Pokemon Legends: Arceus' Request List - Hisui's Everywhere Quest (2023)

Pokemon Legends: Arceusbrings many changesPokemonsseries and its free-form Pokémon and action RPGs, Trainers can choose optional side quests called requests to help the people they meet in their Emerald adventures. There are a total of 94 quests in the game, and players will be able to unlock each one as they progress through the story, catch Pokémon, and complete other quests. These quests often include short side stories that give players a deeper understanding of the relationship between the Emerald Ancients and Pokémon.

When there is a new request, a "New Request" badge will appear on the page.Pokemon Legends: ArceusAn Arc Phone map showing where the request is coming from. most applications inLegend: ArceusIt can be obtained by talking to NPCs in Jubilife Village, although players will also find NPCs offering quests in the Hisuian Desert. Players also often receive requests from the bulletin board in Professor Lavington's office, though most of these requests require players to catch certain Pokémon before they become available.

HowPokemon Legends: ArceusStory missions and ongoing requests can be viewed by opening the Quests and Requests tab on the Arc Phone map. Players can not only view their current objectives, but also see the rewards offered for completing each objective.Legend: Arceusrequest too. Trainers can also enable quest tracking in the "Quests & Requests" tab by selecting the quests they want to track from the list, any quests the player is tracking will be marked with a flag icon. with so many requestsPokemon Legends: ArceusTo complete, players will be doing a lot between short trips.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus: All requests (and where to find them)

