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You're strolling around a new city, marveling at the sights and sounds, and hoping for delicious pastries from a cute little bakery. Then all of a sudden you turn the corner and boom! The sky is full of colors. The light filters row after row of perfectly placed rainbow umbrellas.

You found umbrella street and it was magical.

Around the world, streets with umbrellas protect us from the scorching sun in the most beautiful way. From the famous Umbrella StreetAgueda, PortugalFor the little umbrella streets that pop up at local markets, these little splashes of color will have everyone reaching for a camera.

So where can you find these cute little urban shade reserves? I asked some of the world's most traveled people (travel bloggers) where to find the best umbrella streets in the world. Some of the answers may surprise you!


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Karen WorrallHe is a freelance writer and travel blogger.He lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, lives in six countries and has crossed seven oceans on cruise ships for 13 can atInstagramand his website,Karen Crews.

My favorite Umbrella Street hidden away in a romantic historic neighborhoodold Quebec(former province of Quebec).

Hidden between picturesque squaresreal placeLovelyulica Petit ChamplainThanks to the many handicraft shops, I discovered this magical street.

Ondead endThe charm is the same as in France when Samuel de Champlain built it in 1608, and most of the same buildings with sloping roofs and heavy oak doors line the cobbled streets.

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You can't help but pull out your camera as you walk the winding streets, other tourists smile at you, and the countless vibrant colors are always Instagram-worthy. It is beautiful at any time of the year and in any weather.

On sunny days, the sun shines through the slits of the umbrellas, creating puddles of light, and when it rains or snows, they act as umbrellas, protecting you from the weather, even upside down.

old QuebecLoved it so much I got married there last August and one of my husband and I's favorite spots is to have a drink outside the old Le Bistrot Pape Georges and watch the umbrellas.

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Tima Tunickliffe'aHe is a former firefighter in his 40s who is currently attempting to rank the top 500 places on Earth for the Ultimate Traveler Challenge. You can follow his progress on his blog,Tunx world touri wInstagram.

When I arrived in downtown Chihuahua, I had just stepped off an American plane. When I turned the corner on Paseo Victoria, I was too busy inhaling smelly food into the air and listening to foreign gossip (this is part of Mexico where no one speaks English).

The explosion of bright colors overhead made me stop. Since then, I have learned that there are many streets decorated like this in the world, many of which are described in this article, but at that time I had never seen one.

I played with the light from the camera lens as it peered through the slit. Midday is a great time to take photos as the high sun creates an amazing contrast. If you have time to stop for lunch at Las Brazas, the tacos are delicious!

Josie Kelshis the blogger behind Josie Wanders. You can follow his adventures there.blogi wInstagram.

When we were in the center of Brno, Czech Republic, we walked along this beautiful street with umbrellas. Located on Çeská Street, the color of the umbrellas changes every year and there is a theme. They were red, green and white when we were there, celebrating the city's connection to Italy.

At the end of each summer, the umbrellas are taken down and auctioned off to support a different charity each year. What a great way to add color to the city in the summer and raise money for charity!

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Travel blogger calls the world's best umbrella street | See Nothing Wandera (2)

CarlyHe is a teacher who has traveled to over 50 countries with a teaching salary!Follow his adventures on his blog,educational flighti wInstagram.

I was in the middle of a forest in Israel when I came across the absolute most random umbrella walkway I've ever come across.

I had just finished spending time with the little monkeys, watching them run with the precious treats they urged us to, when I turned the corner and found the boulevard lined with beautiful if faded umbrellas.

Summer in Israel is sure to be hot, so colorful pictures are a nice escape from the heat. The patterns on the umbrellas are more interesting than the bold, one-color designs common in other parts of the world.

I was in Yodfat Monkey Forest interacting with the birds, mammals and reptiles that live there when I came across this trail. Not sure if it's worth bookingFairUmbrellas, but you should go anyway!

Travel blogger calls the world's best umbrella street | See Nothing Wandera (3)

Dee and her husband DanTravel full-time and share tips, destination inspiration and step-by-step guides to making money abroad on your travel blogMitsuhoku.on my blog andInstagram.

The famous Dubai Mall houses the beautiful Umbrella Street, but many tourists don't know that the even more magical Umbrella Street is hidden nearby.

Dubai Miracle Garden is truly... a miracle. The UAE has the largest continuous desert in the world, but the garden is thriving nonetheless.

Here you can wander the winding streets lined with houses made entirely of flowers, and explore castles, tunnels and sculptures brought to life in flower cases.

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This is definitely the place to go if you want to delve into your childhood fairy tales. Then, relax with a snack in the cool shade of the umbrella patio before hitting the road!

backLive and teach in neighboring Abu Dhabi for two years, I can confidently say that the Dubai Miracle Garden is one of the most memorable places in the country. The exhibitions are truly unique attractions in an even more exclusive city and are a must on any trip to the UAE!

