Pokemon Legends Arceus: All Hisuian Forms, Ranked (2023)

As part of the 25th anniversary celebrations, Game Freak and Nintendo Switch were recently released.Pokémon Lenda: Arceus, the latest iteration of the mega-popular game franchise. Set before the events of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, one of the things fans are looking forward to the most is the addition of several reimagined and redesigned Pokémon, including 17 different Hisuian forms.

Of the 17 Hisuian Pokémon species in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, some differ with a combination of cool cosmetic designs, excellent stats, overall combat prowess, rare character development, and more.

Updated Nov 25, 2022 by Guillermo Kurten:Pokémon Legends: Arceus features a solid selection of Hisuian forms, as well as some new evolutions. Since this is a single player focused game, you can say that almost any of these variants can be used. There are a few more Hisuian forms to cover, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Hisuic electrode

Pokemon Legends Arceus: All Hisuian Forms, Ranked (1)

Electrode was a simple but fun Pokémon in the Kanto region, and Legends: Arceus takes another clever twist. Evolved from a Hisuian Voltborn through a Leafstone, these regional variants of these creatures are dual-type grass/electric creatures to match their wooded surroundings.


In terms of stats nothing has changed as they have the same basic stats as their Canton counterparts. Hisuian Electrode has access to some impressively hard-hitting moves like Thunder and Chloroblast, but unfortunately it's still weak defensively and doesn't use its Special Attack as well as you might expect.

Hisuianisches Basculin

Pokemon Legends Arceus: All Hisuian Forms, Ranked (2)

In the Unova region games, Basculin was a clever and creative cross between a bass and a piranha. But despite its sleek design, it didn't last long in combat. And in terms of design, not much has changed, as it only has a white stripe along its body.

But when it comes to combat power, he has an advantage over his cousin Unovan simply by getting an original breakthrough in the form of Basculegion. It's a bit technical, but while Basculin isn't a powerhouse in itself, it's worth noting this new form that has access to full evolution.

Hisuian Lilligant

Pokemon Legends Arceus: All Hisuian Forms, Ranked (3)

With an extravagant transformation from Lily Princess in the Hisuian region, Lilligant is a surprise choice to gain a regional form in Legends: Arceus. He's a good alternate design and a respectable fighter for what he's doing.

Hisuian Lilligant adopts the dual Grass/Fighting-type instead of its mono-Grass-type cousin, becoming something of a physical glass cannon. Gaining a strong boost in Speed ​​and Physical Attack, this Pokemon is good for hit-and-run tactics, as well as stopping foes with Substitute and Leech Seed.

hisuian qwil fish

Pokemon Legends Arceus: All Hisuian Forms, Ranked (4)

Swapping its default Aquatic forme for an updated Dark typing, Qwilfish is one of Hisuian's most impressive new formes. The type change makes Qwilfish the sixth Dark/Poison combo in the entire series to date.

Only in its Hisuian form can Qwilfish evolve into Overqwil, an even more skilled attacker. The biggest benefit for character makeover.is its powerful Poison Point attack, a deadly pufferfish-like spike that sprays toxins on its enemies.

Hisuian Sneasel

Pokemon Legends Arceus: All Hisuian Forms, Ranked (5)

Sneasel is another great Hisuian who is enjoying a completely revamped character design and a stat line to go along with it. Beneficiary of a new regionally evolved form, Sneasel combines Fighting and Poison-types to become a seriously powerful contender.

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In its evolved form, Sneasel develops a sharp claw during the day, allowing it to defeat its opponents with relative ease. With its new design, improved speed, and physical attack stats, Sneasel offers one of the most impressive makeovers in the game.

Hisuian Zoroark

Pokemon Legends Arceus: All Hisuian Forms, Ranked (6)

Born from Zorua at level 30, Hisuian Zoroark is a Normal/Ghost type that can use supernatural abilities to defeat its enemies. They can cast illusions of his own which can fool opponents while dealing massive physical and psychological damage.

