “I think I saw Miss Akari holding a very similar flute. I was told that the golden Sinnoh Almighty took his flute in this form. Where did you get such an exact copy?

Emmett is pretty sure the truth here won't be good. "Well," he says, because it's bad enough that he's lying if he doesn't have a plan. "...What is Almighty Shen'ao?"

Ingo glared at him menacingly. O o. Is it obvious that he is avoiding answering the question?

"Emmet," Ingo said, but Irida was already irritated by the question. Emmett's ability to change the subject!

"Recent events have shown that what our family calls Almighty Shen'ao is actually a Pokémon named Palkiya," said Irida. "Rule the space. For a long time, our neighbors, the Diamond Clan, believed that the almighty Sinnoh ruled all the time. But it turns out they totally worshiped another Pokémon called Dialga."

Emma nodded. I know Palkya and Dialga. They are part of the same Arceus creation myth. However, if these creatures actually existed and displayed their legendary powers, it wouldn't really be a "myth"... does that make it history?

"The true creator of the Emerald Vast Realm was a being called Arceus," said Irida. "So it's always been the true almighty Sinnoh. Even so, we dedicate ourselves to Palkya for all she has done for the world."

Emmett wasn't interested in joining the religion, but he nodded and smiled anyway.

"And where did you find that flute, Emmet?" Ingo asked again.

Emmett bit her lip and looked pleadingly at Ingo, but to no avail. Ingo just raised an eyebrow.

Oh very good.

"I... stole it," Emmet admitted quietly. Both Irida and Ingo screamed in shock.

- Did you steal it? Ingo shouted. "This?"

Emmett gripped the flute tightly. He was confused for a moment, but then anger welled up inside him. "From the museum," he said. - So I can find you.

"Did you steal an artifact just to meet your older brother?" Erida asked in surprise. - It's... it's really very touching, but... you can't pay it back now, can you?

Emma nodded. "We're done with it," he said. “Of course he got into the museum somehow. So he'll be back eventually. And then I'll steal it again in the future before I leave here."

Irida pressed a hand to her forehead. "It doesn't make any sense to me," he said, "but timing really isn't ... my field of expertise, if you will."

Inge sighed, but there was some tenderness in his words. - Are you trying so hard to find me? - He asked.

"I'm Emmett," said Emmett. "One of two. Matching set. Being alone is…bad.” He looked away again. "So now I'm here."

"Oh, Emmet," Ingo said, pulling his brother into a side hug. "Thank you for coming to me. Please stop stealing."

"Okay," Emmett said.

Irida laughed softly. "Well, Emmett," he said, "in this case, I forgive you the mistake of bringing Zoruah here. You promised you wouldn't do it again, so I don't see any problem."

Emmett smiled. "Can we go sightseeing now?" Ingo asked.

- Sorry? Ingo asked. "What to explore?"

Emmett pointed vaguely across the bridge. "Everything," he said.

"I don't think we can see the whole world right now, Emmet, no," Ingo said with a crooked smile. “But I would love to visit Iceland with you. If you don't mind, ma'am." She nodded to Irida.

Erida nodded. "Be careful," she said. "You're lucky to have such a talented brother, Emmett. Ingo has been invaluable to our clan since he arrived here. I hope you're both okay.

Ingo pulled his hat over his face. "Thank you, ma'am," he shouted, then turned quickly and ran away. Come on Emmett.

"I like you," Emmet said to Irida with a wide smile. He turned and ran after his brother.

"You're blushing," he teased as soon as he caught up with Ingo. - I still can't accept the compliment.

"Shut up, Emmett," Ingo said.

Emmett smiled. "Your friend is fine."

Ingo was silent for a few minutes as they waded through the fresh snow. Emmett involuntarily put on his dirty coat because his clothes were still wet.

"Emmet," Ingo finally said, pausing. Emmett stopped beside him. "We... haven't had a chance to really talk about it yet, have we?"

- Do we have to? Emmett asked quietly.

"I think we should," Ingo replied quietly, embracing his brother again. "I think we've been avoiding a lot of things, but we need to change direction."

- Now? Emmett asked, crossing his arms. He's pretty sure he knows what Ingo means, and he planned to avoid the subject, well, forever.

"Emmett," Ingo said. A strange, nervous expression appeared on his face. Emmet didn't like it. “For the last four years of my life, I couldn't remember where I came from. Before I came here, I had only a vague idea of ​​who you are and what my life might have been like, and I just wanted to go back to where I couldn't remember where I was at home. But that's not true for you.

Emmett winced.

Ingo continued: “You know what we left behind. You remember all our lives, everyone we knew and cared about, and you never said a word about coming back. Emmett, tell me the truth. You... are you trapped here, in this place? Is there any way to get home?

"I'm back," Emmet said, freeing himself from Ingo's grip. "with you."

"You know I don't mean it," Ingo said succinctly. “Emmett, it's not that I'm not glad you're here, of course I am and I miss you terribly; but it has to be - all the time I'm most afraid that someone somewhere misses me. Now I know you are real and you areHeremeaning the person who loved us has lost both of us. We can't go back.

"No," said Emmett.

"I don't know what I think, Emmet," Ingo said in a strained voice. “You gave up everything we had to be here with me. Do you really want it?

Emmett clutched his coat tightly. His eyes were burning and hazy. "You," he stammered, "I, you can't... you can't..."

Ingo was silent, as usual, waiting for Emmet to gather his thoughts. This only made Emmett angrier. How could Ingo say that? How could he be selfish like Emmett?

"You don't know," Emmet said, tilting his head so he didn't have to look at anything, so he didn't have to look at his brother's face. “You just have to come here to forget, and you don't know what it's like. You don't know… you don't know who I am or who anyone is. You haven't lost anything and that's not...'re not fair," he whined. "I wasted a whole day while you were away. Everything about Nimbasa just reminds you that you are... everyone says you are...

Frozen tears appeared on her face. He rubbed them angrily. "My brother died. That's what people say. Four years, every day. Inga died. As if it made me feel better.

As if death was better than anything else. For four years, Emmett lost himself. For four years he felt like he was just a surrogate doll and not the real Emmett.

"I don't care who's crying because I'm gone," Emmett said fiercely. "I'm not alive either. They lost me. Yohate… I…"

Ingo hugged him tight and Emmet burst into tears.

"Sometimes I wish you were dead," Emmett said, as it was no longer possible to keep any secrets. “If you die, then…then…I wonder if you left because no…you don't love me anymore. And, and, and…

Ingo pressed his face against Emmet's neck. "I'm sorry," she whispered. - Oh my God, Emmett, I'm so sorry.

