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Tyranitar's high attack stats and powerful jab that can be reused with Chew and Rock Blade make it a powerful wallbreaker. A strong STAB chase makes Tyranitar one of the most formidable catchers in OU. Tyranitar can use its solid size and unique double picks to check out Pokemon like Latios, Alolan Boneslayer, Tokopiyon locked with item of choice, and Pyrax. Flying Sand is also notable as it allows Tyranitar to support Setup Sweepers that utilize Sandstorms like Reaver and Mega Garchomp. Unfortunately, Tyranitar is supported by its Stone/Dark type, which makes it vulnerable to many common offensive OU types such as Grappling, Ground, and Water. His STAB attack was not as effective against Mega Mysdibula, Magearna, and Landorus-Totemic. Another downside is the Tyranitar's slower speed, forcing him to knock down faster threats more often.

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Attack 1:stone edgeIntention:highlighted ribbon
Attack 2:severitytalent:sand flow
Attack 3:To look forNature:business
Attack 4:earthquake/fiery hitelectric car:80 KM / 252 Atk / 176 Spe


Rock Blade is a repeatable move in this series that can even hit rock-resistant Pokemon for massive damage. The lack of reliable rock genre switching in the meta adds to its power. Chewing is Tyranitar's secondary STAB attack and can neutrally attack multiple threats, making it difficult to transition safely to Tyranitar. Pursuit makes Tyranitar a powerful trap as any weak or not-so-massive neutral dark targets will take heavy damage if not OHKO during the shift. Notable targets include Latios, Alolan Bone Killer, and Tokopiyon with select items. The final attack is replaceable. Earthquake allows Tyranitar to defeat some Pokémon that are immune to its STAB attacks, such as Mega Mysdibula, Magearna, and Bizarre, while Overpower can be used to hit extremely strong Steel-types and has a high chance of OHKO Chansey after taking damage. With Stealth Rock, Icefist destroys popular Tyranitar switches such as Landorus-Totemic, Garchomp, and Zygarde. Fire Fist hits Mega Scizor and Ferrothorn harder than any other replacement option and retains the ability to hit Mega Mysdibul and Magearna for super effective damage, but keep in mind neutral Stone Blade does the same damage as super effective Fire Fist the same.

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Investing in HP allows Tyranitar to avoid OHKO's constant attack from the +1 Pyrax Hornet. Maximum commitment to attack combined with a rigid nature makes Tyranitar the best chance to break through opposing teams. The rest of the EVs are buffed to outperform defensive Pokémon like Clefable and Skarmory. However, Tyranitar can choose slower investments to reach certain standards, such as 76 Speed ​​EV ahead of non-reversed Pokemon like Skarmory and Insane with a base speed of 70 Speed ​​and 156 Speed ​​EV over non-reversed Pokemon. At a base speed of 80. Like Mega Venusaur. Tyranitar can also take Happy nature, max Attack and Invest Speed, over 100 base Speed ​​for uninvested Pokémon. Choice Band makes Tyranitar very powerful as his STAB combo is hard to switch for both offensive and defensive teams. However, this came at the cost of stopping Tyranitar in one attack. Flying Sand boosts Tyranitar's special defenses, helping him switch to special threats more easily. Friends who can sweep under a sandstorm appreciate it too.


The Choice Band Tyranitar should be used primarily as a wall buster as it can do amazing damage with Rock Blade and Chew. Pursuit should not be used as often as other attacks as it is more of an individual thing. Since opponents are often hesitant to change their tracking target for fear of being trapped, Tyranitar's presence can be used to put pressure on an opponent and keep the momentum in their favor. Tyranitar's enormous natural size helps him fight powerful special threats such as Latios, Tokoriko, and Pyrax; however, the Tyranitar must avoid losing too much life by Knocking out the Pyrax-enhanced Giga Leech to use OHKO Rockblade instead. When needed, Tyranitar survives Giga Leech with +1 Ppyrax to full health, even when Sandstorm is not active.

