The 15 best Pokémon Stone evolutions (2023)

among allstrange methods of evolutionintroduced to each generationPokémonOne method that has stuck is the evolution stones.

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Each generation introduced a few Pokémon, assigned to one of 10 evolutions: Water, Fire, Leaf, Thunder, Moon, Sun, Dusk, Dawn, Shiny, and Ice. They can only evolve with their respective rocks, and while using items to evolve Pokemon can be a bit annoying at times, it's usually worth it. These Pokemon have proven themselves worthy of receiving the stones they need to evolve.

15 Ludicolo (Wasser)

The 15 best Pokémon Stone evolutions (1)

Generation III introduced the Lotad line and ended with Ludicolo in dar Lombrethe water stone. Being the first Pokemon to use two of the starting types certainly makes it an advantage, as Water/Grasha has proven to be a very underrated defensive type.

While her stats aren't great, she has access to a hidden ability, Swift Swim, which increases her speed in the rain. With enough setup, Ludicolo can become a very competent rain sweeper.

14 Vileplume (leaf) and Bellossom (sun)

The 15 best Pokémon Stone evolutions (2)

These two Pokemon evolve from the Oddish and Gloom lines, and both do so through rocks. Grass/Poison Vileplume evolves from Leaf Rockthe pure grass speciesBellossom evolves from Sunstone.

Both can play very similar roles in combat. Both are slow Pokemon with good mass and access to many healing moves like synthesis, power drain, and the like. Vileplume is a stronger special attacker while Bellossom is better defensively.

13 Whimsicott (Sol)

The 15 best Pokémon Stone evolutions (3)

Another recipient of Sunstone for evolution is Whimsicott, a Grass/Fee type from Unova. While his overall stats aren't great aside from his speed, his skills and moveset tell a different story.

It is one of the Pokemon blessed with the wild ability that prioritizes status moves. If that's not your thing, you can run it as an attacker with Chlorophyll or Infiltrator. Whatever role it plays, it's deep enough. Bag of tricks to play it well.

12 Starmie (water)

Among other things, Misty's Star Pokémon certainly has some of the best covers for a Water-type, including not only Psychic-type moves, but also powerful special moves like Thunderbolt, Power Gem, Grass Knot, and Signal Beam.

Of his three abilities, the best is probably the hidden Analytical, which is a bit of an odd ability for a 115 Speed ​​Pokemon. Otherwise, Natural Cure also works great. All of this makes Staryu a worthy recipient of the Water Stone.

11 Honchkrow (Nightfall)

The 15 best Pokémon Stone evolutions (5)

She will soon reappear in the Sinnoh remakes, after defeating M.I.A. Up until now, Honchkrow has been a much-missed offensive presence in Sword and Shield.

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He has just the right moves and abilities to complement his high Attack stat. It also has two great offensive Pokemon Abilities: Super Luck and Moxie. To get this dark/flying bird, give Murkrow a Twilight Stone.

10 vaporeon (water)

The 15 best Pokémon Stone evolutions (6)

Jolteon, Flareon, Leafeon, and Glaceon deserve some credit, but of all the rock-evolving Eeveelutions, Vaporeon has stood the test of time the best. It has been shown to have the best stat spread among them, with most of the love going to its HP and Special Attack.

He also has two very good skills, although one is better than the other. While it's pretty good at removing Hydration's status effects when it's raining, Water Absorb essentially acts as an immunity to Water-types, taking them harmlessly and turning them into HP.

9 Roserade (gloss)

The 15 best Pokémon Stone evolutions (7)

Roserade rightly stood out in the busy weed/poison market. It's one of the best special attackers in this form, with a great 125 Special Attack. It also has a decently wide movepool and a reliable ability in Natural Cure.

It takes a bit of work to get a Roserade, evolve Budew through friendship, and then give Roselia a Shiny Stone. Definitely worth the effort, especially given the potential use in a Sinnoh game.