Yalun ZhangI am a blogger living in Singapore. He spends most days in the office analyzing numbers to (hopefully) help others travel better, and most nights daydreaming about his next big getaway if he hasn't already. follow his aaronblogi wInstagram.

Small alleys and streets around hills in an urban areaAmmanIt has many surprises. Amman has been inhabited since the mid-Bronze Age, and each period left its mark on the city. The Al Shamasi Staircase may be an icon of the Instagram era in Old Amman. Located in the Al Balad district next to the Jafra Café, the staircase is one of the city's many photogenic spots.

Colorful umbrellas form a canopy overhead, and painted flower pots adorn the walls on either side. Stumbled across Umbrella Street after walking along Rainbow Street for the afternoon.

Al Shamasi Stairs are somehow out of sight of tourists and it wasn't too crowded when I visited. Even so, it seems that anyone passing by could not resist the temptation to pose for a photo with the spectacular staircase.

It's nice to be able to take your time admiring the beautiful staircase without being crowded or rushed, and if you're looking for something colorful and colorful in Amman beyond its history, this might be what you're looking for.

Teresais a solo traveler living in London who loves food, nature and adventure. your blogBrogan abroadIt focuses on lesser-known aspects of less visited destinations and more popular destinations. You can find his blog andInstagram.

I've seen quite a few streets with umbrellas around the world, but only oneThe most popular places in BucharestPasajul Victoria is definitely my favourite.

Hidden behind a building facade, you can only find it if you know what you're looking for. Directly opposite Palatul Telefoanelor, Telekom is a majestic Art Deco building, look for the arch that will take you to what looks like a courtyard.

It's actually Pasajul Victoria, and as you get closer to the iridescent umbrellas, you'll quickly see the light change. There is also a pizzeria at the end of the alley, so if you get hungry, sit outside under the umbrellas and enjoy your pizza!

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HayleyHe is a frequent and conscious traveler, committed to responsible risk taking. He is passionate about exploring the world of wildlife, nature, Aboriginal history and cultures. you can follow his adventuresBlog, BorderLass.comSoInstagram.

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This "Umbrella Street" is located in Coppergate in the center of York. Today it's a shopping center sheltered by umbrellas, but it's actually one of York's most historic streets.

Remains of 10th-century Viking architecture have been found here, now part of the Jorvik Viking Center below street level; a visit to Jorvik is highly recommended, unlike what can be seen above ground today.

York is popular with tourists all year round, so the best photos under the umbrella are best taken early in the morning, when there are not many people around.

Sophiais a Dutch travel blogger and freelance writer. As a digital nomad, you work remotely while traveling the world. On her blog, she shares all her travel tips and recommendations for things to do, see and eat in the places she onlySoInstagram.

I was on vacation in Sardinia, Italy with my mum, aunt and uncle. While we spent most of our time on the various beautiful beaches in Sardinia, we thought a short trip to one of the towns would be fun.

We chose Iglesias from the description in Auntie's guide and went there. Entering the historical center of Iglesias, the first thing we see is this beautiful and colorful street with umbrellas. We thought it was the perfect place to sit down and drink coffee, take some time to take photos and listen to the music of street musicians.

Umbrellas provide the perfect amount of shade while taking the city's already plentiful charm to a new level. Sardinia is not only the perfect place for a relaxing beach holiday, but also for its history, culture, gastronomy and nature. Iglesias should definitely be at the top of your list!

Nikola RayThat's the blogger behind See Nic Wander - that's me! You are on my page! Hi! If you want to know more about me, right clickHere.

If you have been to the Chatuchak Weekend MarketBangkokYou know this place is a maze. Huge, chaotic and delicious maze.

You can buy everything there. Went out with friends one afternoon, we bought 4 freeze-dried dumplings with tom yum soup, 6 chang beer shirts, 2 sachets and a whole set of custom kitchen utensils to send home while eating delicious Fresh spring rolls. and mango sticky rice. You could say he brought Chatuchak down to the level of science.

when I amrest-homeI had been to Chatuchak in Bangkok three times before discovering the most amazing little treasure: a street lined with pink, purple and blue umbrellas, in the middle of a market. What a surprise to come across this! And just when she thought she was the Chatuchak Queen...

This umbrella street is the perfect place to beat the heat with a delicious coconut ice cream or freshly squeezed juice. Walk up and down and enjoy the shade and beautiful colors created by the sun streaming through the umbrellas. To reach Chatuchak, take the BTS to Mo Chit station and follow the crowd. You will not regret!