"ImilitaryNow go home," Emmett sobbed. - With you. "

Nimbasa hadn't been Emmett's home in years. Never again. Somewhere in her heart, beyond her resentment, she knew she wouldSoThose who are saddened by his disappearance. And he felt sorry for them, but he didn't change his mind at all.

Maybe the doctors had been right all along when they said Emmet and Ingo were too dependent on each other. But Emmet didn't care. All she needs is a brother by her side.

They hugged each other in the snow for a long time.

Finally, Emmet leaves, wiping the ice off his face. A few tears died on his temples, some sad and some funny. He didn't look at Ingo because he knew his brother was crying too, and Ingo hated it when people saw him cry.

"MilitaryNOI'm sorry," Emmett said firmly. “We belong together. Ingo and Emmett.

"Tailored," Ingo agrees. "Emmett, trust me. I'm so glad you're here. Even if we have nothing, I'm glad to have you. I'm sorry I got so mad at you. It's just me…

Emma nodded. "You're angry because you care. That's why everyone likes you. All right." Ingo has always been so warm, so caring, so willing to sacrifice every cent to take care of those around him, which Emmet most admires in his place. Even when Ingo doesn't know what to do or what I mean, he always does his best. Emmett thought it was beautiful. It hadn't occurred to him how to... upset the twin, because he was into it himself.

- Do you still want to look around? Ingo asked quietly.

Emmett gave him a watery smile and nodded again. He was too tired to speak.

"Then let's go to our next destination," Ingo said suddenly, bluffing in a gesture that Emmet was familiar with. Without even thinking about it, he met his little brother, his mouth moving silently, and Ingo shouted: "Everyone in the car!"

Despite its size, Iceland doesn't have much to see, but that didn't stop Emmet from having a great time. He almost feels like a kid again, racing with his brother in the snow, gliding through the grass, watching and admiring wild Pokémon…sometimes he runs when he sees them.

Ingo leaves Chandelure and Excadrill at Pearl Village, and Emmet, for the first time in his life, refuses to fight. After his fight with Ingo, he never really thought about it, even though they reconciled.

Once, Emmet saw something glittering in the sun and snow. It was a gold chain with hooks at both ends. It looked like a kind of brooch from her past, now separated from the clothes she called home. Ingo, who did not recognize him, suggested that they take him back to the colony and then to the village of Jubilif to see if he belongs to anyone. Emmett stuffed it into his pocket.

After a few hours of pointless adventure, the giant Braviary with this contraption flies overhead. Emmett was pretty sure he was heading south, but he wasn't entirely sure.

"There's another Starship team's camp over there on the other side of the canyon," Ingo said, pointing in the direction Bravia had left. "I assume Miss Akari is going there because Rei settled there when the storm ended."

A smaller storm began to rise around her. It was soft enough that Emmett didn't notice the large flakes of snow fluttering in the wind. He shuddered.

Emmett was less interested in the camp and more in the mountains surrounding it. Looking closer now, they seemed to be in a vast, frozen valley. Crown Mountain is approaching, mysterious and ominous.

Emmett pointed to a point to the right of the supposed camp, on the other side of the canyon between the mountains.

"Ah, this road leads to Ice Falls," Ingo said. "Alpha Electabuzz guards the road."

Curse. They don't have Excadrill! Haxorus might be more comfortable with Luxray's horde... or maybe Crustle, since he takes less damage?

"I'm not sure we'll have time to try our luck," Ingo said, looking up. “Another snowstorm has begun. We'd better get back to the station before the storm hits us.

Emmett was sulking. I really want to go there, but Ingo may be right. He lives here after all...

A high-pitched scream echoed in the distance, muffled but not drowned out by the snow.

While Emmett was looking at his little brother, Ingo said, "Did you hear that?"

Emmet pointed to the path leading to the Frozen Falls. "That's where it came from."

Ingo sighed. - I think so. We cannot put potential passengers at risk,” he said. - We need to hurry up.

"Full speed," Emmett laughed. He runs towards the cliff, childhood experiences and muscle memory helping him through the slowly accumulating snow. He heard Ingo right behind him.

They saw quite a shocking scene.

In fact, the Electabuzz was too bulky along the way. In fact, it is larger than most Electivirs. (What did the Pokémon eat here, Arceus?)

He passed out in the snow, and then... a little blue Pokémon? There is snow everywhere, maybe from the fight, maybe from his fall, it could be both. It's pitifully small compared to the alpha. Did he challenge?

"Emmett," Ingo said. "We need a plan before we can help, but Riolu needs our help."

Oh, it turned out to be Leo Lu. Emmett had never seen any of them before. Wait, baby Pokemon? He'd be an absolute moron if he tried to take on that giant electric mouse.

"Here," Emmett said, handing Ingo a Broken Poké Ball. “Distraction. I'll take care of it.

Ingo hesitated for a moment. "I understand," he said, running his thumb over the smooth, cold plastic. "Ready to board."

He assumes a…different pose. Emmett stopped thrashing and looked at his brother.

As Ingo faced Electabuzz from the side, his tension subsided, he put the Pokeball on his chin and closed his eyes for a moment. It's very similar to what they've done before, and yet so different.

Ingo tosses the Pokéball over his shoulder and keeps one hand on his hat. "Shards," he yelled firmly and authoritatively. – Stone Blades!

God, Emmet's brother is amazing. how did he get itcoolerWhen was he gone? Honestly, that's not fair.

Focus, Emmett! You can worry about that later. Leo Passerby is in trouble!

Emmet knows it's dangerous to run between two battling Pokémon, but trusts Ingo and Crustle. He ran through the snow, picked up the Riolu, and staggered to avoid another attack. Shock Bee roared, flailed his shiny fists, and came awfully close to Emmett's shoulder.

As soon as Emmett appeared at Ingo's side, his brother stopped Klastu. "Run," he explained, stepping away from the angry alpha. Emmett followed, tucking the unconscious Leolu between his jacket and sweater to keep him warm.

"You don't..." Emmet panted. "...finish it?"

"Alphas never move away from their position," Ingo explained. "We're only in danger when we're near them." He was much less out of breath than Emmett, which made Emmett a little jealous.

- Is Riolu okay? Ingo asked. Emmett flipped his lapels to the side and leaned against the small Pokémon. He was still unconscious but breathing. Loose static electricity rippled through his fur and he was badly bruised, but his pulse was strong.

"He needs medicine," Emmett said. "Back to town?"

