Token-Pokédex of Alakazam / Alakazam / Fudin – Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions (2023)

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Alakazam suxxe which is owned by everyone in the DPPt.
However, if we look at Alakazam's stats, we see that it is an offensive monster: excellent speed, excellent special attack.
So let's take a look at the possible movesets.
Thank you @Lunettes Wahl©Synchro
- Tourmagik
- Psychopath
- Exploforce
- Ball'Ombre / Eco-Sphere / PC Fire / PC Electric / Strahlsignal

Timid Nature (+ Speed; - Attack); 6HP EV; 252 EV Atk specification; 252 speed EVs

=> With its excellent speed, Alakazam is one of the best cheaters in the game. The goal is simple. We give the goggles to a staller to block (or a physical sweeper) and then hit with a movepool that hits almost anything:Psychopathhurt stabs (the percentage drop in special defense can also help you),ExploforceIt is useful for Euphoria, Heatran and Tyranitar when the latter wants to stay in Alakazam to block it.tourmagikIt can also help you damage Leuphoria and Tyranitar.

For the last slot, it all depends on what you want to hit.Ombré-Ballit works for Psy and Specter like Cresselia, Noctunoir and Ectoplasm as long as it's not a Choice spherewill compete with Water Bulkys like Aquali or Milobellus.PC fireSteel is offered as an Airmure, Foretress or Scizor whileelectrical computer, in addition to Gyarados (or even Demanta), will also hit Aquali and Milobellus, although the damage will be less than witheco sphere. Finally,Rayon signIt not only affects Psy, but also some Pokemon like Noctali.

Opposites:The hunters (Dimoret, Tyranitar and others) have already tricked Alakazam's glasses. Other times, it's difficult to talk about safe counters until you know Alakazam's fourth slot. We can cite Leuphoria in general, Cresselia or Noctunoir if you don't have itOmbré-Ball, Milobellus if Alakazam tricked the Choice Glasses, Aquali if he didn'teco sphere/electrical computer, Noctali, Tyranocif und Heatran s'il n'a pasExploforce, disassembled if you do not haveelectrical computer.Alakazam @Orbevie©Synchro
- abundance
- Psychopath
- Exploforce
- Rayon sign

Timid Nature (+ Speed; - Attack); 6HP EV; 252 EV Atk specification; 252 speed EVs

=> The aim of the game is simple: you throw aabundanceforce the opponent to write the switch for us.

The Psychic/Combat/Insect combo hits absolutely everything, and with its excellent speed, Alakazam will do a good job of stunning the opponent. Unfortunately also after aabundanceand with Life Orb it only causes Blissful to lose a maximum of 60%Exploforcewhile the problems of the statutes, especially the paralysis, will do you a lot of harm. So be very careful and make sure that when the opponent sends a counterattack on this Alakazam, the latter does not have attacks that can paralyze it or priority moves ...

Opposites:Attacks that can paralyze him (although Synchro can prevent the opponent from castingflash cage), priority moves (mainlylow blow) and choice scarves. Some giant special sponges like Noctunoir (full special defense withdrop shadow) can fight it too.Alakazam @Orbe vie / Baie Pitaye / Baie Sailak / Restes
- Cloning / Mocking
- abundance
- Psychopath
- Exploforce/Rayon characters

Timid Nature (+ Speed; - Attack); 252 EV Att Specifications; 6 EV definition specifications; 252 speed EVs
Modest being (+ spec. Attack; - Attack); 248 EV Att Specifications; 176 EV specification; 86 speed EVs
Timid Nature (+ Speed; - Attack); 82 EV specifications att; 176 EV specification; 252 speed EVs

=> A quiet Minder, with one less attack space, but withClone/challenge, making it immune to status ailments or even preventing them from being cast when you play it.challenge(which has the added benefit of preventing other minders from taking a position).

if you chooseExploforceIn the fourth slot, Psy as Cresselia will stop you while you takeRayon sign, steel will cause your loss.

