The best ways to get Kejar weapons in Monster Hunter: World (2023)

The Kejar weapon is one of the most powerful ultimate weapons in Monster Hunter: World, especially since almost every imaginable weapon type and item combination is available in it. However, their acquisition is quite random, which may confuse some players.

In this article, we will discuss how to get kjar weapons and the best way to farm them.

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Kjar's weapons are, first and foremost, weaponsRandom rewards when hunting Kulve Taroth

For the uninitiated: Siege of Kulph Talos is a single-event multiplayer mission. Here, players can team up with up to 16 hunters against Kulve Taroth and share the rewards based on contributions. We will cover the specific mechanics of the siege in more detail in the next part of this article.

The Kjarr weapon is the rarest weapon that can be obtained in the Kulve Taroth quest. They are easily identified by their orange weapon icon and naming scheme that always starts with "Kjarr". Lower rarity Kulv Talos weapons are called "Golden" and "Taros".

The Iceborne expansion also adds versions of the quests in the master class, which have slightly different mechanics. Weapons cannot be obtained directly from this quest, but you can use the materials received from the Elder Melder.With Awakening Alchemy, you can sacrifice some materials and research points to get Kurft Talos weapons.. You can also upgrade an existing weapon with the same functionality, which makes it very useful for end players.

In summary, there are two main ways to get the Kejar weapon: one is to complete the siege of Kulvitaros, and the other is to use Awakening Alchemy in Elder Melder and use the items in the main quest. Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages. We describe each of them in detail in the following sections.

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Kulph Talos Hammer can be fought in the 9-star special mission "Wrath of the Eldorado". This quest can be completed in the Gathering Hub under the "Siege" tab. Since this is a limited time mission, make the most of it!

Siege mechanism

There are two main things to keep in mind during a siege: quest levels and reward levels.

Onsearch levelIt increases your damage, so the higher it is, the easier it is to break monster parts. It's easy to upgrade your pursuit simply by collecting all the tracks left by Kulve Taroth.

Onreward levelThe quality of your final reward depends on it, so it's important to naturally try to get the highest reward possible. You can increase the bounty level by breaking Kurvi Talos body parts like horns, tail, arms, etc.

As previously mentioned,Kulv Talos Siege is best played in multiplayer mode. It has a lot of health, but all the hunters involved contribute, and when you have up to 16 players it gets faster. Total health is transferred with each mission, so even if you fail the first time, you can keep trying! The chase levels are also common to all players, so each action makes it easier for everyone else.

However,Reward tiers are not sharedso you can't just sit back and let someone else do all the work. If you want good rewards, you will have to break a lot of shards yourself!

ready to hunt

Here we will discuss some of the skills and equipment useful for this task.

Patersa breakThis is a really cool skill because Kulv Talos has a lot of breakable parts and is a great bounty leveling mechanic. In addition to this, you can also introduce commonly used offensive skills such as increasing attack power, exploiting weaknesses, critical eye and so on.

In terms of equipment,It is best to use weapons that deal high explosive damagesuch as a hammer or greatsword. The time limit means maximizing your damage output is very important, especially when Kulv Talos is knocked down. Due to the constantly changing weaknesses and resistance to the elements, it is best to use weapons with high raw damage, without any elements.

You can toobring a barrel bombDeals high damage over a large area. If you choose to do so, you can carry a large amount of bomb-making materials andBombardierThis ability also helps to increase the damage you deal.

Finally, if you're concerned about your survival, don't forget to pack armor with high resistance to fire, and health-boosting abilities can come in handy as well. Fire Cloak can also help a lot, especially in the late game when you use a lot of fire attacks.

Battle Kulv Talos

The actual battle is divided into four stages, with the environment and attack patterns constantly changing. Here we will give you some general advice.

One of the most important things to keep in mind iswhen Kurvi Talos' gold armor turns red and melts, the shards also become easier to break. This is the perfect time to target them and try to level up!

There is much more to the environment to use.. In the first phase, there are multiple cannons and falling rocks scattered across the map that can be activated with a slingshot to defeat Kulvi Talos. In the third phase, there are also massive lava eruptions that cause constant damage, and more lava falls that cause massive destruction.

finally rememberedThe main goal is to break his horn. This means you have to use any means at your disposal to hit these places: jump off ledges if you can, scratch her face and punch her, ride her and knock her down, etc.

However, as with many things, experience is the best teacher. Don't be afraid to complete these quests yourself, you'll defeat Kurv Talos after Kurft Talos in no time!

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Master level quest mechanism

Kurf Talos' masterclass quest can be found in the quest list of the "Eternal Gold Rush" event. This is also a limited-time mission, so stay tuned!

Unlike normal sieges, there are no quest levels or bonus levelsIf you fail, progress will not continue.. i mean youhave toSurvive and defeat Kulvi Talos within the allotted time, otherwise you will waste your resources and receive small rewards.

In addition to the total time limit of 50 minutes, each stage also seems to have a time limit. Meaning,If you fail to deal enough damage in each phase, Kulv Talos will still be able to flee., the task will fail. Ultimately, this means missions are fast paced and you need to be well equipped and trained to take damage.

Apart from these changes, the usual strategies described above still apply.Patersa breakIt's still very useful, Fire Cloak still helps a lot with Fire attacks, and you can still use various environmental hazards.

This mission can be completed faster than a regular siege mission, especially if you already know what you're doing, but it will be a real test of your skills!

about alchemy

Once you have defeated Kulvi Talos and obtained its materials, you can now go to Elder Merd and use these items to obtain more weapons.

There are two types of Awakening Alchemy you can do to get the Kurv Talos Weapon: You can do Kurv Alchemy or Kejar Alchemy. basically,Kejar alchemy costs more research points, but generally grants higher rarity weapons.It depends on how many points you have, but if you have a lot left, it's best to maximize your chances and keep using kjar alchemy.

In addition to Research Points and Kulv Talos Shards, you'll also need a Large Elder Dragonbone for each fusion, so keep an eye on your inventory.

Here we summarize the pros and cons of the two main cultivation methods:


Method 1: Arch-tempered Kulve Taroth

Relatively easy to do in a group. Progress carries over to each mission, so even if you fail, you'll be rewarded in the end.Health is higher, so farming speed depends on how good your team is; it may take some time

Method 2: Grandmaster and Awakening Alchemy

Masterwork quests have less HP and must be completed within 50 minutes, so they go faster each time. It can be done alone, and the HP increases with the number of participants.Progress doesn't carry over, so failure means you get very little in return. This costs a lot of research points.

Overall, this will be a trade-off between the ease of farming in Arch-Tempered Siege and the potentially faster Mastery quests, but also a high risk of failing. Siege of the Arch is a great option if you want to throw a good hunting party with your friends, and if you feel confident in your solo skills, try out the master quest.

In the end, it's best to try one out and see which works best for you.

We hope this guide helped you discover the different ways to farm Kjarr weapons. That's all for today. As always, happy hunting!


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