"Pearl Clan is the closest," Ingo said. “The storm still bothers me. It's getting windy and we may not make it on time."

- Welcome? Emmett tried. "Ah, use ... your flute?" His brain still seemed a little burnt out.

Ingo growled. "Mrs. Sneasler can't take us both," he said. "And I cannot summon other nobles, I can only summon the lady herself."

Emmet hasn't discovered what a Sneasler is yet. I have to ask sometime.

"Then let's hurry," he said, quickening his pace. They had crossed the valley from the village of Pearl, but the wind had not picked up yet. Of course they can arrive on time.

As snow began to gather around his legs and the breeze changed from biting cold to biting frost, Emmett began to doubt his abilities.

“Our tracks are jammed,” Ingo said. “We must now apply for asylum. We can't go to the station like now."

Emmett bit his lip. Leoglu shuddered at him. He hesitates for a moment, then pulls his sweater over him. She's still wearing her shirt underneath, which may not be comfortable, but the sweater and coat are tucked inside, and her warmth warms him enough to keep him warm.

Assuming, of course, that Emmet warms up.

The snowstorm gathers strength and visibility decreases exponentially. They can't see more than a few feet in front of them.

Emmett opened her mouth to say something that was probably stupid. Before he could say anything, the buzzer in his pocket interrupted him.

Your curved phone! I forgot I had it. I have a map!

Her hands went numb, but she managed to pull the phone out without dropping it. Indeed, the map opened and zoomed in on your location.

A marker is placed near Emmet and Ingo's location. It doesn't seem to mark any specific points, but the map itself is quite simple.

"Ingo," Emmet said, showing him the map.

Ingo nodded. “Almighty Sinnoh is with us. drive on."

Emmet watched his icon slowly approach the point marked on the map. When they got there, he looked around a bit surprised: they were still in the middle of nowhere! Where is Arceus taking them?

Emmett took another step and slipped. His stomach realized before he did, a loud hit to his shoulders as he fell to the snow and hard, cold ground. His screams were drowned out by the howl of the wind.

Fortunately, he landed on the other side as Lioru, if you can call it that, with no harm to the young. He knelt down with difficulty, his right arm weak. Even though the elf ball on the belt felt no damage, that doesn't mean it wasn't damaged...

A scream and a loud bang indicated that Ingo had found it. Ingo cursed loudly and sat up, groaning in pain. - Everything's all right? - he said.

Emmett shrugged. "I've been worse. It could have moved. It was really painful but I was also cold and that helped. He crawled forward a few meters on his knees and picked up his Arc Phone in his left hand.

"It was your device that could have warned us," Ingo muttered. "But other than that, the storm probably won't affect us here."

Emmett peered deeper into the cave. Even in dim light, the ice glows beautifully, reflecting a clear, crystal blue hue. It almost reminded him of Charge Stone Cave.

Ingo helps Emmet up. "We'll take shelter from the wind," he said.

Emma nodded. With Leo inside, she couldn't get her sweater on, so she had to hold her stomach with her left hand to keep the little Pokémon from falling.

They went a little deeper into the hole. There are a few spooky Pokémon scurrying around, but most of the time the twins are left alone. They found their way through the cave to a fairly wide natural chamber further underground. There seemed to be a few deposits there, but it was too dark to see more.

Emmett pressed the button on his Arc phone several times. Does this thing have a flashlight function?

A few seconds later, the phone vibrated, then a bright golden light emanated from it. Unlike the beam shape of ordinary telephone lamps, the device itself simply begins to emit a divine glow. Not what Emmet wanted, but certainly useful. He awkwardly hands it to Ingo, who picks it up to better illuminate the surroundings.

The new light quickly shows the twins that they are not alone.

"You must be joking," said the Zoruan on the other side of the cave.

Emmett's smile widened. "Welcome back!"

"I'm really tired of you," growled the Zoruan. "Are you deaf or stupid?"

"I've never heard of a Zoruan talking," Ingo growled incredulously. "Not to mention that… attitude."

- Where's your backpack? Emmett asked. He said it, didn't he? Emmet initially thought that Soruya and Zoroak usually travel together, but this Soruya is still alone.

The Zoruan looked away sharply. - What do you get out of it? he growled. "leave here."

"I can't," said Emmett. "There is a storm."

"And we don't have the claws to climb the exits," laments Ingo. "I'm sorry baby, but it looks like we're stuck here."

The Zoruan sneered. "My luck," he murmured.

Emmett was about to say a few more words, but Leolu in his sweater let out a soft cry and fidgeted.

"Oh," said Emmett. "Oh, Ingo, help me…"

One of Riolu's hands broke free from his grip and fell to the ground. Emmett winced.

"I'm sorry," he said, falling to his knees. "Everything's all right?" Ingo quickly knelt beside her, reaching out to lightly inspect the Pokémon.

Riolu eyed them suspiciously. he exclaimed suspiciously.

"We found out that you tried to fight the Zapukas," Ingo explained. You are unconscious. We wanted to take you back to the pearl colony to the north, but a storm forced us to change our route.

Riolu looked at him. He seemed even more confused than before.

"She doesn't understand you," said Zoruah. Emmett jerked backwards, losing his balance. The fox runs up to him without noticing him.

Riolu winked at Zoruah, who solemnly sat down. They barked silently at each other for a moment.

"...because maybeTyYou know us, said Emmett. Theoretically, Unovan Zoruya can telepathize, although this is very rare. This is what the Zoroarks are best known for.

As far as Emmet knows, the Pokémon on Emerald aren't used to a lot of human contact, so it makes sense that most wild Pokémon are inexperienced at parsing human language, but how could this Zoruya speak so clearly?

"I just can," said Zoruah, wagging his tail. How instructive.

Riolu roared again. Zoro narrowed his eyes. "She said thank you."

"Thank you," Ingo said, still sounding surprised.

"You're weird," said Emmett. Ingo patted his good shoulder and explained, “You're mean but helpful. Still want to be friends?

"You're so annoying," said Zoruah. I'd sooner die than let you trap me in these little things.

Emmett smiled. - I already told you you don't need it.

Zoruah growled, his hair standing on end. "I won't be your pet," he said. "And you're no longer useful."

Riolu's ears flattened. He struggled to his feet, putting himself between Emmett and Zoruah. Despite his injuries, he seems to have accepted Emmett as an ally. He growled weakly at Zoruah.

"Oh, please," the Zoruan laughed. "As if you could even touch me."