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Tyranitar's best partners appreciate Pursuit's ability to set traps. Mega Charizard Y, Keldeo, and other Special Attackers join Tyranitar's Choice Band to put pressure on opponents as tests common to Special Attackers like Chansey and Borealis-Totemic Combat Vest are removed by Tyranitar's STAB attack or weakened by Chase. By putting pressure on big enemies like Landorus-Totemic, Tyranitar can give teammates like Zygarde and Mega Mysdibule a chance to grow. Tyranitar challenges fighting-type and fast-attacking threats like Keldeo and Garchomp; combining it with powerful flying, psychic, and goblin types puts them under pressure. Good choices include Tokopisco, Latios, Boreas-Totemic and Tokopiyon. Seismic switches like Rotom-Wash, Landorus-Totemic, and Bouldeneu are important because they fix weaknesses in Tyranitar's ground. Minotaupe appreciates Tyranitar's sandstorms, which allow him to wash away with bathing sand. Mega Garchomp, who also enjoys sandstorms, can create a powerful core with Tyranitar to tear down walls. In addition, they put a lot of pressure on the Demeter totem.

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Tyranitar is supported, although generally unavailable in the OU, there are Rock Trap, Rock Blade, Ice Beam and Pursuit. Used to set Trap Rock leaders, Lures and KOs like Garchomp and Landorus-Totemic, and Chase Pokemon traps like Latios. Tyranitar's scarf of choice might be a decent revenge killer, but its speed is still too slow for many OU staples to outrun and knock it down easily. The raw power of Choice Band Tyranitar makes it a better choice than Choice Scarf for most teams. While mostly inferior to other cover options, Hydrotail allows the Tyranitar to carry heavy ground-types, including Hippowdon.

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  • kind of fight: Keldeo, Mega Lockpin, Mega Scarhino, Mega Charmina and other combat types can use their jabs to overtake Tyranitar and knock him down while resisting Tyranitar's jabs.
  • super effective coverage: Exploforce Mega Alakazam, Ectoplasm and Mega Charizard Y; Boreas Totem Field; Amphinobi's Swipe punishes Tyranitar's immense weakness for combat types. Additionally, nature-proven Tyranitar Pokémon such as Heatran and Latios can consume them very efficiently with Leyforce and Surf respectively.
  • kind of sun: Landorus-Totemic stacks attacks with the Choice Band buff while hitting Tyranitar with super effective attacks like U-turn and Earthquake. You can also use the opportunity and set rock traps, because the tyrant is very scared. The Demeteros-Totemic offensive completely outpaced the Tyranitar and OHKO earthquakes. Hippowdon can easily resist Tyranitar's attacks and can set Stealth Rock or threaten Tyranitar with earthquakes. Zygarde is free to use Myria's Arrows against Tyranitar. They are only threatened by the ice cover.
  • fairy type: Tokotoro, Tokopiyon, Magearna, Mega Diancie, Mega Mysdibule, and other goblin types cannot safely switch to the more aggressive Tyranitar outfit because they are afraid of Rockblade's hard hit, but can defeat and destroy Tyranitar by attacking STAB.
  • type of steel: Some types of steel are immune to Tyranitar's two STAB attacks, while others are simply bulky or immune to Rock Edge. Skarmory, Ferrothorn, Mega Scizor and Jirachi can successfully stop Tyranitar; however, Jirachi must scare off the Tyranitar with the Iron Head or he will fall prey to Mâchouille.
  • type of water: Keldeo, Amphinobi, Gyarados and other aggressive water mobs can crush Tyranitar with their STAB attacks. Larger aquatic creatures such as Predasteria and Rotom-Wash can be attacked by Tyranitar by patting it or threatening to burn it.

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Tyranitar - Smorgon University? ›

First and foremost, Tyranitar is an absolutely brilliant attacker for Raid Battles. The best thing is that it can be used as either a Rock-type attacker or a Dark-type attacker, depending on the moveset it knows, and it will excel in either role.

Why is Tyranitar so good? ›

First and foremost, Tyranitar is an absolutely brilliant attacker for Raid Battles. The best thing is that it can be used as either a Rock-type attacker or a Dark-type attacker, depending on the moveset it knows, and it will excel in either role.

What league is Tyranitar best in? ›

Tyranitar best IVs for Great League

Tyranitar can be used in the Great League from level 14 to level 16. Tyranitar's best Great League IVs are 0 / 15 / 15 at level 14.5.

Is Tyranitar better than Garchomp? ›

Type wise speaking Mega Garchomp is better because it has ground type which is stronger against rock type tyranitar. Ability wise the mega Garchomp has ability Sand Force which boosts the power of certain moves namely rock, ground, steel type moves in a sandstorm.

