Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Brilliant Pearl Evolution Stone-Orte: Twilight Stone, Dawn Stone, Brilliant Stone, mehr (2023)

There are manydevelopment stonesbe found inPokémon Shiny Diamond e Shiny Pearlto make your team as strong as possible.

The original 4th Generation Pokémon games introduced three new Evolution Stones: theStone of Dawn, Stone of Dawn and Bright Stone- sit next to the classicThunder, Leaf, Fire, Water and Moonstonessince the first adventures.

Whether you want to use Eeveelution, Leafeon, or the Gen 4 exclusive version of Honchkrow and Mismagius, you need to find the right stone for the appropriate Pokemon.

Evolution is a key part of Pokemon, whether it's leveling up, trading with friends, or using one of the many Evolution Stones you can find in Sinnoh. So it makes sense that some of the coolest and most powerful creatures in the world are there.Pokémon Shiny Diamond e Shiny PearlRemakes use these rare items.

There's usually only one of them you can find before collecting credits for your adventure; so it's worth tracking them down after you've decided how to use them.

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If you are trying to add the bigGalladeor the scaryice girlfor your computer, so you need to look for oneMorgenstein.

Or if you want to enjoy the bestialHönchkrowor special attack powerMismagiusyou have to look for onenight stone.

Finally got sleep and toxic expertrosaor the pamphletTogekisson your list, ashiny stoneand what do you need

But these are just the new bricks introduced with the original ones. Throughout Sinnoh you can still find traditional evolution stones like theFlint, Thunderstone, Waterstone and Leafstone.

There are alsofeliz, which technically evolves as you level up while holding aoval stone. But this is a slightly different case.

Here's everything you need to know about which Pokemon in Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl need Evolution Stones and where to get them.

  • Pokémon Evolution Stone e Brilliant Diamond e Shining Pearl

Pokémon Evolution Stone e Brilliant Diamond e Shining Pearl

Pokémon Shiny Diamond e Shiny Pearl Pokémon Evolution Stone
evolved pokemonevolution stoneevolves
GalladeMorgensteinKirlia male
ice girlMorgensteinblow feminine
Hönchkrownight stoneMurkrow
Mismagiusnight stonesuspect
Togekissshiny stonetogetic
rosashiny stoneRoselie
MagnezoneThunderstone (or level up at Mt. Coronet)Magnetic
Vaporeonwater stoneEevee
jolteonstone stormEevee
Blattstone sheetEevee
Raichustone stormpikachu
felizoval stone objectChansey

Where to find a Dawnstone in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

Since there are two great Pokémon that evolve with Dawnstone, it's good that there are two Dawnstones in the overworld of Diamond and Pearl.

The first is inGalactic Warehouse on the left side of Veilstone Town. you have to grab itBattle Key with Jupiter in Lake Acuityfirst, but once you've got it, the Twilight Stone is right there.

Next,After the Elite Four, there is a new area you can access from Victory Road.. You need strength to get there and it's easier if you go up through the exit, but it's on the wall to the right in the last room on Victory Road.

Inside, climb up the left side and push aside the smooth bricks of the Enigma of Strength to reach the Poké Ball.

Where to find a sunrise stone in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

If you can surf outside of combat, you can pick up a Dawn Stone from Mt Coronet.Exit Route 207 for Mt. coronetnorth of the town of Oreburgh.

Then go to the bottom of the screen.Navigate the water beside fragile rocks. On the other side is a Dawn Stone.

Next,After defeating the Elite Four, you can get another Dawn Stone from Route 225 next to the Survival area. Use Rock Climb on the north wall at the top of the path and you can get a Poké Ball item after defeating the trainer guarding it.

Where to find a shiny stone in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

The last of the new stones, the Shiny Stone, can be found in a few locations, the first one being quite easy.

Upon arriving in the city of Canalave, you canhitchhiking to the Iron Islands, a side story area where you can fight Team Galactic with Lucario's trainer, Riley.

like youMake your way through the abandoned mine in the Iron Islands with Riley, on your right when you reach the mine exit, there is a Poké Ball item. Grab it to get a free Glowstone.

So in the postgameAfter defeating the Elite Four, you'll find another Glowstone on Route 228 above the resort area.in the US, the Mach Bike.

Where to find a flint in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

Inside the Fuego Ironworks building, there is a flint next to the wall on the right. As you make your way through the rotating tiles, when you reach the wall on the right, you'll find a red barrel.

Carefully turn around and run to the upper right corner of the room and grab the Poké Ball to get a Flint.

You can also get flintsprotruding walls for digginggreat underground.

Where to find a Thunder Stone in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

While you can evolve Magnezone with the special magnetic field on Mt. Coronet in Diamond and Pearl, it looks like you can also use Thunderstone like in later games.

So while there is a lot of competition for its use, a Thunderstone can only be found in the base game's overworld.

It's located in Sunyshore City, which isn't surprising given the specialty of its Gym Leader, Volkner.

He canFind the Thunder Stone behind the lighthouse on the right side of Sunyshore Town.

Instead of going in front of the lighthouse, follow the hanging bridges to the right and you'll find the Poké Ball at the bottom of a long ladder.

After defeating the Elite Four,You can also find another one on Route 229 north of the recreation area..

Just like the other elemental stones, you can get more ThunderstonesDig out the bulging walls found in the Grand Underground.

Where to find a water stone in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

There are quite a few water rocks that can be found in Diamond and Pearl's overworld, and as you can imagine, they're both in waterways.

starting from the leftRoom 213, surf into the rocky, tennis-filled water area and go right.

Head to the wet island with the sailor, then get past the possible double battle to trap the island's Poké Ball - it has a water rock inside.

Next, there is a Water Stone hidden on Route 230 that you must acquire using Rock Smash.

In the middle of the water on Route 230 is a large island. Go up the stairs and go to the right side of the grass. At the top of the small ladder is a breakable boulder that you can smash.

Press A behind where you broke the rock to hook a second water rock.

If that's not enough for you, you can also find water stones.Dive into the overhanging walls of the Grand Underground.

Where to find a leaf stone in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

After you get Celestic Town's Surf HM and defeat Crasher Wake's deadly Floatzel and Fantina's super-powered Mismagius so you can use it outside of combat, you can grab a Leaf Stone from the hidden part of Floaroma Meadow.

Go to Fuego Ironworks and navigate to the water point at the bottom of the screenFora.

Go to Flooroma Meadow and there should be a Stone Leaf in the flowerbeds ahead of you.

To get more Leaf Stones, you can alsoDive into the overhanging walls of the Grand Underground.

Where to find a moonstone in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

these cheekyClefairy in Mt Coronet has a small chance of being bundled with its own evolution item: The Moonstone.

Keep picking them up and you should eventually find one that has a free moonstone to evolve!

However, this is not the most reliable method, so like the previous pillars, you can do thisHead to the Great Underground to dig for more moonstones.

Where to find an oval stone in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

like the moonstone,Happyy also has a chance to come with his evolution item.when you find him in the trophy garden.

otherwise you canGo underground and start digging, as the Oval Stone can also be mined there.

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