Emmett used his uninjured hand to lower Leoglu to his leg. "Let's not argue," he said. The words felt bad on her tongue. Is this the first time he's said it in thirty years? wow. I will never say that again.

"Whatever," said the Zoruan. "Leave me alone". He limped back to the corner where he'd been sitting and collapsed onto the ice, curled up in a ball.

"Emmett," Ingo said. I'd better push your shoulders back.

- You know how? Emmett asked, raising an eyebrow. Ingo nodded. When Emmett's younger brother was in Jade, he was already so proficient!

Ingo helped him to his knees while Leoglu watched him from the other side. “It will hurtVeryNot good, he warned. - I'm counting to three. "

Emmett was ready.

"One," Ingo said, gripping Emmet's arms tightly. "two..."

Emmett quickly bit his tongue as his arms snapped back into place.

"Three," Ingo said, patting Emmet lightly on the back. Emmett clenched her teeth and took a deep breath as the sudden pain subsided.

Oh,"After a moment he growled. It's one for two.

"I said I'd count to three," Ingo said with a small smile on his face. - Not that I'm going to do it in three minutes. The full anticipation makes it hurt even more.

Emmett looked at his brother.

Riolu climbed back onto his lap and kicked him in the shoulder. She also looked at Ingo, which made Emmet laugh. "I'm fine," he assured her. Riolu screamed happily, wagging his tail.

Zoruah made a disgusted sound on the other side of the cave. Emmett smiled wearily. He really wanted to show his kindness, but he didn't know how. He couldn't make the fox trust him.

We can stay here for a while, Ingo mused. “Thunderstorms here are very capricious. Sometimes they last for hours, sometimes for days.

"I could tell Akari where we are," Emmet recalls, picking up his phone from where Ingo had dropped it. Holds the button until the Messages app reopens. Arceus really needs to put some extra buttons on this device or add a home screen.

He breathed a sigh of relief that there was no news waiting for him. He really hates to worry.

wrote a message;

Ingo and I are trapped in a cave. We are now safe from the storm. Can you see me on the map? <

Pushing the phone into his pocket, Emmett took off his hat and leaned back, using it as a pillow. His clothes were finally completely dry, though at best they might have been frozen. Riolu's heat thawed part of his coat and most of his sweater, but the rest of his clothes just froze at the level of humidity he had left where he and Akari had been before.

Man, I really hope Akari doesn't care about Rotom Wash.

Leoglu yawned and stretched across Emmett's chest. He strokes her back, scratches her head, and smiles as her tail wags harder.

"DoTyI want us to be friends? he asked Emmett.

Riolu tilted his head and stopped his tail. The tassels at her temples quivered as she looked at him. Emmett maintained eye contact despite the discomfort because he knew it was the key to communication.

A few seconds passed. Riolu's tail wagged even more. She barked loudly.

"I'll take it for sure," Emmett laughed. "Welcome on board!"

"Emmet," Ingo said, laying on his side. "Perhaps we should summon Archeops and Galvantula? They'll help keep us warm."

"Good idea," Emmett said. He gently pushed Riolu away and made him sit down. His right hand was still sore, so he took the balls from his belt, one by one.

Archeops and Galvantula happily greet the twins, while Riolu greets them warmly. Soon all five were huddled on the floor. The twins donned their cloaks, keeping them a short distance from the frozen ground, with the Pokémon lying on top of them. More of his Pokémon start appearing on their own, willing to help.

Eelektross and Riolu hold Emmet down while Galvantul covers most of Ingo's torso. Haxorus cuddled up to the twins. Garbodor sat nearby, and the Klinklang circled around him. Unable to provide much body heat, Durant and Bordeaux patrolled the passage to the rest of the cave. Crustle is asleep and Gurdurr is leaning against his shell.

The ancient god who was always mischievous approached the lonely Zoruya.

"Back off," he immediately growled at the strange fossil. "I'm not joining your little party."

Archeops made a hoarse sound. When Archeops gets too close, Zorua abandons his telepathic speech and yells at Archeops instead.

"Archie," Emmett called. "Leave it alone."

Archeops groaned and tried to push Zorua away again. The fox's fur bristled dangerously.

Archeops viciously bit Zorua's tail and was thrown across the cave by a wave of red energy.

Archeops groaned and ran to Emmet, pressing himself against him.

Better stay with us, Ingo said. “Zoruah and Zoroark are notoriously stingy. They are angry spirits who live out of pure resentment against others."

"Terrible," Emmett said. "Is there no one?"

Ingo snorted. "I think I saw Miss Ming with Zoroark," he said. "However, she is a special case."

Emma nodded. "She's just like us."

“…Yes,” Ingo replied. "Is."

The twins fell silent. The wind howled in the distance. Pokémon teams yell and tap each other. Everything is calm. Emmett felt less cold and more tired in the crowd. I'm sure a few minutes break won't hurt...

A loud hum echoed above them. Ingo jumped up, one hand flew to his waist, was he wearing a team?

Several quivering, crackling noises echoed through the cave, startling the surrounding Pokémon. A small depression formed in the ceiling of the cave, gradually widening and then flaring up. The Excadrill rolled through her, hitting the ground hard with a thud.

Chandelure gracefully sailed through the hole, pausing above the Excadrill, and turned happily to her trainer.

"You two braved the storm just to find me?" Ingo asked, somewhere between shock and disgust. Chandelure walked in casually and sat on the twins to warm herself.

Excadrill got up from his sudden fall and joined the group at a trot. Haxorus snorted as Excadrill collapsed beside him. Ingo sighed and leaned back, letting Galvantula rest on him again.

- Do you have any Pokemon? Emmett asked. "others?"

Inge blinked and looked at the small troops surrounding them. "Yes. Given that, I don't think we need your help.

- I can see? Emmett asked. - How much? What?

Ingo laughed. "I'll tell you. You must move, Galvantula.

Galvantula let out a small sound of disappointment, but he got off of Ingo anyway.

He sat down and pulled a tool bag from his belt. One by one, six more Pokémon join the zoo; Alakazam, Machamp, Tangrowth, Magnezone, Probopass and finally Gliscor.

Gliscor cheered louder at the sight of many new companions and flew to Ingo's side, landing in his lap.

"He's the first friend I've ever made here in Emerald," Ingo said, smiling as he patted Gliscor's head. "Except Mrs. Sneasler, that's all."

"Hi", Emmet welcomes Ingo's new team. "I'm Emmett. I'm Ingo's brother.

The sumptuous meal that Ingo and Emmet share generates deafening greetings from Ingo's other Pokémon. Apparently they haven't met yet.