What tier is Tyranitar? ›

TypeRock Dark Immune to: Psychic Resists: Dark Fire Flying Ghost Normal Poison Weak to: Bug Fairy Grass Ground Steel Water Very weak to: Fighting
AbilitiesSand Stream On switch-in, this Pokemon summons Sandstorm. Unnerve While this Pokemon is active, it prevents opposing Pokemon from using their Berries.

Is Shadow tyranitar better than regular Tyranitar? ›

Shadow Tyranitar is preferred over its regular variant due to the consistency of its Fast Attack pressure. Smack Down is generally preferred due to the ubiquity of Zacian and Flying-type Pokemon, but Bite offers greater pressure against Groudon and Dialga.

Is Paradox Tyranitar better? ›

Paradox Tyranitar is not an improved version of its base self, too, as its type combination is Electric and Rock, which makes it four times weak to Ground, an already very popular offensive type.

Who is stronger than Tyranitar? ›

The best Pokemon Go Tyranitar counters are Mega Blaziken, Terrakion, Shadow Machamp, Keldeo, Shadow Hariyama & Conkeldurr. Login to see your custom results!

Is Tyranitar better than Dragapult? ›

2 Answers. Dragapult has reeally good speed which makes it a better choice. Dragapult has a really good ability that lets it strike through opponents barriers and it has a good attack.

Is Mega Tyranitar better than normal? ›

Mega Tyranitar is the best Rock-type mega to use in group raids for damage contribution, due to its superior bulk providing the 30% mega boost for longer. Even though it's weaker than Mega Diancie by itself.

Is Tyranitar better than Dragonite? ›

Even though the base stats are similar, Dragonite is much better in almost every situation.

Is Absol better than Tyranitar? ›

Absol has only 5 less attack stat than Ttar, but a better moveset. Absol's moveset is better, Crunch is honestly a pretty bad charge move. Houndoom already almost competes with Tyranitar in weave DPS with 27 points less attack because S/FP is so much better than B/C.

Is Tyranitar the best pseudo legendary? ›

While all Pseudo Legendaries are good, the ones which stand out are: Dragonite, for its ability to act as a great Dragon Dance sweeper; Salamence, for the same reason; Tyranitar for the sheer amount of versetility it has to offer; and Garchomp, because great speed and versatile offensive presence.

Can 2 people beat a Tyranitar? ›

Generally, 1 high-level trainer can beat Tyranitar with weather boosted Fighting type counters. Otherwise, 2-3 trainers will suffice in taking down Pokémon Go's Godzilla.

Who uses Tyranitar? ›

In the opening sequence of Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, Rebecca used a Tyranitar in a battle against Brendan's Swampert. In Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! (Part 2), J's client's henchmen used a Tyranitar to attack Dawn, Brock, Officer Jenny, and Solana.

Is Salamence or Tyranitar better? ›

Tyranitar has a bigger chance of winning if both just went into battle, though it's overall even thanks to Intimidate.

Should I use rare candy on Tyranitar? ›

While that's probably easier on the feet than walking a Legendary, it doesn't do you any good if you need a powered up Tyranitar for your Mewtwo raid in a few days. Should I use Rare Candies? Simple answer is yes. It's never a bad idea to have a good supply of candies for powering up meta-relevant Pokémon.

Which is better Iron Thorns or Tyranitar? ›

Iron Thorns Doesn't Hold a Candle to Tyranitar

Tyranitar has always been a powerful Pokemon thanks to its pseudo-legendary status that nets it a base stat total of 600.

Is it better to purify Pokemon in Pokémon GO? ›

Purified Pokemon will have better Appraisal and receive 2 points towards all their IVs. This can potentially bring a 2-star Shadow Pokemon to a 3-star if it's purified. Purified Pokemon will receive a significant boost in Combat Power (CP).

Are Paradox Pokémon banned from competitive? ›

Since the launch of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Paradox Pokemon have been understandably banned from the VGC.

Is Roaring Moon a pseudo legendary? ›

As a Past Paradox version of a pseudo-legendary, Roaring Moon has some big shoes to fill, and it manages to do so with a more optimized stat spread and fantastic ability.

