Kjar Weapons: Quests, Bosses and Farming Guide (2023)

Kejar-based weapons are part of the best arsenal in Monster Hunter World. Obtaining them can be difficult due to their strength and rarity. In the past, you had to defeat Kulph Talos in a 16-man siege to get this weapon. However, with the release of Iceborne, a fallback method is now also available. Welcome to ourbush armsOverview.

the main point

  • Each weapon is listed inoneThe3 categoriesWhichOro, Talos and Kejar.Onbush armsdepends onRandom drop.
  • On2 roadsplayers can usefarmOnbush armsAs described below:
    • Eldorado's Fury - HR Siege
    • Eternal Gold Rush - MR Event Mission
  • You have to consider the pickup mechanicsbest returnAs described below:
    • Search level:Increased damage. means more tipsincreaseinsidesearch levelpromote agricultureBush's arms.This applies to all players in the session.
    • Reward Level:increase it by breaking itKurf Talos body parts. level 2break agolden part 1for horn i1for nudityCola.This does not apply to all players in the session.
  • special things to doFuck TarotAs described below:
    • Fragmentation machine:This skill allows you to do soJumpsuitsMonsters are relatively easy to disarm.
    • Barrel Bombs:They let the players deal with themVerydamage.
    • Armas:handle weaponsCults and brazen harmshould be used againstgolden partlike their heads and the weapons they useammunition damagewill be used against herfront legs.
    • Potions, magic powders, power pillssynstrength enhancerImprove yoursdamage production.
    • Cloak of Fire and Vitality:This allows the player to guessless damagethan usual.
  • fightingEl Dorado Caveis divided into4 partsyou have to deal with each of themAccordingly, Kurf Talos.
  • Eternal Gold Rush - Master LevelYou will find this quest inactive participantsfor himMaster level.
  • Here they give you a taskfailOnFuck Tarotpoda certain amount of time.You can use the previous oneBattle for gold.
  • failmain rangeThe full version of Kulvar Tarotheternal gold rush and go talkold reporterunlockalchemy.
  • use thiscombined materialin your handsbush armsBut this is not always the case, because it can also leadAlma Tarot.

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The best ways to farm Kejar weapons

Given that there are two ways to obtain Kulve Taroth weapons, each method has its limitations. Given these limitations, you should be able to choose the method that works best for you.

Kulv Talos is a boss in Wrath of Eldorado. This is a special event quest in MHW that allows four groups of hunters to take on a giant siege boss. Agriculture requires a lot of preparation, but as of December 2021, some changes have been made. Eldorado's Wrath and Eternal Gold Rush quests are now offered in a bi-weekly rotationsafijiwa. Please note that changes occur at 00:00 UTC.

Kjarr based weapons rely on random drops. You need to evaluate if there is an incandescent version available, similar to Ornaments. These weapons are divided into three categories: Gold, Talos, and Kejar. Since the launch of Iceborne, you've had two methods of farming Kjarr-based weapons.,Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Eldorado's Fury - HR Siege

This approach can be a double-edged sword as it focuses on extensive multiplayer. You may or may not make a good team as this content requires you to team up with 16 other random players or friends.

Additionally, teaming up with random players necessarily causes friction in strategy and gameplay, further complicating the rewards. Given that a siege is an investment in itself, all of this adds up to a likely waste of time.

Having said that, if you play the game with experienced and like-minded players, Siege will run as smoothly as you'd expect. Moreover, progress transfer and quest and reward tiers make this approach a forgiving option. Team up with players of a similar skill level or call your friends and go out together. you can visitmonster hunter centerDiscord community server to play with other hunters.

Eternal Gold Rush - MR Event Mission

The main downside is that you can fail missions. While failure alone is not everything, you also lose any resources used in the process. MR Event Missions work like any other mission you complete in the game. Unlike other methods, sieges have no special benefits and progress is not carried over.

To achieve your goals, you also need to know the combat and deal consistent damage. This is to prevent the Kulvi Talos from retreating, otherwise the mission will fail. Perfect planning and smooth gameplay are needed to avoid the hidden timers in each area and complete the missions.