Emmett noticed Zoruah covering her ears in the corner. He tried not to smile.

Chandelure turned lazily to look at the newcomer, but angrily burst into Gliscor's place. It floated lower, pushing the bat, which hissed.

"Now, now, don't fight," Ingo said. "Noisy passengers were escorted off the platform."

The chandelier buzzes again. Glisco screamed. Chandelure turned and spat flames, clearly offended by Gliscor's words.

Eelektross lifted his head off Emmet's lap and hit both Pokemon, indirectly electrocuting everyone in the pile (except Gliscor and Excadrill, of course).

"Don't make me throw them all back," Emmet threatened, shaking his leg to pull the Eelektross out of the car. "I will be. All. So play by the rules."

Poor Ingo clearly isn't used to being electrocuted, considering the way he screams... and the way his hair stands on end. With her dark clothes and spiky white hair, she looks like a Xurkitree.

Every Pokémon in the pile growls at Chandelure, Gliscor, and Eelektross, especially Archeops, which doesn't seem too far from attacking its electric friends.

Eventually, everyone calmed down and the group became calm again. Emmet is already dressed up when Ingo's new group joins in, with Chandelure lounging above his head. All things considered, it was indeed a very pleasant way to spend the evening.

Ingo started snoring loudly next to him and his Pokémon joined one by one. Little Leoglu tucked his head under Emmet's chin, and Electros lay back on Emmet's lap, one of Archeops' wings spread over him.

Emmett stared at the dim flames of Chandelure for a moment, but the sleepiness didn't take him away.

"Hey," he said softly. "Zoruya".

...To,Zoruya answered from the corner.

"are you cold?"


"Yes," said Emmett. He wondered if he was alone, alone in the corner. I would definitely be that person.

Chandelure interjected curiously.

- Can you go and see if she's okay? Emmett asked quietly. "If he's angry, come back."

Chandelure turned and thought, then shook his head and nodded. He sailed towards Zoruan.

A minute passed and Emmett heard no complaints or fights and closed his eyes again.

He heard Gliscor's leathery wings rustling on Haxorus's scales. The storm is still howling so far away.

His brother was snoring again, sounding like a speeding train.

One of the Pokémon walked over to it, resting its head against Emmet's, purring softly. Possibly Alakazam.

Emmett fell asleep quickly.


I always end chapters when Emmet passes out. I swear it wasn't intentional

Chapter 5: Epilogue - Theseus


Emmett accepts himself, his situation, and the Zoruah he meets.


This update has two chapters! Be sure to read Chapter 4!

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The body of the chapter

When Emmett woke up, the storm had died down and his Arc Phone was ringing.

The device didn't have a clock or time stamped message, but he guessed it was several hours. Mingli sent him several messages ranging from curiosity to worry. The last one said:

>if you die, I'll kill you

Emmett punches him in the arm until he hits his brother. "Hey, wake up."

Ingo snorted at him. "This?"

"Akari will come to us," Emmet said. "Should I tell him we're down?"

"This is a cave," Ingo growled sleepily, his Unova accent thick with sleep. He hasn't opened his eyes yet. - Sneasl can get us out.

Chandelure swam towards them, nose brushing Ingo. She lowered him to her breast and wrapped her arms around him, much to his chagrin.

Having lived in the wilds of old Sinnoh for four years, Ingo was not yet an early riser. People: As far as Emmett knows, this coffee shop doesn't exist yet.

Emmet replied to Akari's message.

We are in an underground cave. We accidentally fell. What are sneakers? <

"Time to get up," Emmett announced. Twenty Pokémon's complaints echoed in the cave. Arceus, Emmet is beginning to understand why the legal limit is six. They really do have a small army here. He loves his group, but nearly two dozen pets that are almost four feet tall…a lot.

Emmet was busy bringing most of them back to his Pokéballs, except for Team Ingo and Chandelure, who were still vaguely stuck.

Leo looked curious.

"...I'm not going to put you together," Emmett decided. He saw that many people were already hanging out with Pokémon. Most people here don't use Pokeballs, do they? Emmett wanted to try. Just like a ranger.

As Tangrowth and Gliscor tried to fully awaken Ingo, Emmet watched as he crashed into Zorua. I'm still sitting in the corner watching him.

"Nobody's coming for you, right?" Emmett asked.

Zoruah was furious. "How many times have I scolded you before you listened?"

"Wait a little longer because I don't believe you," Emmett said. She knelt on the ice, again trying to keep her voice gentle. "I don't want you alone."

"Well, I know, that's all," said Zoruah.

Emmett shook her head, trying to think of the right words. "I'm not going to judge you or make fun of you. Okay… help is needed. If you want to come, you can. You don't have to lie.

Zorua stared at him nervously for a long moment. Emmett gave him the softest, most sincere smile. He can't change his voice, but he's always been eloquent. Of course, if there was anything that could convince him that she meant well, it was her beaming smile.

Zoruan's ears flattened as he looked away. “…I'm scared,” she whispered. "human".

Oh.Oh,Emmett was heartbroken when he heard that. What happened to the poor man?

"I won't let anything happen to you," he said. "I'm sorry I scared you. I promise, I just want to help you. I want us to be friends."

- Did you really agree? Zoruah asked. When she looked at him again, her eyes twinkled in the dim light. "you swear?"

Emmett took a deep breath. "I swear in my reference letter that I will never let anyone harm you." He will fight anyone who tries to hurt himself. Pokémon are beautiful, intelligent creatures who are destined to be loved and nurtured, and only fight with the consent of everyone involved.

The Zoruan took a hesitant step toward him. "I really don't want to be involved in these little things," he said.

Emma nodded. But…

He slowly took the Archeops ball from his belt, holding it so that Zorua could see it. "You want to know what it is?"

- This? Zoruah said wearily.

Emmett's smile softened again. "It's a promise. People and Pokémon. The orb only works when the Pokémon wants to stay in it. If they change their mind, it will break. How…” Emmet swallowed. He thought of the time he met each of his beloved friends, how young and excited they were.

“It is a symbol of friendship between partners. Trust that when you're with me, I'll keep you safe. I trust them to keep me safe. If you don't want it, I won't give it to you, but... ...these are not prisons. And I'm not going to catch you.

Zoruya looked at Leolu, who was still standing next to Emmett. There is no Pokéball, but he looks at Emmet happily, wagging his tail. The two baby Pokémon looked at each other, and Riolu's tassels vibrated softly as if they were having some strange conversation.