Now let's look at the suggested distributions:
• The first deal is totally aggressive: hit and that's it.
• The second distribution is intended more for use withClone. Makes you run faster than ScarhinoHeiteras long as it's not a Choice Scarfer. Special defense EVs allow Alakazam clones to resistnumber of grassfrom Celebi, as wellLaser icingof Leuphoria and Cresselia (a good 95% of the time).
• Finally, the third distribution is almost identical to the second. The only difference is that the speed is maximized there.

Opposites:Depending on what you pick in the last slot, as mentioned above: Psy himselfExploforce, The SteelRayon sign. The euphoria will piss you off if you don't.Exploforceand even with that it will be necessary to have a very high special attack rating as well as a special defense dropPsychopathif you plan to get rid of it. Eventually Munja will feel nothing. So try pairing this Alakazam with a spiker so you don't have to worry about this creature.Alakazam @Mouchoir escolha©Synchro
- Tourmagik
- Psychopath
- Exploforce/Rayon characters
- Exploforce / Signal Beam / Ice PC / Electro PC

Timid Nature (+ Speed; - Attack); 6HP EV; 252 EV Atk specification; 252 speed EVs
Modest being (+ spec. Attack; - Attack); 6HP EV; 252 EV Atk specification; 252 speed EVs

=> A bit like the first set, except you get a lot further thanks to the scarf.

Tourmagik counters stallers like Leuphoria, Snorlax, or even Latias if it's not a choice spec.Psychopathstabbed is mandatory. For the last two slots, choose a combo that almost matches, and keep in mind which Pokemon your team needs to fight.

With his timid nature, Alakazam defeats Gengar Scarfer, Inferno Scarfers, as well as Gyarados and Hyporoi after twodragon dance. It will hurt more in Modeste, but it will only hit Dragon Dancers who use onedragon dance.

Opposites:The special sponges if you have already cheated your choice scarf, and in particular Cresselia, Leuphoria, Snorlax, ... The counters also vary depending on the other offensive slots selected. In this case it is difficult to speak of "fixed" counters.Alakazam @Restes©Attentionif you play as a starter
- Sabotage
- Psychopath
- Heal / Lightning Cage / Exploforce / Signal Beam

Timid Nature (+ Speed; - Attack); 252 electric horsepower; 6 EV atq specification; 252 speed EVs
Timid Nature (+ Speed; - Attack); 252 electric horsepower; 252 EV Atk specification; 6 EV speed
Natural Calm (+ Spec Def; - Attack); 252 electric horsepower; 6 electric defense vehicles; 252 EV specification

=> Maybe effective in UU, but in OR it should be forgotten... (although it may surprise)

It can be played as a starter, for example to block a PokemonStealth-SteincomBisbefore playingSabotageon the switch It's still pretty risky. Also, Alakazam won't stop even the smallest attack unless you're aiming for ultimate spread (but hey, a physical hit is still going to hurt badly). For the last slot you either bet or use a defensive slot (excuse for the RBJ nostalgics to playcautionSur Alakazam).

Let's take a closer look at the proposed distributions:
• The first layout is the most practical: Alakazam can use its excellent speed to sabotage and stun.
• The second distribution favors damage over speed. It is recommended with another offensive slot as the last slot.
• Finally, the last task is defensive and is highly recommended.caution/flash cage. It's also the riskiest of the three.

Opposites:The Choice Scarfers (if you don't like that thoughflash cage), Chaser, etc... It is difficult to speak of "fixed" counters for this slot (as for many others): it depends on the layout and the last slot.Thank you @Lumargile©Attention
- Schutz
- Wall light
- Again / Provocative
- Again / Provoke / Psyko

Timid Nature (+ Speed; - Attack); 252 electric horsepower; 42 EV specification; 216 speed EVs

=> With his speed, Alakazam could play that role as a dual screener (although it may seem surprising given his low defense).

This allows you to place sweepers with weak defenses so they can take the hits. Your special attention ability will allow you to avoid being 2HKOed forBluff+ a priority move before you can set anything.