That being said, just like a normal mission, it's doable and can be done on your own, no matter how difficult it is. You will also have access to SOS flares, which will allow you to team up with a small group, reducing the risk of failure. The fact that you can effectively complete the task in about 15 minutes makes this method a huge time saver. After all, they say time is money!

Kurf Talos Archtempered special mission

Getting the strongest team in any competition is not an easy task. what does this thought lead towrath of EldoradoThe siege too. When facing Elder Dragons, there are some mechanics to keep in mind. Implementing these mechanics properly will not only make the encounter more polished, but will also reward you with greater rewards. In addition to the normal aspects of the gameMonster hunter, you need to follow two things we mentioned below.

Kjar Weapons: Quests, Bosses and Farming Guide (1)

search level

This mechanism is related to the core game system: detecting monster tracks. Pursuit increases your damage, which in turn makes it easier for youDestroy Kulvi Talos's body parts. The more clues you find, the higher your tracking level will be. This will enable agriculturejungle weaponhigher efficiency. Make sure you don't miss anything on the pitch!

Please note that the quest level increase applies to all players in the session. However, this does not affect runlevels that have been started earlier. If you don't join a raid from the chase level before the horn sounds, your rewards will be affected. Fully breaking the Kulv Talos horn will also reset the trace level. If you break the corners completely, be sure to complete the race for maximum rewards.

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reward level

This mechanic directly affects the personal rewards you receive during sieges. It will be reset if the set ends the match or you leave the match. To increase this, you need to break Kulv Talos body parts. There are two levels of breaking the golden section, the level of completely breaking the horns and the level of the bare tail.

In order to increase the rarity of the prize, there must be a non-losing chase. Keep breaking his horns in higher quest tiers and the rarity should increase.

In addition, if you activate Talos's Wrath of the Kulvs, you can also receive additional random rewards. The game provides clues to indicate Kulve's state via the controller. If you manage to break off its horn in this mode, the game will display a message. However, the rewards are based on RNG, so it can be unpredictable. Try not to mess up hit and run.

Finally, unlike quests, reward tiers are not shared. This means that if you want a gun, you have to use it to the fullest. Bring items to support the party and smash monster parts for rewards!

for kjara and glory

It goes without saying that you need to prepare yourself before facing Kurft Talos. To do this, you can bring something noteworthy to make it easier.

Patersa break

The ability itself makes it easier to break parts of monsters. Given the way Talos' siege in Kurv is designed, you must have this ability. By allowing you to break parts of it relatively easily, you'll earn more rewards depending on how many parts you break. Skills can be improved, so be sure to mix and match to get what works best for you.

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barrel bomb

One way to maximize your damage dealt is to use different barrel bombs. There are places in combat where you have a lot of freedom. The use of large barrel bombs in these areas can do considerable damage. If you choose this option, be sure to include Bombadier in your build. This skill increases the damage of barrel bombs.


Like other monsters, Kulph Talos has a certain affinity. Your choice of equipment should be based on your hunting goals and Kurf's weaknesses. Slashing and smashing weapons are very effective against his gilded head. Likewise, ammo damage works wonders on his front legs. That's not to say the other two types of damage don't work at all, but it's still worth noting. Kulv Talos is mostly weaker thanice elemental,So be sure to use this to your advantage.

Kjar Weapons: Quests, Bosses and Farming Guide (2)

Potions, magic powders, power pills

Of course, you have to deal damage to Kulv Talos. Bringing power-ups such as various demon potions and demon powder will help. Dust creates an AoE effect that buffs the entire team. Please note that it must be used in conjunction with the Powertalon in the kit. Stacking buffs will allow you to deal more damage and beat the timer.

A cloak of fire and vitality

These two coats can make the encounter a bit safer. agriculturebush armsHe will pit you against the flames of Kulv Talos. Using a cloak of flames will allow you to greatly mitigate this damage, thus improving your performance. Cloak of Vitality works similarly, negating a certain amount of damage before the effect wears off.

Combat Tactics in the Four Regions of Kurft Talos

the battle itself took place inEl Dorado Caveand divided intofour areas. When the objective is accomplished, Kurf Talos will move to each area, and the hunter must deal with it accordingly. If you fail to meet the goals in one area within the time limit before moving on to the next, he will leave. This won't result in a search failure, however it is a waste of time if you don't collect enough leads to increase your tracking rank. Chasing a damage multiplier early on is a great way to increase your damage output.