"...well," Zoruah finally said, very seriously. - I'll go with you for now. But if you break your promise... I'll kill you.

The weight fell on Emmett's ribs. He took it calmly.

Emmett held out his hand as the fox approached. "I'm Emmett," he said. After a moment, he added, “I am a Guardian. I'm here to help."

Zorua was sitting across from him, gray paws resting on his fingers. His fur billowed and billowed in the invisible wind. "I'm... Zora," she said, her honey-gold eyes sparkling. “I accept your offer of help and friendship, as long as your word is unbreakable. In return, I offer you the same.

A powerful shiver ran through Emmett as if he had just caught a legend. The way Zora speaks seems a thousand times more binding than Master Ball, as if she had signed her soul. He went hot and cold in that moment, lost his balance, and then that moment passed and he was still kneeling on the ice.

It's rather good. Trust works both ways.

Lioru shouted happily and jumped on Zora who screamed. The two started fighting on the ground.

Emmett chuckled. Met two great new friends today.

"Ingo," he called to his brother, standing up, needlessly wiping his pants. "Are you up?"

Apparently, Ingo's team is about to put some plan into action. Considering the ready-to-attack pose of Machamp and Tangrowth holding Ingo's sleeping body, this could be interesting.

Chandelure sadly intervenes for Emmet.

"Okay, I'm on my way," he said, leaning closer to his brother. "Scootch, Tangrowth."

He waited for the Pokémon to leave. Then he got up on one leg, stood up and kicked Ingo hard in the side.

Ingo screamed, rolling over and grabbing his side.

"Did you just...what happened to you?!!" He cried, betrayed.

"Good morning," Emmet replied with a sly smile on his face.

Ingo frowned. Emmett couldn't help but laugh at his brother. It's revenge for Ingo constantly pushing him off the couch and waking him up for a late night movie!

Well, Emmet actually excels in naughty awakenings because she has to cover Ingo most of the time every morning, which sometimes includes beating Ingo with a pillow. But who counts?

"Akali is here to save us," Emmett repeated. He preferred not to mention that Machamp mightActuallyHurt Ingo because that moment is over. "I told him where we are."

Groaning like an old man, Ingo stood up, brushed off his tattered coat, and put it on. "Then I think we should wait for help to arrive."

Emmett tilts his head, looking at Ingo's coat. Almost unrecognizable, really. The thick cuffs were gone, the hem was almost completely torn, there were several holes everywhere, and even the collar was torn. It doesn't even look like it will help keep the cold out.

He remembers how cool Ingo looked when he led Crustle into battle with the alphas. He came up with a brilliant idea.

Emmett took a gold necklace from his pocket. "Ingo," he said. "come".

Ingo approached curiously. - What are you going to do about it? he asked, looking at the chain in Emmet's hand.

Emmet put his other hand on his chin. "Maybe we'll put this on your coat. Make a layer of it.

- First floor? Ingo asked.

Emma nodded. "you will seeVeryCold. "

Ingo smiled. "I don't have snaps on the collar of my coat, Emmet."

"We can find some," Emmet said undaunted. - You'll look great. Maybe then it won't be so bad.

Ingo sighed deeply. "Well, we can try it when we get back to Jubilee.

Ingo puts his new gear back on the strange wooden Pokéballs that hang from his belt. The four, twins Zora and Leolu, wander through the cave to the hole where the twins fell.

The storm had died down and the night sky was clear and sparkling.

"Oh," said Emmett. "I think I should have said 'good night' earlier."

"Looks like we won't have to wait too long after all," Ingo said. "It's a relief. If the storm continues, I'm not sure how long our Pokémon will keep us warm here.

That's a great point. Even with his coat on, Emmet was still cold. Ingo is lucky to always wear dark clothes; his coat absorbs heat much better than Emmett's. Although the setting sun is useless anyway.

Emmett's Arc Phone rang again. He pulled it out of his pocket, but before he could see the message, there was a high-pitched scream from above.

He jerked his head up. There, on the shelf above them, stood...

What is it exactly?

"Mrs. Snaissler!" Ingo exclaimed happily. "Nice to meet you!"

The Pokémon screamed again, crouched, and leaped towards the cave. Does he wear a backpack?

Apparently so, because the roof moved and Akari stuck his head out.

“I fell here the first day too,” he said in greeting as he stepped out of the basket. “I can't believe there are only holes in the ground here. Have they been here all this time?

"Yes," said Emmett.

If Akari or Ingo talk, Emmet won't notice. The strange Pokémon Snaissler approached it, sniffing it violently. It reminded him of Skitty sniffing the microphone.

He turned to the side, but Snesler followed him, placing a sharp claw on his shoulder to stop him. He looked from himself to Ingo, his eyes narrowed in embarrassment.

oh. surely. Why is he surprised?

"Hi," Emmett said. "I'm Emmett. I am Ingo's twin brotherVeryWeird Pokemon.

Sneasler pouted at him and began to pluck at her hat. Is fine.

"My lady," Ingo said, sounding shocked. "Please don't damage my brother's taxi!"

"Her saliva was dry," Emmett said. Archy likes to bite him too.

Sneasler lifted Emmet's hat to his lips, and she leaned back in a tall, powerful, natural pose. She came to save you, or do you still dare to question her? I'm not good! Angry Ingo!

Emmett chuckled. "Are you old enough to take us?"

Snesler pointed to the hoop.

“I think he planned to take us one at a time,” Ingo explained.

“I will be the last,” said Akari.

"Then I'll go first," Emmet replied. "Shall I get into his backpack?"

After a moment she pulled away awkwardly from him. Leoru and Soruya jumped to the ground and laughed at their tall, skinny companion for tripping over them. What a frustrating experience but not as bad as Braviary.

Whatever Emmet's embarrassment was immediately made up for by the sight of Ingo at the basket. It looks funny. At least Akari is small enough to fit comfortably in, but Ingo is tall like Emmet and he isn't.NOfit.

"Thank you, m'lady," Ingo said, running his hand over Sneasler's head. She purred happily, then turned and trotted away with Mingli. Emmett guessed there was more work to be done.

- Where are we going now? Zora asked, kicking Emmett's boot.

Emmett looked at Ingo.

"It's too late to start the journey back to Jubilife Village," Ingo said, gesticulating. "After the storm subsides, we can safely return to our home station in Mingzhu Village."

Emmett reflects this. "Approx! Are you all ready?

Ingo nodded. "Everyone aboard!"

Riolu snorted curiously. Zora's ears flattened. "I think we're just getting used to the noise."