PsychopathIt can help you when you're not comfortable without offensive space.challengeallows you to avoid state changes (which are not desired). Finally,Biswill help you place walls, for example to block an opponentStealth-Stein. after oneSchutz, HP electric vehicles allow Alakazam to resistnight discby Dimoret and [/i]Poursuite[/i] by Tyranitar Choice Bander (unless changed).

The 216 Speed ​​​​​​EVs are used to outrun the non-choice Crefadet Scarfer.

Opposites:Dark type hunters like Dimoret, Tyranitar, Corboss as well as Wallbreaker.Alakazam @Orbe vie / Restes©Synchro
- getting charged
- Psychopath
- Exploforce
- Rayon sign

Timid Nature (+ Speed; - Attack); 6HP EV; 252 EV Atk specification; 252 speed EVs
Modest being (+ spec. Attack; - Attack); 6HP EV; 252 EV Atk specification; 252 speed EVs

=> A bit like Calm Minder with the difference that you are not sure to benefit from a special attack boost or even necessarily succeed in attack, making the task a bit more difficult than Minder. let's analyze

As mentioned above, in order to have a special attack boost, you first have to successfully attack (90% accuracy isn't bad in and of itself, but Haxx tend to poke their noses everywhere) and then... get lucky! Calm Keeper will certainly increase his stats, but unfortunately he might take a heavy hit during his boost. The Charge Beamer may ignore threats while self-boosting (or not).

All in all it's still a difficult set to put on and overall you'll prefer the Minder.

Opposites:Its movepool touches everything. Then there are the priority moves, which you'll almost never make (while Minder might counterlow blow) Paralysis and other status issues prevent you from having time to position. It should generally be paired with a dual screener like the Archeodong for better positioning.Alakazam @Orbevie
- abundance
- Psychopath
- Rune Protection
- Caution

Modest being (+ spec. Attack; - Attack); 6HP EV; 252 EV Atk specification; 252 speed possibly
Timid Nature (+ Speed; - Attack); 6HP EV; 252 EV Atk specification; 252 speed EVs

=> Very bad outfit...
In fact, the principle is to get euphoria. Well, if your opponent doesn't play, this Alakazam is useless. It's not as efficient anymore as it was in the third generation, where it was more than useful. However, we can also talk a little bit about this set.

Since we need to kill Leuphoria, let's start with placingrune protectionavoidPoisonous/flash cage. Ensuite, im Speerabundance. The opponent will not dare to switch, considering that Alakazam can't do anything eitherExploforce.cautionis here to regenerate Alakazam who will be fed up with thisStrike Atlas(even special attacks) after a while. we usePsychopathafter maxabundance. But once Euphoria is gone, well, that move set is useless...

In any case, make sure you have removed anything that might fight against it before dressing, ie. H. a lot of stuff. In fact, make 100% sure you've cleared Alakazam's counter before setting it up... Also, make sure your opponent is playing Blissful before bringing this Pokemon onto your team. Once Euphoria is removed, it will be hit by physical Choice Scarfers and priority moves...

Opposites:If the opponent switches to a Dark Chaser-type Pokemon like Dimoret, Corboss, or Tyranitar, you can say goodbye to Alakazam... It's also blocked by all Pokemon with the right Special Defense and is resistant to Psychic-types. Special sponges will stop you if you haven't applied enoughabundance...

Other options:

He's learning Elemental Fists, but his attack is too weak to use them...

Learn some immovable things likeflash cage...
Lots of fun... (but still has decent special defense...)

you can chooseanswerwith Force Belt, but good luck with that... In that case, it's better to start with thatRiposte / Psycho / Exploforce / Scratch-Signal.

battle pcmight be an option if you don't like 70% accuracyExploforce.


Alakazam is a very good Pokemon. Unfortunately we will prefer Ectoplasm OverUsed. While Alakazam's offensive stats are slightly better, Gengar is more versatile and has a few more attacks than Alakazam, along with better backstabs and very useful immunities. His role is often reduced to passing the selected item to Leuphoria to block it, which unfortunately is a known trick for him and therefore doesn't benefit from a surprise effect to work with...

Do you have new spoons for Alakazam? Click here !Don't understand a strange term? Click here !

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