  • Request 1: Worm Evolution - Beauregard in Jubilif Village - Give Beauregard a worm.
  • Request 2: Lovely Stars - Mary of Jubilif Village - Show Mary the full Pokédex entry for the stars.
  • Request 3: What do Shinx's ears look like? - Toshi in Jubilife Village - Show Toshi the Shinx.
  • Solicitud 4: Big Buizel, Little Buizel – Dorian en Jubilife Village – Dale a Dorian un Buizel。
  • Request 5: How to be amazing - Sho of Jubilif Village - Give Sho 5 Poké Balls.
  • Request 6: Mushroom Cake Trade - Morel's Mushrooms in the Obsidian Wilderness Camp - Give Morel 1 Springy Mushroom.
  • Request 7: Play with Drifloon in Galactic Hall - Mickey - Investigate if you can see Drifloon at night on Prelude Beach.
  • Order 8: Annoying Bidoff - Tsumugi of Jubilif Village - Add Bidoff to the party and find three Bidoffs causing trouble in the village.
  • Request 9: Zubat's Eyes - Professor Laventon's Blackboard - Show it to Clarissa Zubat.
  • Request 10: Wurmple Evolution! - Professor Laventon's Board - Obtain or evolve a Silcoon to show Beauregard.
  • Pull Request 11: The Ringer of the Fields - Yeo in the Fieldlands Obsidian Fieldlands Camp - Show Yeo the full Pokédex entry for crickets.
  • Request 12: Perfect Grass Stone - Radis of Galactic Halls - Give Radis Geodude.
  • Request 13: A tree full of berries - Bjorn on the deer trail in the obsidian fields - Give Bjorn 3 Cheri berries.
  • Request 14: Useful Berries - Andra in Jubilif Village - Give Andra 5 Oran Berries.
  • Request 15: Fieldlands Balloon Race - Balloon Race NPC at Camp Heights in Obsidian Fieldlands - Pop 17 balloons in the Obsidian Fieldlands Balloon Race minigame.
  • Mission 16: Strange Things at Midnight——San Que in Xile Village——Investigate strange noises in San Que's house at night.
  • Quest 17: To Bloom or Not to Bloom - Jiji in Jibiliv Village - Show Jiji the full Pokédex entry for Cherrim.
  • Request 18: Please! Make me a Pokéshi doll! - Anvin in Happy Village - Make a Pokéshi doll and give it to Anvin.
  • Request 19: Weird Pony - Professor Lavington's Plaque - Catch the Shiny Pony in the Horseshoe Plain of the Obsidian Fields.
  • Request 20: Mysterious Wisp - Pyla from Jubilif Village - Get Pyla "Wispout" seen in the Windrunning area of ​​the Obsidian Fields.
  • Request 21: Back Alley Mr. Mime - Professor Laventon's Blackboard - Investigate Mr. Mime wandering around Jubilife Village.
  • Request 22: Ghastly Nightwraith - Vessa in Jubilif Village - Collect all 107 Wisps in the Emerald Region.
  • Quest 23: Acquiring new items - Happy Village Vegetables - Give Taohua 3 Fenggu.
  • Pull Request 24: Hippo Inspiration - Anthe of Jubilif Village - Show Anthe a male and female hippo.
  • Request 25: Pokémon in the Forest Photo - Dagro in Jubilif Village - Show Dagro Buneary.
  • Request 26: Aim for the big leagues! - Taggart Proving Ground in Jubilife Village - Score 10,000 or more in the Target Practice minigame.
  • Request 27: Ask for help: Farming the Field - Miller in Jubilif Village - Give Miller a ground-type Pokemon.
  • Request 28: Measure Your Compatibility - Bellamy in Jubilif Village - Show Bellamy which Pokémon is friendly.
  • Quest 29 Find Bitter Leaf Quinone in Jubilif Village Give dill a perilla.
  • Request 30: Beautiful Rose... - Bella at Slough Camp, Crimson Mire - Show Bella the full Pokédex entry for Roselia.
  • Request 31: Build a swamp camp - Odo on Sludge Hill in Crimson Mire - Defeat 3 Stunky to help build a swamp camp.
  • Request 32: Headache Psyduck - Martia's Diamond Settlement in Crimson Mirelands - Get the "secret cure" from Tommy in Jubilife Village to Martia's Psyduck.
  • Request 33: Big Mushrooms! - Professor Laventon's Blackboard - Give Morel the parasect.
  • Request 34: Croagunk's Healing Poison - Professor Laventon's Tablet - Give Croagunk's Passelle.
  • Request 35: Fight Pachirisu - Professor Laventon's Plaque - Fight Ursaring only Pachirisu.
  • Request 36: Water Carefully - Professor Laventon's Chalkboard - Show Odo a Pokémon that can use Water Pulse.
  • Order 37: The Smell of Nostalgic Herbs - Laughter in the Hall of the Galaxy - Make Tang Jili laugh.
  • Request 38: Get lost... Find Wanda in the Swamp - Zeke in the Galactic Halls - in the Crimson Mudlands.
  • Pull Request 39: All About Magikarp - Ceci of Jubilife Village - View Ceci Magikarp's full Pokédex entry.
  • Request 40: Amulet Lost in the Swamp - Yojiro in Crimson Swamp Swamp Camp - Find Yojiro's lost amulet in Crimson Swamp.
  • Request 41: Fancy Tail - Jubilife Village Asabei - Show Asabei Glameow.
  • Request 42: Help Needed: Watering the Field - Miller in Jubilif Village - Give Miller a Pokémon that can use Water-type moves.
  • Request 43: More New Items - Fun Village Dishes - Give Taohua 3 Popcorns.
  • Request 44: Pokemon in the night photo - Dagro from Jubilif village - Show Duskull Dagro.
  • Request 45: Shellos of the East and West - Anthe of Jubilife Village - Show Anthe the Shellos of the East Sea and Shellos of the West Sea.
  • Request 46: Set up a Coastal Camp - Ravine near Cobalt Coastlands Sand's Reach - Find Yorich to complete setting up a Coastal Camp.
  • Prośba 47: Shores Balloon Race – Cobalt Shores Shores Camp Balloon Race NPC – Przebij 24 balony w minigrze Cobalt Shores Balloon Race.
  • Prośba 48: A Taste of Home – Floaro in Jubilif Village – Daj Floaro 3 Rich Grain, 2 Hobo Berries i 1 Raspberry Berries.
  • Request 49: Watch out for Aipom! - Hiko near the Windbreak Stand in the Cobalt Coastlands - Pursue and defeat Aipom who has stolen Hiko's package.
  • Request 50: Double Tails, Double Fun - Netta of Fun Village - Show Netta Finneon.
  • Pull Request 51: Coming Rose - Hiemo on Lamanas Island, Obsidian Fields - Show Hiemo's scythe.
  • Request 52: Eevee Evolutions - Professor Laventon's Tablet - Find the missing Eevee Floaro.