Emmett picked up the Riolu. He seems to be feeling better, but he hasn't taken his medicine yet, and the wound seems to be hurting. He didn't want her to push too hard.

Ingo led the way back to the pearl colony, leaving Emmet to enjoy the scenery again. The moon was almost full, giving plenty of light to see the frozen valley from a new perspective.

Ghost Pokémon roam the icy hills freely, watching with curiosity as they pass by. Zora growled at anyone who came particularly close. The ghost chuckled but didn't start anything, allowing the small group to pass.

"It's so quiet," Emmett murmured, as if speaking loudly would spoil anything.

Ingo, obviously not feeling the same way (and unable to whisper anyway), nodded. “This place is quiet at night, if not lonely. At first I thought it was ruined. But that alone offers an otherworldly beauty. In the moonlight, Iceland is heartbreaking."

Emmett smiled. His brother is too good at talking.

When Emmett and Ingo arrived at the village, there was only one person outside. As they passed each other, they waved curiously at Ingo, but said nothing.

Zora snuggled against Emmett's side, her ears pricked up nervously. Emmett wishes he could pick it up too, but he's a quadruped, so he needs two hands.

Ingo leads them to a large store that Emmet left when he first arrived. Emmett was impressed with how well the thing withstood the storm. They must be much stronger than they look.

There was a rolled-up blanket on the floor and a small wooden table strewn with tools and trinkets.

Ingo took a second blanket from the basket by the door and placed it next to the first one. Emmet had to bend down to sit in it. Gradually, he began to understand his brother's bad attitude.

Ingo handed him the ointment and asked him to rub it on Leolu's wound. She murmured softly, but remained calm. When he's done, Ingo feeds him a blueberry, which he happily chews. He then handed one to Zora, who gave him a suspicious look before taking it.

"Be quiet, because everyone is sleeping?" Emmett speculated quietly as he lay on the spare blanket.

Ingo nodded in embarrassment.

"Well, good night," Emmet laughed. "It's true this time."

Ingo smiled back, running his hand through Emmet's hair. It reminded him of Emmett going camping when they were kids, the night they met Chandelure, when of course he was from Litwick.

Leoglu leaned back against Emmett's chest, falling asleep easily after a tiring day. Zorua lay inches away, just out of reach.

Emmett resisted the urge to touch him. He looks soft... but he might try to bite him again, and she technically smuggled it against Irida's wishes, so it's better not to accidentally provoke him.

Emmet hears Ingo snoring as she tries to sleep. The noise didn't bother him at all. In fact, it is deeply comforting. He's still tired, but he hasn't been able to sleep for... well, four years. It seems her long hiatus last night was more a coincidence than a change of pace.

He moved as stealthily as he could, placing Rioglu beside Ingo to keep him warm. She sat quietly on the blanket, looking around the store. The Arc Phone's screen is too bright to be distracting, and there's only a map on it. What can Emmet do to relieve boredom?

He sees a hammer on Ingo's table and some small pieces of iron and fake gold. Emmett reached into his pocket and felt a wave of cold. An idea popped into his mind.

Ingo was sleeping like the dead, but he didn't want to wake Riolu. Emmett carefully put down the hammer and metal and slipped out the door into the shining night.

He climbed the slope to the hot spring, where the naturally flat rock provided a suitable workbench.

He hasn't done anything like this in years, but he has hours until sunrise to regain his muscle memory.

The soft clink of metal focused her thoughts on simple things. He alternates hitting on purpose and just making beats. The clasp to start taking shape is pretty simple, I don't have any soldering tools to connect the gold headers to the gold tails, but that's fine. Next thing he realizes.

He wasn't sure how much time passed before he realized Zora had joined him. The fox climbed onto a rock beside her and sat silently watching her.

Emmett's fingers were starting to freeze, but he took off his gloves anyway to improve his dexterity. When they were too cold to continue, she crossed her arms, tucked them into her sleeves for a few minutes to rewarm them, and continued.

Zora hit a few pieces of iron that Emmett ultimately didn't need.

"You should go back to sleep," Emmett said, trying to back up the no-bake brooch.

"You should too," said Zora.

"I have not slept".


Emmett mocked her sly tone. "YesVeryStrange, Zoro.

Zhuo tugged at his ears. "Mutually".

"I know," Emmett replied.

- What are you doing? asked Zora, waving a paw at the flat stone on Emmet's side.

Emmet sighed. "I have been busy. I'm trying to make something, but I need an oven to make it work."

- What is an oven? asked Zora. He lay down on the stone and hid his paws under the fur.

"It's like... a hearth," Emmet explained. “It heats the metal so we can shape it better. Dangerous but useful.

- So you need to heat up those shiny things? asked Zora, tilting her head.

"Well," Emmett said, "yes. But I'm not really trying." Anyway, I didn't have the firepower for the job. Chandelure's flames could certainly get to the right temperature if he tried, but he would struggle with the precision Emmet needed to handle metal.

"I can start a fire," said Zola. "Would that help?"

Emmett smiled slightly. "Sorry. It's more complicated than starting a fire. It has to have a certain temperature, and I don't have the right gloves."

"Oh," Zora said. "...What are you up to?"

Emmett took the chain out of his pocket again and placed it on the stone where Zora could see it.

"Shut up," Emmett said. "For Ingo's coat."

Zora agreed. "What parts of you need fire?"

Emmett lifted her head, tail, and back. "Connect the beats. I didn't have screws so I made it more like a thumbtack. Normally it would work differently." He put them back on the stone. "Actually, it doesn't work at all. But it does not matter".

Zora turned her head to the other side. "So... do you want to make something small to stick on Ingo's coat so they can hang it?" Zora pointed to the chain.

"Basically," Emmet laughed. "But I know I can't do that. I just have to do something.

Zora stood up, shivering as if her skin was soaked. I can look for something like that.

Emmett blinked. "Really?"

"Yes," Zora agreed. “My dad was chasing a guy. They had big fluffy fur and stuff. Dad picked them off and all the shiny things sparkled as they flew up. I knew where it was.

…people in this place are used to talking to Emmet and acting like he's never been anyone.

Since it was too late to open any other part of the story, Emmet put the metal piece and hammer back in his pocket. "Can you show me?"

"Yes!" said Zora, jumping down from the stone. "wasformThere, but I remember.

Emmett smiled. The way Zora talks is weird, it's not him talking. One minute it sounds almost academic, and the next it sounds childish. so cute

Zora froze as she saw the shop again.

"I can keep you in my coat," Emmett said.

Zora made a contemptuous noise.