What Zoroark may lack in Speed ​​(60) and Defense (60), it more than makes up for in Attack (100) and Special Attack (125). It is also virtually impervious to all Normal and Fighting types, and is much more adept at taking on Poison-types, halving its effectiveness against them.

braviario hisuiano

Pokemon Legends Arceus: All Hisuian Forms, Ranked (7)

In addition to its majestic aesthetic design, Hisuian Braviary is one of them.the biggest planePokémon in Legends: Arceus. In a rare flight/psychiatry-type combo, Hisuian Braviary can channel psychic power into shockwaves to stun its foes before tearing them apart with its ferocious claws. Its overall stat line of 510 is also quite impressive.

Hisuian Braviary can also use psychic powers to enhance its sixth sense and increase its power, making it very difficult for Earth types to defeat. In addition, the Hisuian Baviary can also be used as a means of transport due to its versatility.

samurata hisuiana

Pokemon Legends Arceus: All Hisuian Forms, Ranked (8)

Despite being the least impressive of the three evolved regional starters in the game, Hisuian Samurott still boasts an excellent overall stat line of 538. With Pinnacle Attack (108) and Special Attack (100) stats, the rare Water/Darkness can shut down torrents of water in huge waves and destroy your opponents with it.

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Born to Dewott at level 36, Hisuian Samurott's biggest weakness is its defensive abilities, making it easy to take down with special attacks. Hisuian Samurott is much more aggressive than its normal forms and is ideal for taking on isolated Normal, Dark, and Water-type Pokemon.

Typhlosion de Hisuian

Pokemon Legends Arceus: All Hisuian Forms, Ranked (9)

Fire/Ghost-types are an incredibly powerful combo, and Quilava's level 36 Hisuian Typhlosion upgrade doesn't disappoint. The Evolved Regional Initiator has a total stat line of 534, including an incredible Special Attack rating of 119 that turns flames into eldritch clouds that can be used to set enemies ablaze. As such, he easily outclasses Samurott.

While Hisuian Arcanine is a slightly superior Fire-type, Typhlosion is nothing to scoff at in the game. While he loses some speed and HP compared to his normal form, he is still a well-balanced attacker and defender at the same time.

Hisuian Decidueye

Pokemon Legends Arceus: All Hisuian Forms, Ranked (10)

Born to Dartrix at level 34, Hisuian Decidueye is the third regional starter in the game. With a combined stat line of 530, the evolved Grass/Fighting-type Pokémon can protect itself from the cold, giving it a seasonal advantage over many others.

With much greater speed and physical attacks than the other two regionally developed launchers (Typhlosion and Samurott), the Decidueye can be vulnerable to aerial attacks, but it more than makes up for the vulnerability with its improved Ghost/Fighting trade.Its wide range of powerful weed moveswill repel most ground attacks.

Hisuianisches Arcanin

Pokemon Legends Arceus: All Hisuian Forms, Ranked (11)

Without a doubt, Hisuian Arcanine is one of the most powerful Pokémon of its type, surpassing the Hisuian Growlithe from which it evolved for its superior speed and defensive abilities. With a venerable total stat of 555, the upgraded Rock/Fire-type Pokémon has some of the highest Physical Attack stats in the game, making it difficult to break down in battle.

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Bigger, stronger, and faster, Arcanine is best used in fights against Flying and Normal Pokemon, where it deals serious damage with Fire Fang, Flamethrower, and Flame Wheel.

Hisuian Avalugg

Pokemon Legends Arceus: All Hisuian Forms, Ranked (12)

Despite its lack of Speed, Hisuian Avalugg has one of the most impressive physical attack (127) and defense (194) stat combinations of any Pokémon in the game. As such, the Ice/Rock-type giant will crush enemies to dust.with his powerful ice moves.

Born from Bergmite at level 37, Hisuian Avalugg is a strong hitter, best suited for melee combat against lesser Rock-types, Normal-types, and even some of the more formidable Flying-types.

Hisuian Goodra

Pokemon Legends Arceus: All Hisuian Forms, Ranked (13)

Hisuian Goodra is arguably the most impenetrable Pokemon to beat in the game, thanks to its impressive 150 Special Defensive Stat along with its 110 Special Attack rating. With an overall stat of 600, Sliggoo's Steel/Dragon typing evolves at level 50 and gains a huge advantage, being able to freely manipulate its tank's toughness.

As such, Goodra is ideally deployed as a massive tank capable of withstanding unprecedented attacks with minimal damage, allowing players to traverse enemy territory with relative ease compared to most Hisuan forms.

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