What is the fastest Paradox Pokémon? ›

Iron Bundle gets to be the fastest paradox Pokemon, beating Flutter Mane, which is the second-fastest paradox Pokemon. It is the past form of Misdreavus, and it has a Speed stat of 135.

Can Tyranitar beat Godzilla? ›

Results. Wiz: This match up was an interesting one, Godzilla May have been faster, tougher and more experienced, but Tyranitar's sheer strength and control of the environment kept him on edge.

Is Tyranitar a Godzilla? ›

So if you didn't know, Tyranitar is regarded as pokemon's Godzilla as it was heavily based off him, and there are a lot of pokemon that fit very well for all the kaiju, apart from Mechagodzilla who was either Aggron or Duraldon.

Is Tyranitar adamant or brave? ›

To get a perfect Tyranitar, the preferred nature is either Adamant or Brave. Both increase the Attack stat while lowering another stat that isn't used or necessary. Also, having the characteristic "likes to thrash about" helps. Try keeping a well balanced move set.

Who is the weakest pseudo legendary? ›

Considering Falinks got a significantly better version of this in No Retreat, it has cemented Kommo-o's place as the worst of the pseudo-Legendaries available to date.

Is Hydreigon a pseudo legendary? ›

Hydreigon is the only pseudo-legendary Pokémon that does not have a base stat lower than 90. Hydreigon and its evolutionary relatives are the only pseudo-legendary family that do not have a Hidden Ability in any of their forms.

Is Metagross the best pseudo legendary? ›

Metagross is the second and last (so far) pseudo-legendary not to be Dragon-type but, unlike Tyranitar, its Steel and Psychic combination make for a much more powerful foe.

Is Tyranitar GX rare? ›

Tyranitar GX - 223/214 - Hyper Rare.

Is tyrantrum better than Tyranitar? ›

Tyrantrum is faster, and could potentially one shot him with the right move (brick break for instance), although Tyranitar is over all the more impressive Pokemon.

Why is Hippowdon better than Tyranitar? ›

Each 'Mom brings something very different to the table when it comes to team support, with Tyranitar having access to a powerful EdgeQuake and massive Special bulk, and Hippowdon providing great recovery in Slack Off and a much more reliable defensive typing.

Is Tyranitar better than steelix? ›

Tyranitar has a high attack, but its defense is bad and it's double weak against Fighting. Steelix has very high defense, and doesn't have any double weaknesses. The whole point of a defender is to be annoying, and make anyone attacking the gym waste a lot of time, so they get bored and give up.

Is Dragonite more powerful than Charizard? ›

Although Dragonite is a fearsome fighter, it simply cannot surpass Mega Charizard X in power. Despite being capable of flying at incredible speeds, Dragonite is very unlikely to reach its top speed mid-battle.

Why is Salamence better than Dragonite? ›

Salamence has (even though it is only by 1 point) a higher Physical Attack stat and a higher Special Attack stat. Salamence also sits in a much better Speed tier than Dragonite.

Who is the strongest Dark-type Pokemon? ›

1. Yveltal. With a Pokedex entry as terrifying as 'the Destruction Pokemon', the Legendary Yveltal was bound to be a top-tier Dark-type Pokemon. It gets solid bulk with 126 HP and decent defenses, while 131 Attack and 131 Special Attack mean it's capable of dishing out some huge damage — the best of both worlds.

Is Metagross better than Tyranitar? ›

Both Of these are extremely strong. Mega Metagross has hammer arm which is 4× effective and meteor mash which is 2× effective against Mega Tyranitar. On the other hand Tyranitar has fire fang and crunch, both are 2× effective against Metagross. But when attacks comes in a draw then speed takes the lead.

Is umbreon the best Dark-type? ›

Eevee and its evolutions are very popular Pokemon. Umbreon is arguably at the top of the list and can be collected in Scarlet & Violet. If you evolve your Eevee at night, with high friendship and no Fairy-type attacks in its moveset, you'll end up with an Umbreon.

What is the most overpowered legendary Pokemon? ›

Together with Rayquaza, Mewtwo is considered to be the most powerful Pokemon obtainable in the series, at least when it comes to Mega Evolutions, anyway. By default, they each have base stat totals of 680, but in their powered-up forms, this rises to an impressive 780.

What is scarlet pseudo-legendary? ›

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the new pseudo-Legendary is Baxcalibur. The Pokemon is a blue and white Dragon/Ice dual-type beast that looks like a bipedal dinosaur. It is the final evolution of the Frigibax line, which has Arctibax as the middle stage.