Emmet blinked as the fox became surprisingly hard to see. The vision becomes wet and blurry, like water in an oil painting. Turning around, he smiled in surprise.

A boy is standing next to him. He was wearing a gray sweater, a heavy white coat tied at the waist, black pants, silver shoes, and an oversized white conductor's cap that had fallen over his head. Emmett could barely see the glowing golden eyes under the brim of her hat.

"Okay, let's go," Zora said. The hallucination takes Emmet's hand as Emmet leads him down the path.

Emmett smiled as he remembered the old Unovan tale of Zorua transforming into his preferred human form. He wondered if it was the same here.

They were undisturbed as they left the village, crossed the bridge, and headed back to the icy hills. Emmet lets Zola lead, confident in his tracking skills. Enjoyed the view again. In his opinion, ice and snow glistening in the moonlight is one of the most beautiful things in the world. It was one of the reasons he loved this relationship so much; Nimbasa's bright neon lights always looked sacred against the snow in the clear moonlight.

Emmett's heart yearned to come home. He enjoyed the feeling that flowed through his body like a tide.

As he remembered, it was as if a part of him was still at home. Pain means he lives and loves enough to leave his mark on him.

He wondered if Ingo still felt homesick. The thought saddened him. Not knowing what you're missing must be a thousand times worse. Ingo doesn't remember the neon lights, the music echoing under the subway stairs, the sound of boots in the snow as they entered his apartment...

Emmett frowned, remembering their previous conversation. It was hard for both of them, but Emmet is sure Ingo is worse. He no longer remembers his home.

Emmett must make this place a better home for his brother.

Zora finally stopped him in an inconspicuous place on a hill. It is no different from other places, even bushes or rocks.

"I saw it there," said Zola. She shook off her delusions and started digging holes in the snow.

Emmett didn't have a shovel to help, so he stepped back and started digging lazily in the snow. His new leather boots are sturdy, and he's happy with that. No cold seeped through his skin as he dug.

He and Zora dug up the snow a few feet from the site. Zora managed to find the button in only a few minutes, but when they found its twin button, the first shadows of dawn began to appear in the sky.

Emmett is tired.

He smiled at Zora, tucking the button into the same pocket as the chain. "Good job," he said. "We run to the departure station at eight."

- What does it mean? asked Zora.

"Eighth gear is the maximum speed of the train," Emmett explained. "I mean, let's hurry up."

- What is a train? asked Zora, trotting after them back to the village.

"The train is amazing," Emmett sighed happily. He pictured himself back on his stunt train, waiting in the twentieth car. I could almost hear the rumble as I ran through the tunnel. “These are big, big machines that run on tracks. They can take you anywhere in the world as long as the runway is free. Ingo and I used to ride a subway full of trains. We drove all day. There were many different types. Ingo could talk about them for hours. He knew all the trains there."

Really, Emmet too, but Ingo talks better about them. Emmet was so distracted by the beautiful and intricate machinery of Fantastic Beasts that he forgot what he was talking about.

Oh, he missed the train.

Emmet briefly wished that the buttons Zora had found for him were brass and not gold, and if that was just a joke, Ingo probably wouldn't remember. Oh very good. Gold would have looked better anyway, he was sure of it.

When they returned to the village, Inge was already waiting by the bridge. Riolu was asleep curled up in his arms. The sun hasn't risen yet.

- Where did you two go? - He asked. Concern changed her tone.

Emmett took buttons and chains from his pocket. "Do you have a needle and thread?"

Ingo stares for a moment, then laughs. - That's what he said. "Yes. You probably know how to use them better than I do.

Emmett probably did. He loves to sew since his mother taught him cross-stitch as a child to keep his hands occupied. Knitting, crocheting, things she had to give up as her life got busier, but she has fond memories of them.

The hardest part was punching two more holes in Ingo's coat. Emmet was able to safely install the button within minutes.

"Leave me alone," he said, taking Ingo's hat and putting it on so he could drape the cloak over his brother's shoulders. Riolu was already awake, leaning on Emmett's lap and yawning.

The gold buttons have faded a bit with time, but they still catch the first rays of the sun like bright flames when Emmet secures the clasp. Ingo thundered, swinging his arms around.

“…I feel fine,” he admitted.

Emmett smiled. "You look good!"

Ingo's cloak now falls over his shoulders like a cape, and his soft pink robes are more visible. He straightened up again, stretching lazily despite the cold. The wind brushed her silver hair. A slight smile appeared on his face.

Emmett gripped Ingo's cap in his hands. Suddenly he remembered the ship where all the boards had been replaced. Fresh coat of paint, is it still the same boat? With so many changes, can it be the same again?

… Emmett always thought the answer was obvious. Yes, of course the same ship, because it belonged to Theseus, and if he felt it was his, it was his. It becomes a tool. An ax with a new handle and a new pommel is an ax after all, does it really matter how old the parts are?

But here's someone who looks both like Emmett's little brother and a complete stranger, and it's not that easy anymore. If Ingo isn't Ingo anymore, who the hell is Emmet?

Emmet died four years ago and Ingo didn't come home that day. Now that his older brother is so different, could he be Emmett again?

Emmett crumpled his sun-bleached gray hat.

It was embarrassing for him. How could he doubt so casually? How could Emmett allow himself to feel like this after everything he'd done? How scary can it be?

It didn't matter what Ingo remembered, let alone what he was wearing. It's an absurd idea, bordering on childish. He's still stoic, kind, and surprisingly warm, and no matter how much he wants to whisper, his voice is unbearable. He still cares about everyone around him more than anything else. Still, after all these years, after she'd forgotten everything, she still cared for Emmett.

The boat was never deliberately replaced, only repaired step by step. His love for her gave him a new picture with every broken plank. The stitched sweaters are still the same, the scars testify to their preciousness. How could Emmett be so cruel to his trusted twin? How could he be so suspicious of Ingo? Of course they are still brothers. They are always there, no matter how far apart they are. They will always be here or anywhere. Ingo is always just himself. He had no choice.

The sun slowly rises in the morning sky, ushering in countless new days in a new world waiting to be explored for a lifetime. At that moment, Emmet decided that he would never doubt Ingo again.


This marks the end of the Conviction novel - but certainly not AU!
I plan to write more, maybe with ingos pov too. I'm thinking too much about the adventures of Emmet and the future team, stop it, I hope you're all looking forward to it!

Also, if you're interested in suggestions for future files, as well as general conversations and artwork, check out my Pokemon-centric tumblr, @zorollade.

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