MHW: Iceborne | Best Greatsword Crafting Guide | The human genome (2023)

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last updated byMHW: Iceborne | Best Greatsword Crafting Guide | The human genome (1) Ashley JohnsonIt is now January 17, 2022

man did it

MHW: Iceborne | Best Greatsword Crafting Guide | The human genome (2)

The Greatsword is a true fantasy iconic weaponMonster hunter. It's certainly a more versatile type of weapon, but it fits perfectly with the vibe of the series: a hunter facing overwhelming odds and mighty giants, wielding an almost comical greatsword that cripples his foes. This is clearly attractive becauseother types of weaponsNot entirely satisfied.

Not to mention that greatswords often have some of the best weapon skins. We're a bit out of itMHW(Zinogre GS may be a storm of usurpers, and I still haven't come to terms with that injustice.) But the beauty and durability of the Wyvern Ignition "steel" is unparalleled.

This week our build guide will focus on the Great Sword. We'll start with an overview of the best weapons in the category and take a look at some of the key skills the GS builds. Next, we'll look at sample builds that use this baseline to maximum effect.

Sounds like a plan? let's start!

Please note that the Fatalis update to this guide is in progress. Stay tuned and happy hunting!

MHW's Best Greatsword: Basic

To help us understand what weapons and abilities are best for our build, we must first consider what a greatsword is best at and what role it plays in hunting. The GS is the blunt weapon that deals the most one-click damage in the game. His combos are also very versatile, meaning you can easily change your attack plan on the fly without sacrificing too much damage.

Unfortunately, GS's high damage means it will hitincredibleslow. very similar toheavy crossbowGreatswords are less mobile, making them difficult to unsheath. Its range and lower focus loss factor (and the attack and defense moves built into the weapon) make up for this to some extent, but it can still be a pain if you haven't practiced dodging and aiming for the highest points.

When configuring our builds, it was crucial to focus on high damage weapons and abilities, making our attacks more effective while balancing the lack of mobility. Even experienced players will inevitably make mistakes at some point, so honing your opportunity avoidance skills can help a lot.


MHW: Iceborne | Best Greatsword Crafting Guide | The human genome (3)

With all that in mind, let's take a look at the weapons that will be most useful in our greatsword hunt! There aren't too many extra details to consider here - the GS is a pretty classic melee weapon, so keep an eye out for high base stats.

andsevere damageproject statussimilarity
black swordChapter 1632180 (Dragon)-30%
safi splitter1296150 (optional)5%
Lightbreaker1440360 (explosion)0%

The Fatalis GS is an excellent choice due to its high damage and cosmetic slots. It's the ultimate primitive greatsword.MHWWhen it comes to damage, extreme negative affinity should be considered when choosing skills.

The Safi'jiiva lane is always a good choice due to its base stats and potential for customization through the use of awakened abilities. Most players like its raw damage, although the elemental option comes in handy when you're fighting weaker elemental monsters.

Finally, as always, the Lightbreak Blade is a premium version of the Safi'jiiva weapon. It's true that you can't get that much customization or innate affinity. However, the base stats alone are high enough that you can deal significant damage without taking a siege or facing daunting Fatalis.


Now that we have the weapons, let's take a look at the greatsword's best abilities.MHW. The Greatsword doesn't need anything fancy - it's a very powerful weapon with no gimmicks, so most of the customization comes down to what set bonus you choose. This is cool because it gives us more cosmetic slots to increase attack power and other important abilities. However, for convenience, we want to include some specific functionality.

Above allcenterwhich we covered in the previous build guide. The Great Sword's greatest damage comes from its charged attacks, so it's always worth investing in a skill that will help you build up charges faster.

next isto use. The Greatsword is a hit-and-run weapon designed to deal massive damage in one hit before being sheathed and kept out of the monster's line of fire. If you don't attack the monster's weakest point directly, you will lose valuable DPS. Investing in WEX will help you deal more damage when hitting the soft parts of monsters, making your hard hits work to their full potential.

From then on, it all boils down to the usual essential skills. We want to max out our attack power and affinity and increase our overall survivability. Here are some recommended options:

  • Blender (increases affinity when monsters are angry)
  • Attack buff (increase attack power, increase late affinity)
  • Crit Dash (increases critical hit damage)
  • critical eye (increased affinity)
  • Holy Blessing (reduces damage taken)
  • Health Boost (increases health and max health limit)

This takes care of our base version! Now that we've equipped the Greatsword with its best weapons and abilities, let's put them into practice with a few sample builds.

MHW: Iceborne | Best Greatsword Crafting Guide | The human genome (4)

Ultimate Greatsword: Penalty Draw DPS

I'd like to start the following build by saying that there are currently several different approaches to the GS meta. I'll cover a few of them in more detail, but don't worry too much about the gameCorrectly. As long as you make good use of the basic set and use your weapons effectively, you won't necessarily miss it, even if you don't have the final armor ready yet!

black swordFrostfang Helm β+
Urok Pretendenta VB+ Dragon Skin
Manto Temporal+Dragon Claw b+
Manto Rock+Dragon's Thorn α+
Dragonfoot a+

We have some handy bonuses for this particular armor set and it is one of the best Great Sword armor on the market.MHW. Equipping the four pieces of Fatalis armor allows us to gain heritage and transcendence at the same time. Inheritance removes the level cap on all skill secrets, meaning you don't have to equip certain monster parts to get higher tier blenders, divine blessings, and other abilities. Transcendence increases health and stamina at the beginning of the hunt and after fainting, and gives us true razor sharpness/alternating arrows.