Kulve Taroth basically leaves the area and ignores you as he goes about his business. The goal is to deal enough damage to stop them from retreating. Once you reach the threshold, you will receive a system message preventing it from escaping.

We mentioned earlier that the pursuit indicator is a damage multiplier. Reaching the damage threshold at track level 1 can be difficult. Barrel bombs and part sabotage tactics are very useful both here and as you progress. You can also do the chase to increase your damage multiplier before moving on to other targets.


The goal is to break as many gilded shards as possible. This will deal the damage necessary to keep you from escaping. If you do, Kulv Talos will proceed to the next quest area. Remember, hitting an already damaged part will not cause the necessary damage to the target. Each area has its own time limit for completing objectives. If you don't, Kulv Talos will leave its surroundings, ending the game.

Third District

This part basically acts as a bridge or continuation. If you have fully completed the objectives in the previous area, Kulv Talos will move to the fourth area after a short period in the third area. The goal is to unlock gold if you haven't met the requirements before.

Four districts

The goal is to break his horn. Prioritize this as the only damage that matters here is corner damage. Attacking Kulph Talos elsewhere will not stop him from retreating from that area and will end his escape prematurely.

There's an exception here if you haven't played the previous game where he broke his tail. If you and your team decide to increase the reward level, you can make some changes. But ultimately, the horn will take precedence in District 4.

Another possible exception is aiming at her limbs and tripping over her. This will increase his uptime and allow him to drastically increase his cornering damage after falling.

Be aware of environmental risks. Use your creativity using the options available in your environment to achieve your goals in each area. The hunter always uses what he has. growing up may not be easybrachial plexus,But it's definitely worth the effort!

Eternal Gold Rush - Master Level

You can find this mission in the Events section of the Master Rank tab of the Quest Board. This is a timed mission that changes with the siege, so be sure to take advantage of it when it becomes available.

The main version is no different from regular hunting tasks. There are no quests or bonus levels, so your progress does not carry over. If you fail to defeat Kulvi Talos within the allotted time, you will waste your resources for little gain. The good news is that the above strategies, including the various settings, still apply! You can use the Parts Breaker, buffs, barrel bombs and capes to tip the scales in your favor.

Please note that each stage has a time limit in addition to the total mission duration of 50 minutes. If the objectives of each stage are not met, the Kulv Talos will leave the area. This is another reason to make the most of your arsenal. While the mission is fast and requires constant damage, knowing the siege ahead of time should give you an edge.

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use alchemy

Starting with Iceborne, a new fusion system has been added to the Elder Melder. This allows Hunters to use a variety of Kulph Talos monster materials to obtain weapons and crafting items. It saves a lot of time, because the siege itself takes a lot of time.

To unlock the Kjarr-based weapon alchemy, you must first kill Master Kulve Taroth. Successfully complete the Eternal Gold Rush and talk to Elder Melrd to begin. The same logic applies to Safi'jiiva and its materials. Kill the monsters during the siege and talk to Elder Meld to make things work.

Kjar Weapons: Quests, Bosses and Farming Guide (3)

You can perform Kejar Alchemy on an Elder Melder using the Elder's Great Dragonbone parts and Tarot Kulvs obtained by these two methods. This process makes it easier to obtain informationbush arms. However, RNG factors still come into play. You will need a lot of time and resources to acquire the specific weapon you are looking for. In some cases, fusion will only yield Talos weapons, but don't give up!

Additionally, you can upgrade this weapon at the Blacksmith to increase its rarity. As you unlock Bootlands as you progress through Iceborne's story, you'll be able to plant materials. Materials obtained from monsters in the area allow kjar based weapons to be upgraded for greater power. Overall, the combined upgrade system is a great advantage for end players due to its high resource utilization.

To sum up

This is where our work endsbush armsguide. We hope this breakdown has been helpful in your encounters with Kulph Talos. Be sure to start your initial bar hunt before challenging the Golden Behemoth!

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