How rare is mega Tyranitar? ›

M Tyranitar EX - 43/98 - Ultra Rare.

How much is Tyranitar worth? ›

How much is Tyranitar worth? Tyranitar is worth between $0.03 and $749.99.

Is 3 star Tyranitar soloable? ›

Can you solo a 3 star tyranitar raid? Tyranitar can be defeated by solo Trainers. If you cannot guarantee the top counters with maxed-out CP and the best moves, your best bet is to make sure you have two or more players.

Is Tyranitar a kaiju? ›

While Tyranitar may be the most heavily kaiju influenced Pokémon, plenty of other Pokémon show some Kaiju influence through their design as well.

Does Ash own a Tyranitar? ›

Ash's Tyranitar was a Pokémon that Ash caught after he returned from Alola, and his fifty-third overall. Tyranitar is a member of his secret team that he trained.

What animal is Tyranitar based on? ›

Trivia Edit. It is alongside with Darkrai and Hydreigon the most powerful Dark-type Pokémon and the most powerful Rock-type Pokémon. The design of Tyranitar should be based on Godzilla, while the name might be based on Tyrannosaurus rex.

What is Tyranitar best item to hold? ›

Best held items for Tyranitar in Pokémon Unite explained

Tyranitar is proficient in defeating/stealing wild Pokémon, enemy Pokémon and rushing in to score points expertly. For these reasons, Tyranitar will need Muscle Band, Razor Claw, and Focus Band.

Is Dratini better than Bagon? ›

Bagon is the second worst only beating Dratini by the fact it evolves before it with Shelgon and Salamence being better than Dratini's evolutions.

Is Salamence better than gyarados? ›

Out of the 2, Salamence has the better speed and attack, beating Gyarados by a good margin. Although it has worse bulk than Gyarados, 95/80/80 is still decent for an offensive Pokémon. Gyarados sports a respectable 95/79/100 making it pretty bulky.
Base Stats.
5 more rows
Aug 21, 2017

Is Tyranitar a pseudo legendary? ›

One of only two non-Dragon-type pseudo-Legendary Pokemon, Tyranitar is unique in many ways. As a Dark/Rock-type, a type combination unique to itself, with access to the Sand Stream ability, it is easy to see why Tyranitar is one of the more popular pseudo-Legendaries to be used in both casual and competitive play.

Why is Tyranitar better than mega Tyranitar? ›

So obviously, a Tyranitar with +2 Attack has a higher Attack stat than a Mega Tyranitar. Of course, Mega Tyranitar can Dragon Dance to boost its Attack, but so can regular Tyranitar. That means, in one turn, a Tyranitar can get to +3 Attack, while a Mega Tyranitar can only get to +1.

What are the 4 pseudo Legendaries? ›

Garchomp, Kommo-o, Dragapult, and Baxcalibur are the only pseudo-legendary Pokémon that do not have a base friendship of 35. Metagross, Goodra (in both of its forms), Dragapult, and Baxcalibur are the only pseudo-legendary Pokémon that do not have a 4× weakness.

Does Mega Tyranitar exist? ›

Tyranitar can Mega Evolve into Mega Tyranitar using the Tyranitarite. It appears to be distantly related to the Paradox Pokémon Iron Thorns.

What Kaiju is Tyranitar based on? ›

Feraligatr and the powerful Tyranitar resemble Godzilla. Also, Tyranitar's Japanese name is Bangiras (バンギラス Bangirasu), similar to Anguirus' Japanese name Angirasu (アンギラス). Heracross and Megalon were both influenced by the Japanese rhinoceros beetle (Allomyrina dichotoma).

Is machamp better than Tyranitar? ›

Machamp absolutely bodies in-game. Here, with a resistance to Tyranitar's main moves and its own main moves being extremely effective, AP gap or no AP gap, Machamp should win pretty easily.

Is Aggron better than Steelix? ›

They have the same physical defense stats. Ground typing gives M-Steelix an extra immunity but also adds a weakness while M-Aggron's filter ability helps him eat super effective attacks.

Is Tyranitar better for rock or dark? ›

In individual power, Mega Tyranitar is the best Rock attacker, being better than Mega Aerodactyl… But just barely.


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