The Frostfang Bario Helmet allows us to take a penalty kick, which is especially useful against greatswords. Increased attack power and increased stun effects to lure attacks; since you often holster your GS for more mobility, having more damage and KO potential on pull attacks is a great bonus.

The armor itself grants some useful abilities, giving us points for critical eye, window avoidance, WEX and crafting. Equipping Challenger V's Charm to score in blender makes our skill list (before decorating) look like this:

  • Shaker 5
  • critical eye 5
  • skip window 2
  • Craft 2
  • Exploiting vulnerabilities 3

From here we can add other basic abilities as decorations become available. Making the most of certain skills is always an advantage, especially as they increase overall affinity - you always want to get a score as close to 100% as possible. We especially need to counter the negative innate affinity of the BFB. Here are some other skills you can use:

  • Increased attack power
  • key promotion
  • holy blessing
  • center
  • health promotion
  • maximum performance
  • getting back

Best Greatsword Build: Frostcraft

Another popular GS meta-build involves Frostcraft. This is another drawing-related setup, but with a slightly different focus on skill.

safi lopeflamentoYem frostproof | +
Urok Pretendenta VB+ Dragon Skin
Manto Temporal+Dragon Claw b+
Manto Rock+Protective coilγ+
Legginsy Frostguard γ+

We had to make some adjustments to the rewards for this armor set. The Inheritance Set bonus is obtained by equipping two Fatalis armor pieces, and key items (increased critical hit item damage) by equipping two or more Velkhan Gamma armor pieces.

We don't have enough Velkhana shards to get Frostcraft, the ability the entire set is built around. Frost creates an aura of frost around your weapon when holstered, adding bonus damage to your draw attack and subsequent attacks with diminishing effects. You can swap one of the Fatalis pieces at any time and lose the Souvenir Set bonus. But the good thing about using Safi GS is that we can plug in Velkhan's divine awakening ability to get Frostcraft without sacrificing other useful abilities.

Once again, we get useful abilities from the armor itself. The Fatalis element gives us some WEX and window evasion, the Velkhana deck gives us some focus and quick cover (it's notHighestA useful ability, but it allows you to start developing Ice Aura faster). With Challenger Amulet V equipped, our skill list (before decorating) looks like this:

  • Shaker 5
  • Connect 3
  • skip the window
  • Method 3
  • Maximum performance 3
  • fast holster
  • resurrection
  • Operation 2

From here we can max out some of our skills and put in a few others to complete our basic build. I recommend adding the following if available:

  • Increased attack power
  • key promotion
  • critical eye
  • health promotion

The Ultimate Greatsword: Transition Set

MHW: Iceborne | Best Greatsword Crafting Guide | The human genome (5)

Note that the extra damage from stealing attacks is only a bonus for the GS version. As I said before, the charge attack does the most damage. You don't necessarily need skills like penalty draw and frost spell as long as you use them correctly.

In fact, believe meJustStealing attacks just to deal the extra damage from these abilities is not the most efficient way to use a weapon.

ButEnglishpleasure. This is similar to how the great sword worked before.MHW.Since the GS is a hit-and-run weapon, you'll definitely get a few attacks worth buffing. Fortunately, you don't necessarily need perfect armor for this! Here is an example of the best set of greatswords.MHWUses both P Draw and Frostcraft without using Fatalis or ArchTempered Velkhana.

safi lopeflamentoYem frostproof | +
Urok Pretendenta VPolecam Rimeguard β+
Manto Temporal+Frostfang Bracers α+
Manto Rock+Protective coilγ+
Grebas de Blaquidio b+

Wearing at least two pieces of Velkhan's armor, this armor set allows us to gain penalties from Frostfang and key elemental weapons. We will use Safi GS's Awakening ability again to set up Velkhana Divinity and get Frostcraft. However, you can always replace some armor, risking the loss of some valuable skills.

Speaking of skills, this armor set has a lot to offer. Combined with Challenger Charm V, we get Blender, Critical Eye, Divine Blessing and WEX from our base build, plus a few others. Before equipping, the list of our skills is as follows:

  • Shaker 5
  • connection
  • critical eye 2
  • God's blessing 2
  • Not upset
  • Fast Pod 2
  • striking 2
  • Operation 2

From here we can finish our build by maximizing things and adding the latest abilities to our base. I recommend the following:

  • Increased attack power
  • key promotion
  • center
  • health promotion

the hunt begins

That's it for our greatsword building guide! Let us know what you think: If you have other building suggestions you'd like to share, please email us.

Happy hunting!

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