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If you have Defender Gear: Defender Armor and Powerbow V, you will need crafting items to craft.

Unfortunately, since the bow is an item-focused weapon, you're at a disadvantage at first. However, I will try to cover the build options that will cover

How to track builds?

You need to follow build as structure, not hard and fast rules. Every player plays differently, so don't be afraid to switch to a more defensive team or decoration.

The guide consists mainly of story content and is preserved in the final version (Silver Rathalos, Kjarr, Safi).

Therefore, the information in this article should be enough to complete the story before proceeding to the endgame.

Renovation priorities

Due to the randomness of getting decorations and a bit of luck, I try to avoid recommending the "best" build. The problem is that the basic finish is available to most people. However, they may not have some of the rarer items. Offensive Decoration Priority:

  • mighty bow

  • Elemental Decorations (Thunder, Water, etc.)

  • Forced to shoot

  • to use

  • critical eye

  • Normal/Diffusion: Spread and Rapid Shots deal more damage

  • constitution)

  • Increased durability (upgrade)

However, if you're feeling overwhelmed or dying a lot, you can change that with these decorations:

  • Better health (vitality)

  • eat fast (devour)

  • Resistance to certain elements (fire, ice, etc.)

from ice

Sets in this category are available for all elemental weapons. There are a few minimal changes you can make to maximize your damage.

If you're using Rath, build

As suggested in Monster Hunter World, bows should use key item abilities. So if you're using the Defender armor, I'd recommend changing some of it from the base game to the Rath Soul Helm beta and Rathalos beta (remember to upgrade them).

As you progress, change your party to:

Ice arc equipment guide for the main story (1)

Ice arc equipment guide for the main story (2)You can also use Barros Greaves Beta+ if you have good decorations, but I recommend using them in the late game.

If you don't have Rathalos gear, build

However, if for some specific reason you don't have Lars' armor and don't want to craft it, there are other options. The downside is that you lose a lot of damage, but that should give you decent survivability.

Ice arc equipment guide for the main story (3)

Ice arc equipment guide for the main story (4)The disadvantage of this version is that it loses a lot of DPS. You will not have skills related to key items. However, with all the main gear: Beo Mail, Hornetaur Helm, Kulu Sleeves, etc., you will have high defense and high survivability.

Prioritize offensive decorations as you will take less damage compared to a high level Charmander armor.

construction progress

To progress through the Ice Fields, you must persevere until Vulcanar is defeated. Then good gear with key item skills will be unlocked. Otherwise, keep pressing

If you are using dragon armor

Continue using the Charmander item shards from the base game as they are still the keys to dealing damage.

Ice arc equipment guide for the main story (5)

Ice arc equipment guide for the main story (6)Now you should also have decent decorations and be able to enable Barroth Greaves beta+. Sleeves and Aldogar's Scrolls can give you great abilities.

Try to create elemental amulets for each element. You will remove the fitness talisman and replace it with it. You will get Odagoron Armor Constitution + Dash Juice (you should use it)

there is no dragon, or you dropped it

I would go for the Legiana Helmet as soon as you can get the Fulgur Anjanth Helm. Get a master level dragon mail.

Ice arc equipment guide for the main story (7)Ice arc equipment guide for the main story (8)

Defeat Vulcana

After defeating Velkhana, you can now use her armor in your builds. They'll be the best at the moment. It can only be replaced later with the Silver Charmander armor. So your array should look like this:

Ice arc equipment guide for the main story (9)Ice arc equipment guide for the main story (10)

You can use this set for a variety of items and replace the charms with items with bows.

Velkhana progress

Now that you have good armor in your hands, as you progress through the story you should focus on building sets for each type of elemental damage.

Because some item shards can provide bigger rewards for selected items.

So check what items you can craft at the moment and replace them with those recommended on the card.

Lightning/Thunder Set

Kirin's arms can help deal extra Thunderbolt damage here. It also has a nice place to put it. Unicorns can be tricky though, so I'd advise setting up your firepower first (you'll find it below) or disassembling Garuga's Greaves (which opens later in the game).

Until you get the Garuga Greaves Beta+, if you keep doing this, you'll be able to craft Odagoron Greaves, which will give you a nice defense buff. However, always remember that you can place more vibrating decorations.

Ice arc equipment guide for the main story (11)

Ice arc equipment guide for the main story (12)Add fitness charm 3 again, and if you start farming the starting ground, try to level it.


You'll want to get some Fire Gems because you want to maximize your elemental damage. Of course, you can also get the Fire Charm and use the Critical Eye Socket (Expert Gem)

The Garuga Beta+ Leggings and Frostfang Beta+ Bracers are the cornerstones of this gear. You can also use Caesar's Armor Beta+ until you get Frostfang.

Don't forget to stock up on a good elemental fire bow, Glavenus Arrow 2. It's much better than Azure Mightbow (lower raw and elemental damage) or Anjanath Flamebow 2 (lower affinity).

Ice arc equipment guide for the main story (13)Ice arc equipment guide for the main story (14)

ice games

The best ice arc at the moment isimpossible ice. You should be able to craft it from Velkhana material.

Since it has fewer slots, get the Frost Charm 3 and upgrade it if available. You need to keep your Ice Attack skill at level 6, so take out Ice Gems and replace them with Critical Eye or Attack Powerup.

Don't forget to add a Constitution Gem to make the Constitution at least level 3.

Getting Garuga B+ Greaves as quickly as possible is crucial, as with other perks after defeating Velkhana.

Obtain Frostfang Beta+ Sleeves from Frostfang Barrios. It can be obtained through events when the master level reaches level 18. Kaiser Vambraces Beta+ is a good choice.

Ice arc equipment guide for the main story (15)Ice arc equipment guide for the main story (16)

water games

Like ice, you just need to replace amulets and elemental gems.

Your goal should be to get "Dragon Teng" + Bow from Azure Age. It can be obtained through the "USJ: Shine Forever" and "USJ: Ballet of Frost" event quests. The quest to get this very nice bow is constant.

Until then, stick with Laguna Shot 2, which comes with an extra slot for cosmetic items where you can try to apply the crit bonus. Add a lube gem if you don't have one.

Once you have the Azure Age Bow, you can place the best decorations you have on it thanks to the rich gem slot. For example, decorating 4 upgrade/expert slots.

Ice arc equipment guide for the main story (17)Ice arc equipment guide for the main story (18)

dragon costume

You should have a Vaal Veil Critical Strike. Because primary damage plays a bigger role in softening. However, he can overtake Vaal if he doesn't use a keel alder energy cloak. So you've decided, according to your playstyle, choose the Dragon Bow. I prefer the latter

Teams remain the same: Garuga Greaves Beta+, Tentacle Coil alfa+, Kaiser Vambraces beta+, Rimeguard Mail Beta+ and Rimeguard Helm Beta+.

Ornaments should depend on the level of Dragon Poison Talismans you have. The higher the level, the more important eye ornaments can be placed. If you run out or don't have any, use attack boosters or some defense buffs.

Ice arc equipment guide for the main story (19)Ice arc equipment guide for the main story (20)

To sum up

So the bow is an elemental weapon, once you get Velkhan's armor it will glow. These builds should be enough to make history. Then (or even earlier in MR 70) you should start farming Kulve Taroth weapons or Silver Rathalos armor sets, check out somebuild here. These will be your end items until you defeat Fatalis.

If I have time, I will write a post about the final versions and which ones are worth getting.

If you feel that any information is incorrect, you can leave a comment below.


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