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Travel blogger calls the world's best umbrella street | See Nothing Wandera (4)Have you found a great Umbrella Street? Let us know where it goes in the comments!

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What is the best foldable umbrella 2023? ›

Our top pick is the Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella for its compact and travel-friendly size, auto-open functionality, and resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs that resist even the strongest winds. It also features a Teflon canopy that sheds water and dries quickly.

Where is the street full of umbrellas? ›

The Umbrella Street in San Juan can be found on Fortaleza Street. Within the walled city of Old San Juan, there are plenty of vibrant streets. Yet, Fortaleza Street is easily recognizable for its display of umbrellas creating a canopy across the street.

Where is the street with umbrellas in Old San Juan? ›

One of the more famous streets in Old San Juan is Umbrella Street. Situated on Fortaleza street (Calle Fortaleza), towards La Fortaleza (the governor's residence), is a colorful display of umbrellas in the sky.

What do the umbrellas in Puerto Rico mean? ›

The umbrellas are a symbol of color coming back to this beautiful city and the island, after days of darkness. It represents Puerto Rico's resilience. La Puerta de la Bandera.

Which is better 2 fold or 3 fold umbrella? ›

On the differences in their use, two folding umbrellas are more suitable for heavy and windy rainy weather. Three folding umbrellas are not so good in resisting this type of weather, even though they are easy to carry about.

What is the most expensive Gucci umbrella? ›

Luxury fashion brand Gucci and sportswear behemoth Adidas are facing users' wrath for selling an umbrella at $1,644 or 11,100 yuan in China. Apart from the exorbitant price, the umbrella also does not protect the user from rain as it is not waterproof.

How far is the Umbrella Street in San Juan from cruise port? ›

An 11 minute walk from the cruise port.

What city has all the umbrellas? ›

Located in Central Portugal and 23 km east of the “Portuguese Venice”, Aveiro, the city of Águeda became world famous in 2012 because of its colourful hanging umbrellas.

Where are the floating umbrellas? ›

Things to do in Agueda, Portugal

However, the main attraction and reason to visit Agueda is to see the sea of colorful umbrellas that float throughout the town.

What is the prettiest street in Old San Juan? ›

Calle Fortaleza (Fortaleza Street)

Extending eastward from the Governor's Mansion is Calle Fortaleza, which is one of Old San Juan's oldest and most photogenic streets. You may know it as "Umbrella Street" since it became famous for the multicolored umbrellas that were suspended above parts of the street.

Why are there so many abandoned buildings in San Juan? ›

San Juan Realty learned that the main causes of this abandoned property crisis are speculation, inherited properties and tax delinquency. Puerto Rico's urban landscape has a severe problem of abandoned properties in prime locations.

What is the oldest street in Puerto Rico? ›

The second floors and balconies were built from the 17th century onwards. Calle del Cristo is the oldest street in Old San Juan and has the largest number of religious buildings. The Casa Blanca Museum is the oldest sample of Spanish architecture in the United States and Puerto Rico.

What does Puerto Rico call Christmas? ›

Nochebuena. For most Puerto Ricans, Christmas Eve or Nochebuena trumps Christmas Day. This is the night where family and friends gather for a traditional dinner, exchange gifts, go out on parrandas, or take a drive to enjoy the Christmas decorations around town.

What are umbrellas a symbol of? ›

The umbrella usually symbolizes the canopy of the heavens, shelter, and protection. The parasol is a symbol of the SUN, and an umbrella is a symbol of the shade. It is often an emblem of power and dignity.

What do Puerto Ricans do for good luck? ›

Throw Water out the Window - In Puerto Rico, they believe that dumping a bucket of water out the window drives away evil spirits. Puerto Ricans also sprinkle sugar outside their houses to invite the good luck in.

Which is the best umbrella brand in world? ›

The Best Umbrellas of 2023
  • Best Overall. Davek Solo.
  • Best Value. Totes Titan Large Auto Open Close Neverwet Umbrella.
  • Totes Signature Manual Bubble Umbrella.
  • G4Free 54 Inch Windproof Golf Umbrella.
  • Samsonite Windguard Auto Open/Close Umbrella.
May 15, 2023

What umbrella does Tiger Woods use? ›

The Nike 62 Tiger Woods Windsheer II Auto-Open umbrella features a patented Wind-Release System which prevents inverting during a storm or high winds.

What is the best and strongest cantilever umbrella? ›

Overall, the best cantilever umbrella is the Hampton Bay Aluminum Cantilever Solar LED Offset Umbrella Outdoor Patio Umbrella due to its sturdy structure, large size, and numerous LED lights. For a less expensive option, consider the Bluu Banyan Patio Offset Outdoor Cantilever Umbrella.


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