  • Request 53: Octillera's Ink - Radis from Jubilife Village - Show Radisa the full Pokédex entry for Octillera.
  • Request 54: Offer Trade Snacks - Bonn in Jubilif Village - Give Bonn 1 Black Root, 1 Springy Mushroom and 1 Hope Berry.
  • Request 55: Poor Hungry Piplup - Maris in Tombolo Walk the Cobalt Coast - Give Maris 1 Beancake.
  • Pull Request 56: Get help from Machoke - Bosley near the Windbreak Stand in the Cobalt Coastlands - Show Bosley Machoke's full Pokédex entry.
  • Prośba 57: A Taste of Honey - Almus of Jubilif Village - Pokaż Almusowi Combees z Grueling Grove, Aipmon Hills i Ramanas Island.
  • Request 58: Disorientation... on the shore - Zeke of the Galactic Halls - Find Wanda on the Cobalt Shore.
  • Request 59: Hair Muse Misdreavus - Azeru from Jubilife Village - Show Azeru to Misdreavus.
  • Request 60: Help Needed: Gravel in the Field - Happy Village Miller - Give Miller a Pokémon that can break apart.
  • Mission 61: More New Items - Happy Village Dishes - Give the Peach Blossom 3 Crispy Salts.
  • Request 62: Pokémon in the River Photo - Dagro in Jubilif Village - Show Dagro the turtle.
  • Pull Request 63: Chic and Stylish Wormadam - Anthe of Jubilife Village - Showcase Anthe a Wormadam.
  • Pull Request 64: Meet the Ghost in Jubilife Village - Ward - Show Ward the full Pokédex entry for Gastly.
  • Pull Request 65: Mountain Camp Setup - Eshim near Lonely Spring, Crown Heights - Follow Bronzor to complete the mountain camp setup.
  • Request 66: Sea Stories - Professor Lavington's Plaque - Solve Sea Stories to catch Manaphy and Phione.
  • Request 67: Clefairy's Moonlight Dance - Professor Laventon's Plaque - Watch Clefairy's full moon dance in Fairytale Spring.
  • Request 68: Nose Pointers - Professor Laventon's Tablet - Give Gully a nose.
  • Request 69: Wandering... in the Highlands - Zeke of the Galactic Halls - Meet Wanda in Crown Hills.
  • Request 70: New Skin Color: Jubilif Village Anser - Give Anser a red shard, a green shard, and a blue shard.
  • Shipment 71: New Products Again - Happy Village Vegetables - Give Taohua 3 radishes.
  • Request 72: Pethel's Easy Case - Hall of Stars Pethel - Give Pethel 100 Medicinal Chives.
  • Request 73: What is real Burma? - Leif of Jubilife Village: Show Burmy the three forms of Burmy Leif, Duna and Tarush.
  • Request 74: A Little Help From Blissey - Professor Laventon's Plaque - Help Pippa find Blissey who saved her in Avalugga's Legacy in Alabaster Islands.
  • Order 75: Hair Muse Kirlia - Azeru from Jubilife Village - Show Kirlia Azeru.
  • Request 76: Find mushrooms with Swinub - Professor Laventon's Blackboard - Use Swinub to find 3 mushrooms for Morel in Alabaster Islands.
  • Request 77: Get lost... Find Wanda in the Fields - Zeke in the Galactic Hall - in the Obsidian Fields.
  • Pull Request 78: Icepeak Camp Setup - Brice near Avalugg Legacy in Alabaster Icelands - Find Craig to complete the Icepeak Camp setup.
  • Request 79: Icelandic Balloon Race - Alabaster Island Ice Peak Camp NPC Balloon Race - Pop 30 balloons in the Alabaster Island Balloon Race minigame.
  • Request 80: Recipe for Perfect Pickles - Ladisa in Jubilif Village - Give Ladisa 2 Crispy Salts, 2 Coarse Beans and 2 Caesar Leaves.
  • Request 81: Find a Fire Pokemon - Bryce in Alabaster Island's Ice Peak Camp - Give Bryce a Fire Pokemon.
  • Mission 82: Trail of the Lost Village - Mani of the Galact Hall - Explore the Avalanche Slope area in Alabaster Iceland.
  • Request 83: Snow White in the Snow - Professor Lavington's Tablet - Find all 5 Keaki Alola Six-Tails in the Avalanche Slope area of ​​Alabaster Iceland.
  • Pull Request 84: Bermite Enthusiast - Dominia at the Pearl Settlement in Alabaster Icelands - View Domina Bergmite's full Pokédex entry.
  • Pull Request 85: Rooftop House - Professor Laventon's Plaque - Find a new home for Chimecho.
  • Request 86: Lost... in Iceland - Wanda in the Galaxy Hall - Find Zeke in Alabaster Islands.
  • Request 87: Rolling with Spheal - Senki at Mountain Camp in Coronet Highlands - Find Spheal Senki in Bolderoll Ravine.
  • Order 88: Steel Lucario - Galactic Hall Rye - Fight Lucario of Rye in the training ground.
  • Power of Attorney 89 Diamond Clan Treasure- Adaman near Brave Lake in Crimson Mire - Fight Adaman.
  • Request 90: Treasure of the Alabaster Pearl Family of Icelandic Pearl Settlement - Irida - Battle of Irida.
  • Request 91: Hunt for Giratina - Professor Ravington in Jubilif Village - Capture Giratina in the Revolving Cave.
  • Request 92: Token of Appreciation: Professor Lavington's Plaque, for Pokémon Sword and Shield only: Capture Shaymin's save data in the Floaro Gardens area of ​​Obsidian Fields.
  • Request 93: Dark Nightmare - Professor Laventon's Plaque, only Pokémon records have Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl - Catch Darkrai at night in the Clamberclaw Cliffs area of ​​the Coronet Highlands.
  • Power of Attorney 94 Branches of the Emerald Avatar- Cogita of the Galactic Halls - Show Cogita the full Pokédex entry for Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landrorus.
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Completing requests isn't just a great way to complete your Pokédex and explore every corner of EmeraldPokemon Legends: Arceus, but players can also earn useful or valuable rewards. Most requests grant common items such as Poké Balls or crafting materials, although others reward players with rare items such as evolution items, rare candies, and star shards, and some even unlock new shop items and cosmetics for the game. As the player progresses through the main story and subsequent gamesPokemon Legends: ArceusRequests give players a break from their investigative work, giving them a chance to meet all the humans and Pokémon that call Emerald home.

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