The highest mountains in the Lake District where you can walk your dog - Dog Friendly Retreats (2023)

The highest mountains in the Lake District where you can walk your dog - Dog Friendly Retreats (1)

In the heart of Cumbria, the mountains of the Lake District (or moorland as it's called here) have inspired generations of walkers. This world-famous national park offers great hiking opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts and their adventurous pups who want to stomp and make their way through the rugged mountain scenery. Inspired by hiking in the mountains all year round, every avid hiker should visit this place at least once.

Walk through ancient valleys, home to the ruins of ancient Roman walls and deep lakes nestled between rubble-covered hillsides,hiking trailThis fern-studded Eden has some of the best in the country. It goes without saying that if you're looking for inspiration for walking your dog, you've come to the right place. For experienced hikers and their enthusiastic canine friends, we have prepared a list of the highest mountains in the world.lake districtDog walking and some of the best trails.

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Scarfair pike (978 m)

The highest mountains in the Lake District where you can walk your dog - Dog Friendly Retreats (2)

The Lake District National Park is home to some of England's largest mountain ranges, the highest of which is Scarfair Pike. Home to England's highest swimming pool (Broad Crag Tarn) and overlooking the country's deepest lake (Wastwater), charm and beauty are everywhere. Understandably an appealing challenge for the brave, Scafell Pike sits 978 meters above sea level and can be reached via a number of different routes. one of the most popular and simplePike in ScarfairThis is a 6 mile route from Wasdale Head. An excellent choice for beginners, this is a less traveled route that is mostly straight and easy to follow, although there are a few spots along the way where you might get off track, so bring a map. Additionally, this route bypassesPosada Principal de Wasdale, a great dog-friendly pub at the foot of the hill for a snack after a walk.

Scarfield (964 m)

The highest mountains in the Lake District where you can walk your dog - Dog Friendly Retreats (3)

Scafell Pike's smaller brother, the 964-metre-high Scafell, is separated from England's highest mountain by the Mickledore and Broad Stand. The second highest drop in the country and one of the most popularWainwright Stoves(set by author and Lakes enthusiast Alfred Wainwright) and greatly expanded the Scarfair Pike trail. If you're still fit and have planned accordingly (including bringing enough water and snacks for yourself and your four-legged friend), you can continue your hike from the top of Scarfair Pike via Lord's Rake to Scarfield. From the top of Scafell, marked by rocky knolls, there are spectacular 360-degree views of the surrounding lakes and Wastwater below. If you like taking pictures, you'll want to bring your camera for this.

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Helvellyn (950 subway stations)

The highest mountains in the Lake District where you can walk your dog - Dog Friendly Retreats (4)

CholeraIt is the third highest mountain in England and is widely known in the walking world. The rocky ridge of the mountain has five ridges that form a striking silhouette along the horizon, stretching like a sleeping dragon. You'll need 6-7 hours to ascend and descend this ethereal beauty, depending on your pace. Although the summit via Striding Edge is one of the most famous routes, we do not recommend taking this route with a dog as it has very steep slopes on both sides, even for experienced hikers considered difficult. By contrast, Thirlmere (from the Swirls car park) is generally regarded as the easiest route up Helvellyn, and walkers can enjoy great views of the Lake District. As always, caution is advised on any hike, especiallyin the winter.

Skito (931 metro stations)

The highest mountains in the Lake District where you can walk your dog - Dog Friendly Retreats (5)

The quintessential mountain range of Cumbria, Skiddaw is the fourth highest mountain in England and is cut off from neighboring countries. Painted with soft, angular sides, shady gills and thick pebbles cascading down the slopes, this is one of the Lake District's most recognizable and eye-pleasing moors. If you want to hike Skito with your dog, fasten the leash, lace up your shoes and get ready for an unforgettable day in the mountains. While you can take several different paths to get to the top,Jenkins Hill trailzKeswickThis is a more established route, once used as a pony walk by Victorian tourists. With uninterrupted views of the Derwent Valley and the peaks of the eastern, central, southern and western forests, it promises a truly rewarding journey, especially when celebrated at the top with a bottle of tea, biscuits and dog treats.

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Great Peak (899 m)

The highest mountains in the Lake District where you can walk your dog - Dog Friendly Retreats (6)

True to its name, the Great Gables is one of the most beautiful mountains in the Lake District, perfect for spectacular walks. Especially good in combination with neighborsKirk Fall, encouraging experienced hikers from near and far to climb the rugged peak on their own. As with most of the Lake District's peaks, you can follow many different trails that fork and branch out in all directions into the surrounding valleys and hills. That said, if you arrive early enough to get a parking space, you can get onewasdale pt.From there, take the road less traveled. Since sheep often graze on the moors, you will need to keep your dog under control. That said, on sunny days the trail between the two mountains is dotted with a series of swamps that are great places for your dog to play and cool off. Some of the best places to stay near thisGosforthaSoEskerdale green.

Looking for something easier?

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Nekozu (450 US)

The highest mountains in the Lake District where you can walk your dog - Dog Friendly Retreats (7)

If you're looking for a slightly easier hike to unwind after all that hiking, put the Catbells on your list of mountains to hike with your dog. NearAccommodation in KeswickHalf the size of the national park's tallest mountain, but still a brisk climb with some steep sections. It sets the stage for some fantastic walks around the Lake District, all with the stunning backdrop of Derwentwater. The hike takes about 3 hours at a moderate altitude of 450 meters, with many stops along the way to enjoy the mountain landscape. Just don't be afraid of the name, you won't find any cats here!

The Old Man of Coniston (802m)

The highest mountains in the Lake District where you can walk your dog - Dog Friendly Retreats (8)

Despite its height of 802 m, the Old Man of Coniston is easier to climb than some of the other high mountains in the Lake District. Many people walk a long way from the small town of Coniston on the Lake, but for quicker access, take the path from the Werner Scar parking lot, which already makes up much of the driveway. We hiked with our dog Ted last summer and he loved the adventure, especially swimming in the lake on the way down. Just one of many excitingActivities you can play with your dog in the Lake District.

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Book accommodation for your Lake District mountain adventure

If you enjoy hiking in the mountains of the Lake District, you need quality accommodation that will give you and your dog a rest for tired legs. Check out our wide selectionDogs allowed in the Lake District, all in a great location with easy access to these spectacular mountain and other lakeside hiking trails.


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