Geek Gifts 2022: Essentials for Business Travel and Music Creation | technological goal (2023)


For better or worse, the world has opened up again this year, renewing geeks' need for business travel gear while others seek to explore their musical creativity.

Geek Gifts 2022: Essentials for Business Travel and Music Creation | technological goal (1)


  • Beth Pariseau,news editor

Published:December 13, 2022

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Whether 2022 really marks the beginning of a post-pandemic era is debatable. But most of our Geek Advisors have resumed business travel for conferences and face-to-face meetings this year, which is reflected in their picks for the best geeky gifts.

FictionalGap in regular tripsFor most professionals in recent years, there are now plenty of opportunities to upgrade portable electronics and accessories for a variety of budgets. Many of our geeks prefer Apple's "stack" of MacBook laptops, iPad tablets,iPhones, AirPods headphones, and accessories like the Apple Pencil.

"Conferences opened up after the pandemic and seem to be unabated, leading to the need for technology to support mobility," said one of our geeky gift specialists. "Accessories like AirPods and Apple Watch would complete this stack, complemented by iCloud or Windows Office 365 [subscriptions]."

Most of these flagship devices are expensive. The smallest 14-inch Apple MacBook Pro with the coveted M1 processor starts at $1,999 from Applewebsite🇧🇷 Most of the geeks already have the best devices of their choice. But for some, some of the smaller items, like the latest AirPods Max ($499).amazonas) can be attractive, especially if they travel frequently.

"Noise cancellation is crazy - it makes flying a different experience," commented one of our geek advisors.

For smaller budgets, most of these devices have a host of accessories available, with geeks on the go recommending portable power adapters as desirable items. This wearable Apple Watchchargerrecommended by one of our geeks, it costs just over $20. Many other portable power sourcesThey're availablealso for non-Apple devices.

One area where portable electronics and air travel can sorely clash for geeks these days is inflight entertainment systems, provided by many airlines' in-seat TVs. Most require a wired connection, which many geeks consider outdated and prefer to connect via Bluetooth. Until the airlines catch up, there are third-party Bluetooth transmitters available to connect AirPods to displays in flight. Our geeks mentioned thatyoomitwelve southspecial marks.

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Other portable electronics gift ideas for geeks who aren't Macolytes or who already own all kinds of Apple products include the new reMarkable 2 tablets ($299manufacturer) to luxurious 4K portable pen displays like the Huion Kamvas Pro 16 Plus ($729 at Huionwebsite).

Elsewhere, the Oura Ring Gen 3 ($399manufacturer) is the latest biometric sensor device to pick up steam after three years of health-conscious virus outbreaks, according to one of our geeks. The lightweight, water-resistant ring uses a sensor at your fingertip to capture biometric data about sleep, activity, fitness and more. It is compatible with various fitness apps, including Apple Health and Google Fit.

"Post COVID, I see a lot of geeks trying to hack their health," said one geek gift consultant. "This is one of the best devices for that."

However, geek gifts for travelers don't have to be great treasures. Another insider geek suggested a fancy leather business card and credit card holder that retails for $39.connectedby Saddleback Leather. Now that face-to-face activities have resumed, some geeks can appreciate experiences with objects, taking them with them to see what's newavatarMovie to visit a geeky theme park, like The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour in London.

"For better or worse, technicians often have enough money to buy things when they want," said one of our experts. “Between that and the social distancing the pandemic has brought us, I look forward to spending time with friends this holiday season. … Take your friends out to dinner or treat them to something homemade. The best people in technology that someone wants to work with are good people first and foremost."

Geeks Rock Out: Music Tech Gifts for 2022

Our annual geek gift hunt is like a box of chocolates. You never know what interests and hobbies the geeks will have. This year's surprise theme: music fans!

Electronic musical instruments have been favored by more than one of our geeky experts, including the Otamatone, originating from Japan and distributed in the United States of America.Hameemiamazonas🇧🇷 The touch-sensitive musical instrument may look a bit silly, but in skilled hands it can create surprisingly soulful musicsounds similar to a human voice.

Geek Gifts 2022: Essentials for Business Travel and Music Creation | technological goal (2)

"My daughter is obsessed with one of these," said one of our geeky friends.

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Geeks who remember the early days of synthesizers and new wave music may want to imitate their favorite rock stars with a theremin, an electronic instrument that also appears in sci-fi movies.

"Now you can create your own using an open source hardware and software kit sold by GaudiLabs that you pair with an Arduino," said one of our geeks.

DIY mechanical engineering, open source and geeky music? Sounds like a trio.

When it's time for a geek to play one of these instruments, they may find a metronome useful for keeping time. A geek we know recommended the Korg KDM-3 ($121.99 atamazonas) as the ultimate in time-regulating nerdism.

"If you're trying to learn a piece, it's absolute overkill on a metronome with way more options than you need," he said.

Music fans who work in home offices will appreciate a Blue Yeti microphone ($129.99 fromBluemic) recommended by one of our experts. It can be used as a video conferencing microphone, a podcast recorder, and "when it's time to turn off the lappy, the mic is great for direct input recording (for vocals, guitar, etc.) in Color Disco Flash mode" .

Bluetooth speaker options are also available when it's time for music lovers to enjoy the fruits of their labor or just kick back with their favorite tunes. One of our geeky consultants has his eye on model Leslie ($189 atamazonas).

"For the tech audiophile, I'm only mentioning these because I've seen them, heard them, and put them on my personal holiday wish list," said one of our Geek Advisors. "It's a retro Bluetooth speaker that looks like an old Leslie cabinet from the '60s and '70s."

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Best of the Rest: Toys + Home Office Improvements

Your mileage may vary based on your geek interests and existing collection of gadgets, but this year's picks included toys like that, too.Guante Lego Marvel Infinity, aPuzzle accessory for GoCube phoneand activated a movementcat laser toy"For the geeks who are too lazy to get out of their chair and play with their cats," said a gift guide consultant.

Invite your friends over for dinner or treat them to something homemade. The best people in tech someone wants to work with are good people first.

Last year's geek gift listhome office gadgets covered🇧🇷 But this year we got suggestions for the latest updates in this category, including Jabra wireless headphones ranging from the Jabra GN model ($104.99 to $104.99).amazonas) for the Evolve 75 ($385 inamazonas).

"I'm currently using AirPods with Teams, but I need to connect using my phone. When I connect directly to Windows on the computer, the sound quality is terrible," said one geek with the Evolve 75 on his list.

Other geeks mentioned ergonomicswireless mouseand trackball devices, coloredGaming Mechanical Keyboards, and even the latest at homesmart locksto protect your valuable equipment. Coffee-related gadgets in all their forms are also often a hit with geeks, forprogrammable coffee makersto the cafecompaniesmiself-heating cups.

Finally, this year our geeks also kept busy cleaning up their home office environments. The latest in self-contained vacuum cleaners have made geeky gift lists, especially this one.euphoric, as well as home CO2 monitors and HVAC filters, especially thoseAranet 4CO2-Monitor upure nordicFilter.

"In today's work-from-home environment, you want to make sure you're not breathing in your own smoke all day," explained one of our experts.

Beth Pariseau, Senior News Writer at TechTarget, is an award-winning veteran of IT journalism. She can be contacted at[email protected]o a Twitter @PariseauTT.

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