8 Chandelier (Twilight)

The 15 best Pokémon Stone evolutions (8)

It takes a while to get Chandelure as you have to evolve Litwick into Lampent at level 41 before giving him the Twilight Stone. Ultimately though, it remains one of the best Fire-types in Pokemon and certainly one of the best in Unova.

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he is absolutely insane145 special attack, an excellent movepool of STAB moves and coverage moves, and a trio of great abilities (Flash Fire, Flame Body, and Infiltrator). If you need a strong special attacker, Chandelure is a great option.

7 Togekiss (shiny)

The 15 best Pokémon Stone evolutions (9)

Fairy types that work best as attackers are a bit rare, but Togekiss is all that and more. Combine his Serene Grace ability with a move like Air Slash and your opponent will shake for days. Not to mention his awesome 120 Special Attack.

Togepi can be a little rare, but if you find one, evolve it into a very friendly Togetic. Then give it a shiny rock to get your dream Finch-Hax Abusing Pokémon.

6 Clefable (Luna)

The 15 best Pokémon Stone evolutions (10)

Clefable is arguably the best non-legendary Fairy-type Pokemon for competitive battles. His stats are simply an accessory to one of the best skills in the game, Magic Guard, as well as excellent attacks (Moonblast), recovery (Soft-Boiled), or setup moves (Calm Mind).

There is an odd pattern here; Clefable is another Pokemon that is very difficult to evolve thanks to the large Friendship Stone evolution. However, as seen in the other examples, the time spent evolving this Pokemon will be well worth it.

5 Ninetales (Fire/Ice)

The 15 best Pokémon Stone evolutions (11)

Both regional variants of Ninetales have had very productive seasons in the upper tiers of competitive Pokémon. The Kanto variant used to be considered the main downfall in competitive Pokemon, and the Alolan variant is considered the main hail.

Both Vulpix variants are relatively easy to find, so it's just a matter of leveling up until you get the moves you want, and then applying the Fire or Ice Stone.

4 Nidoking and Nidoqueen (Lua)

The 15 best Pokémon Stone evolutions (12)

Although technically two different evolutionary lines, Nidoking and Nidoqueen will always be intertwined. Regardless, both are excellent on offense thanks to access to Sheer Force as an ability, although Nidoking has found a little more use thanks to a slightly better stat spread.

Both types of Nidoran are easy to find in the games they appear in; So if you need an accurate striker for a competitive game or team fast, they're a great bet as long as you have thema moonstonein the hand

3 Galarian Darmanitan (Ice)

The 15 best Pokémon Stone evolutions (13)

While Darmanitan's Unovan variant evolves simply through leveling up, its Galarian variant requires an Ice Stone. This isn't a problem as it's by far the best Ice-type attacker out there.

Not only does he have great stats and moves, but he also has some great abilities (Zen Mode, Gorilla Tactics) that are different enough to leave competitive players guessing. Galarian Darmanitan is currently banned from competitive play, and for good reason.

2 Magnezone (Give)

The 15 best Pokémon Stone evolutions (14)

Magnezone is eligible for this list as its location-based evolution method has been superseded by the Thunder Stone method, and it wouldn't be hard to put it in second place.

It has excellent input on Electric/Steel. It has a variety of stats with a good balance of attack and defense power. He has three good skills, with the always useful Sturdy being the king among them. A Magneton is good enough to play around with, but if you want to go the extra mile for a competitive fight, the Magnezone won't disappoint.

1 Aegislash (Twilight)

The 15 best Pokémon Stone evolutions (15)

Previously, this Pokémon was so overpowered that it was banned from competitive play. That's no longer the case thanks to a slight nerf, but the fact that it had to be nerfed says something.

What makes this Steel/Ghost-type Pokemon work ishis ability to change posture,This changes his stat distribution from high defense to high attack power with the help of his signature King Shield. To gain this power, you must find a Honedge, level up a Doublade, and give it a Twilight Stone.

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